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How Does Conversation Intelligence Work?

Conversation intelligence technology captures and analyzes the conversations that companies have with their customers every day on every channel. Combining text and speech analytics, conversation intelligence platforms transform the unstructured information in spoken and written interactions into structured data that can be searched and analyzed. Conversation intelligence uses artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning to identify the meaning of a customer’s words as well as the emotion that drives their behavior and sentiment. Through analysis of every interaction with every customer, conversation intelligence provides businesses with a deeper understanding of what customers want, need, feel, and expect.

What is conversation intelligence?

Conversation intelligence is the insight gleaned from analyzing interactions with customers across all channels – phone calls, email, SMS text, chat, social media, websites, surveys, and more. Conversation intelligence platforms capture the unsolicited feedback in these interactions to deliver insight into the customer’s experience and journey, the user and product experience, brand sentiment, and other business-critical metrics.

What is conversation intelligence software?

Conversation intelligence software is an application or platform that delivers tools for capturing, transcribing, analyzing, categorizing, and extracting insight from customer interactions. Businesses use conversation intelligence software to improve their understanding of customers’ wants and desires, as well as the performance of contact centers and agents.

What is NLP?

Natural language processing, or NLP, is an AI-powered technology that allows computers to understand spoken and written language. NLP relies on computational linguistics, machine learning, and deep learning to capture and process human language and determine its meaning and intention as well as the sentiment and emotion of the speaker or writer.

What is conversation analytics vs. conversation intelligence?

Conversation analytics is the technology and process of analyzing interactions with customers. Conversation intelligence is a broader term, referring both to the field, the technology, and the insights gleaned through analytics.

What is omnichannel conversational analytics?

Omnichannel conversation analytics uses speech and text analytics to capture, analyze, and draw insight from conversations across every channel where customers interact with a business.

What are the benefits of conversation intelligence?

When compared to other techniques for gathering customer data, conversation intelligence provides a far deeper and more comprehensive understanding of customers’ mindsets, experiences, and journeys. Conversation intelligence technology helps businesses capture 100% of customer conversations, rather than the minute fraction captured by surveys, focus groups, and manual call reviews. Automated processes and real- time analytics deliver results quickly, enabling contact center agents to get next-best-action guidance during calls. And conversation intelligence solutions analyze conversations on every channel, drawing insight from interactions that other approaches simply can’t consider.

How does conversation intelligence work to improve customer journey?

Conversation intelligence solutions provide insight into the wants, needs, opinions, and feelings about every stage of the customer journey, helping CX teams to improve the quality of interactions and serve customers better at every touchpoint.

How does conversation intelligence work to enhance product experiences?

By delivering comprehensive customer feedback about their feelings, preferences, experiences, and dissatisfaction with products, conversation intelligence enables product teams to address flaws, resolve safety concerns, improve product functionality, and identify new competitive opportunities.

How does conversation intelligence work to drive brand experiences?

Conversation intelligence mines customers’ unsolicited feedback to understand how they feel about their experiences with a brand, and how the company can improve brand sentiment.

How does conversation intelligence work to improve contact center performance?

By capturing, analyzing, and automatically scoring every contact center conversation, conversation intelligence platforms can provide agents with real-time feedback on their effectiveness and next-best-action guidance to improve the outcomes of calls. Supervisors can use the scores provided by conversation intelligence platforms to support agents with additional training and coaching, and to identify the behaviors that are most likely to lead to success.

What is the CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform?

CallMiner is the global leader in conversation intelligence solutions that drive business performance improvement. The CallMiner Eureka platform provides the industry’s most comprehensive platform for analyzing omnichannel customer interactions at scale. No other provider delivers more customizable solutions or deeper customer understanding. The CallMiner Eureka platform includes tools to capture, transcribe, categorize, and score every customer action, as well as visual tools that provide both big picture insights and drill-down detail. Alerts provide real-time call monitoring capabilities, and coaching technology makes it easier to monitor, understand, and optimize agent performance at scale.