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What Is Conversation Intelligence?

Conversation intelligence is a field of analytics that uses technology to glean insight at scale from interactions between companies and their customers, patients, employees, and other audiences. By analyzing and understanding vast amounts of conversations, companies can deliver experiences that better meet the needs of each audience.

What is conversation intelligence software?

Conversation intelligence software is a technology that captures, transcribes, analyzes, and extracts insight from vast amounts of speech- and text-based conversations. Conversation intelligence software uses natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to identify and understand the meaning and intent of a speaker’s words and the emotion behind them. Each conversation can be automatically scored using weighted rules to produce metrics around customer satisfaction, compliance risks, and the quality of contact center agent performance. By aggregating data from multiple conversations at scale, businesses can pinpoint and understand trends using business intelligence to open up areas of opportunity for improvement.

How does conversation intelligence work?

An effective conversation intelligence solution captures and transcribes unstructured data from calls, emails, chats, social media, surveys, and SMS texts. This data is transformed into structured data and enriched with metadata such as the time of day, the length of the conversation, and who the customer is. Acoustic measurements like agitation, word tempo, and silence help pinpoint the speaker’s emotion. Categorization automatically tags and analyzes bits of conversation to identify topics and patterns that deliver immediate insight into the meaning and purpose of the interaction.

What are the benefits of conversation intelligence?

Conversation intelligence solutions enable companies to glean insight from 100% of conversations with customers, rather than a small fraction as is customary with surveys, focus groups, and manual call reviews. Where traditional solutions may take days or weeks to deliver insights, conversation intelligence provides insight in near-real time. Automation reduces the need for intervention from IT teams and contact center managers. The insights gained from conversation intelligence can help organizations retain customers, reduce costs, drive efficiency, coach contact center agents, and mitigate compliance risks.

What is conversation intelligence vs. conversation analytics?

Conversation analytics is the process of capturing and analyzing speech- and text-based interactions. Conversation intelligence is the broader term for the insights and information gleaned through conversation analytics.

What is omnichannel conversation analytics?

Omnichannel conversation analytics, or omnichannel conversation intelligence, captures and analyzes interactions across all channels, including phone, email, social media, SMS text, and more. Omnichannel analytics provides a more comprehensive view of the Voice of the Customer.

What is NLP?

Natural language processing, or NLP, is a type of artificial intelligence that allows computers to understand text and spoken words in the same way humans can. NLP technologies use machine learning, deep learning, and computational linguistics to process human language and pinpoint the meaning, intent, and sentiment in a speaker’s or writer’s words.

What is speech analytics?

Speech analytics, along with text analytics, is part of conversation intelligence. Speech analytics is concerned with spoken communication, while text analytics works with written communication.

What is conversation intelligence’s impact on marketing?

Marketing teams can use conversation intelligence to understand which marketing strategies and tactics resonate with customers and which are falling flat. Analysis of customer conversations can help marketing teams understand how customers perceive the brand, which channels are most effective for specific campaigns, and how customers react to changes in product or marketing message. Conversation intelligence can also help create more personalized marketing messages and consistent, tailored experiences across every channel.

How does conversation intelligence help with crisis communications?

Conversation intelligence solutions can reveal what customers are saying about a brand in real time. Conversation intelligence can also help communication teams determine the type of impact that major corporate decisions can have on the bottom line and when to issue a timely response to a crisis.

What is conversation intelligence’s advantage over surveys?

Surveys offer valuable information about brand sentiment and the customer experience. However, surveys collect feedback from only a tiny fraction of customers, and insight is often skewed by respondents who are motivated by highly positive or highly negative experiences. In contrast, conversation intelligence solutions capture feedback from 100% of interactions and are a valuable source of feedback from customers with a wide range of opinions.

How does conversation intelligence improve contact center performance?

Conversation intelligence technologies can provide real-time coaching for contact center agents during customer interactions. By helping agents better understand customers’ needs and navigate emotional interactions, conversation intelligence technology improves the outcomes of calls and helps resolve customer needs more quickly.

How does conversation intelligence impact the customer journey?

Conversation intelligence solutions reveal deep insight into the wants and needs of customers at each point on their journey. By pinpointing areas of improvement, conversation intelligence helps companies take concrete steps to improve the customer experience at every touchpoint.

What is conversation intelligence from CallMiner?

CallMiner is the global leader in conversation intelligence technology that drives business performance improvement. CallMiner Eureka is the industry’s most comprehensive platform for analyzing omnichannel interactions at scale, capturing 100% of customer conversations from calls, chats, emails, SMS text, surveys, and social media. With technology that analyzes interactions at the deepest levels, CallMiner interprets nuance and identifies patterns and traits that reveal new areas of opportunity. By connecting the dots between insights and action, CallMiner enables companies to effectively drive business improvement, growth, and transformational change.