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What Is Product Experience?

Product experience is the sum of a person’s thoughts, feelings, expectations, and interactions with a product, from the moment they first encounter it through the purchase and use of the product.

Why is product experience important?

A positive, intuitive product experience increases usage, builds loyalty to the product and brand, enhances customer retention, and increases the likelihood a customer will recommend the product to others. Ultimately, positive product experiences result in greater sales and higher revenue. Conversely, negative product experiences cause customers to stop using a product and quit doing business with a company. Poor experiences result in negative word-of-mouth, driving down sales and revenue.

What is product intelligence?

Product intelligence is the task of collecting and analyzing data about how people use or experience a product. By understanding why and how customers are using a product, what they expect from it and how they feel about it, product development teams can make changes that improve product experience and customer satisfaction.

What is a product experience strategy?

A product experience strategy is a plan for collecting data about product intelligence, analyzing it to glean actionable insights, and using those insights to make changes to features, design, usability, functionality, marketing, and branding to improve the product experience.

What is product experience vs. customer experience?

Product experience is part of the customer experience. While product experience is narrowly focused on a customer’s interactions with a product, customer experience concerns all the interactions a customer has with the company. These interactions range from marketing communications, interactions with salespeople, calls to contact centers, visits to a website or store, and the purchase process.

How can product experience be improved?

Improving product experience starts with collecting feedback and data that helps to measure the current product experience. This information may identify product flaws, competitive disadvantages, safety concerns, negative perceptions, and gaps between customers’ expectations and actual product experience. With this intelligence in hand, product teams can identify and prioritize improvements, innovations, and new features to address obstacles to positive product experiences.

How is product experience measured?

The best way to measure product experience with feedback from customers themselves. In the past, this involved collecting direct feedback through focus groups, user testing, and surveys. While these approaches offer some value, they are limited by small sample sizes. Surveys, for example, have traditionally low response rates of between 5 – 15%. Additionally, these methods are hard to scale and typically only reflect the opinions of people who are extremely satisfied or dissatisfied. In recent years, more companies are choosing conversation intelligence platforms to more accurately measure and gain a fuller picture of the product experience.

What is conversation intelligence?

Conversation intelligence uses AI and machine learning to capture, analyze, and categorize conversations with customers across all channels. This technology enables businesses to capture invaluable, unsolicited feedback from customers that has traditionally been trapped within interactions that occur via contact center calls, email, chat, SMS text, social media, websites, and more. AI-powered conversation intelligence helps product teams uncover and act on insights that human beings alone could not access.

How does CallMiner help improve product experience?

CallMiner Eureka is the industry’s most comprehensive conversation intelligence platform for analyzing omnichannel interactions at scale. CallMiner captures and analyzes 100% of customer conversations, enabling businesses to mine customer interactions for deeper insight into product experience. CallMiner uses natural language processing (NLP) and AI-powered technologies to understand the meaning of a customer’s words as well as the emotion that drives their behavior and sentiment. The product intelligence produced by CallMiner enables businesses to drive product quality and safety, inspire and accelerate product innovation, and reveal competitive insights and threats.