Want to Improve the Patient Experience? Stop Sending Bad Surveys

In the United States, healthcare is a $3.5 trillion a year market and employs 1 in 8 Americans. For a market with huge impact and under tremendous scrutiny, you would expect medical organizations to take an interested, data-driven approach to measuring the patient experience (PX). In other words, you would expect their patient surveys to be […]

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Collections Success Stories in the Contact Center [Video]

The debt collector industry often has a bad reputation, but the truth is debt collector agents have to overcome significant obstacles every day. Maximizing collections revenue while remaining compliant with various regulations is a difficult task. Interaction analytics software helps debt collectors collect revenue while remaining compliant and creating a positive customer experience. We are happy to […]

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Improving Healthcare Customer Experience With Speech Analytics

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving and faces critical challenges on a daily basis. From ever-changing government regulations to managing patient expectations to finding ways to deliver more efficient and better care, many healthcare providers struggle to balance it all. Now more than ever, healthcare providers need to find away to efficiently and effectively manage […]

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What Executives Need To Know About Contact Center Compliance

Calculating risk and the potential reward is a normal part of doing business. When it comes to managing a contact center, the one time you should never take a risk is in regards to regulatory compliance. Failure to comply with industry and call center regulations only results in extensive fines and litigation. Just recently, Infocision, […]

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16 Examples of Artificial Intelligence Across 6 Industries

Artificial intelligence (AI) is about to transform every segment of our economy by bringing human intelligence into computing and allowing machines to learn from experience and make human-like decisions. AI helps businesses automate routine tasks, better understand their customers by analyzing their behavior, reduce operational costs, and personalize experiences. After discussing the overall benefits and […]

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How Speech Analytics Can Reduce Costs & Improve Contact Center Efficiency (Case Study Examples)

Fact: Contact centers are set up to handle all customer communications (inquiries, complaints, etc.) and have a direct influence on the customer experience. Fact: Contact centers can also be huge cost centers. “It’s unfortunate, but [many companies view] contact centers as the redheaded child,” says Ross Haskell, senior director of products at LogMeIn’s BoldChat Products, […]

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