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What Is Brand Sentiment?

Brand sentiment is the feeling that an individual or group has about a specific brand and its products and services. Measured on a continuum from positive to neutral to negative, brand sentiment delivers a bird’s-eye view of how well a company is perceived by target audiences.

What is sentiment analysis of a brand?

Brand sentiment analysis is a methodology for capturing and analyzing opinions about a brand. Brand sentiment analysis may be performed by monitoring and analyzing the opinions of various audiences that are expressed on websites, social media, and in direct interactions with a company’s representatives and contact center agents.

Why is brand sentiment analysis important?

Analyzing brand sentiment can reveal the factors that affect audience opinion, enabling businesses to take action to enhance sentiment. Monitoring sentiment in real-time can help businesses avoid or mitigate damaging consequences from media coverage, campaigns, product launches, and other events. events. Improving brand sentiment can lead to higher sales, greater customer loyalty, and improved customer retention.

How do brands use sentiment analysis?

Brands sentiment analysis enables businesses to monitor brand health and to take corrective action when sentiment is trending downward. Sentiment analysis can help weather a PR crisis, providing teams with information about the impact of an event or communications on audience perception of the brand. Sentiment analysis can also provide insight into the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and product design, and reveal how a business is faring against competitors. Ultimately, brand sentiment analysis helps businesses identify areas for improvement that can lead to better brand experiences, higher brand awareness, and stronger business performance.

How do you improve brand sentiment?

Continuously monitoring and measuring brand sentiment is the first step to improving it. By constantly keeping a finger on the pulse of brand sentiment, businesses can identify problems and potential crises as early as possible and respond quickly to mitigate concerns and negative sentiment before it snowballs into something larger. Taking time to truly understand customers’ opinions and making changes where the business is not serving customers’ needs will eventually turn sentiment in a positive direction.

How do you measure brand sentiment?

Direct feedback is the most effective way to measure brand sentiment. Surveys and focus groups can provide a detailed understanding of brand sentiment, though the sample size is extremely limited. Using automated tools to monitor social media and online reviews can provide a broader perspective. However, these metrics may be skewed by the biases of users with highly positive or negative experiences with the brand. Technologies like conversation intelligence that enable businesses to monitor and analyze conversations across all channels offer a more comprehensive view of brand sentiment, allowing businesses to identify issues and resolve complaints before they become significant problems.

What is conversation intelligence?

Conversation intelligence technology combines text and speech analytics to capture and analyze customer interactions across all channels. These conversations often include invaluable intelligence and context concerning a customer’s wants, needs, expectations, and opinions of a brand, its products and services, and its competitors. To mine this unsolicited feedback for actionable insight, conversation intelligence platforms transform the unstructured information in conversations into structured data that can be easily searched and analyzed. Conversation intelligence can determine both the meaning and intent of a person’s words as well as the emotion that is behind their behavior and sentiment.

How does CallMiner help monitor and measure brand sentiment?

CallMiner Eureka is the world’s leading platform for analyzing omnichannel customer interactions at scale. CallMiner’s technology simplifies and automates the task of monitoring every customer conversation on all channels and analyzing interactions to measure brand sentiment. Powered by AI and machine learning, the CallMiner platform enables businesses to proactively monitor, measure, and improve brand sentiment. CallMiner offers real-time analysis that delivers dynamic, in-the-moment insight, reducing the turnaround time for traditional brand listening activities and enabling brand management teams to keep a pulse on public perception.