3 Reasons Why Agent Empathy Makes for Happier Customers

The CallMiner Churn Index shows that listening is critical to keeping customers loyal. When asked about their emotional state before making a call to a call centre, the top response by almost half of consumers (46%) is that they just want someone to listen to them – in other words show empathy! Listening to a […]

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Voice of the Customer Surveys: Expert Tips for Creating Effective Surveys & Must-Ask Questions for Gaining Valuable Insights

The Voice of the Customer (VoC) represents your customers’ perceptions, needs, and requirements. Used as a research method to identify market opportunities, gauge customer sentiment, and gain insights into competitive advantages or weaknesses, VoC surveys are a valuable tool in your customer experience toolkit. Any VoC strategy is most effective when data is collected from […]

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What is Customer Journey Analytics?

Customer interactions don’t happen in a vacuum; your customers interact with your company through myriad channels and at many different stages throughout the buyer’s journey. While analytics for single-touchpoint, single-channel interactions provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of your messaging at that juncture, they fall short of painting the full picture. Enter customer journey analytics: […]

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The True Path to Measuring Customer Sentiment Through Speech Analytics

Sentiment analysis has become an industry phrase that has ushered in an acute focus for organizations toward as both a necessity in business success and a core differentiator in customer experience.  Sentiment analysis in the context of customer experience refers to gaining an understanding of how your customers feel about your products, promotions, brands, or […]

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6 Ways to Go Beyond the Survey with Speech Analytics

Feedback is everything when it comes to customer service and customer experience. It’s even in our company mission that “Feedback is a gift”. But today, most company’s still look to just solicited feedback, such as surveys, review sites and social media posts for how they are doing. That is only giving a portion of the […]

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Solution News: CallMiner Launches Customer Experience Solution Pack

CallMiner today announced the launch of a CX Solution Pack for enhanced customer experience insights both within and beyond the contact center. The CX Solution Pack provides customer intelligence from voice conversations, providing greater customer experience (CX) insight to complement and expand upon that gathered from surveys (solicited feedback). A continuous flow of CX insights is captured […]

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What is Voice of the Customer? 25 Experts Give Best Practices

Voice of the Customer (VoC) is a type of market research which aims to better understand current and prospective customers. Essentially, the process of finding the voice of the customer can be done a number of ways, using many different methods. However, the goal of this market research is to find the expectations, likes and […]

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