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CallMiner Named the Only Leader in Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service


Eric Williamson

August 16, 2023

Forrester Wave 2023
Forrester Wave 2023

Today, we’re proud to reveal that Forrester Research has named CallMiner the only Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3 2023 report.

CallMiner received the top score in the current offering category, with the top score in the conversation analytics criterion, and scored among the highest in the automated and hybrid quality scoring, compliance, and unified platform experience criteria. CallMiner also received the top score in the strategy category, with the highest scores possible in the vision, roadmap, and pricing flexibility and transparency criteria.

We believe this recognition validates CallMiner’s position on the cutting edge of technology, in the face of industry consolidation and some of the most dramatic business challenges over the past few years. From the COVID-19 pandemic to the unpredictable economic climate — organizations have had to dig deep to truly understand how customer service and the contact center impacts customer experience (CX), overall operations and the bottom line.

Through it all, conversation intelligence has remained one of the single most effective solutions for navigating these challenges. Organizations leveraging the CallMiner platform have proven that omnichannel customer insights and feedback have the power to drive meaningful business outcomes that extend far beyond the contact center.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023
Learn why Forrester named CallMiner the leader among 11 conversation intelligence software providers.
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Embracing conversation intelligence to improve CX

Progressive organizations have evolved to see the customer service function as more than just a cost center. In a post-pandemic world, agents on the front lines of customer service are contending with complex customer interactions, while digital self-service channels cover more basic requests. Issues like customer vulnerability remain pervasive in the face of ongoing economic uncertainty. As a result, organizations must act with empathy and understanding to their agents and customers alike, while balancing an influx of omnichannel touchpoints, if they intend to truly move the needle on CX.

That’s where CallMiner’s conversation intelligence platform makes the most impact. Organizations use our AI-powered technology to analyze 100% of customer interactions, regardless of channel. Deep insights immediately reveal opportunities for agent coaching and continuous quality improvement.

As the Forrester report states, “CallMiner’s leadership stems from its mastery of operational workflows. Its highly configurable and flexible taxonomy management experience, coupled with a vast library of pre-built categories, delivers value to customers. Its quality scoring product enables teams of varying maturity levels to go beyond compliance tracking, translating system scores into meaningful coaching moments.”

When agents get constructive, data-driven feedback, they experience greater job satisfaction and career growth — and organizations increase retention of their most valuable employees.

In addition, CallMiner remains a powerful backstop for agents navigating complex customer interactions. Sentiment and emotion analysis empowers agents to respond to customers with greater empathy, while real-time capabilities help teams resolve difficult cases in-the-moment with fewer escalations. In other words, CallMiner is not only for AI-powered automation, but also for scaling very human capabilities and understanding.

Removing silos for customer-centric organizations

Beyond meeting contact center quality and compliance goals, organizations leverage CallMiner to understand the modern omnichannel customer journey, removing friction to make it seamless. Forward-thinking teams apply unsolicited customer feedback and insights to real CX and cross-departmental business improvements in sales, marketing, product, and beyond.

CallMiner helps teams find meaning within unstructured and structured customer data, identifying trends and anomalies that impact business changes. Stakeholders of all kinds leverage enterprise insights – uncovered in the contact center – to drive more effective marketing campaigns, refined product strategies, and increase revenue.

According to the Forrester report, “…CallMiner has a product vision and roadmap that are laser-focused on empowering its mature operations clients to drive customer-centered enhancements through an incremental and adaptable evolution of traditional contact center programs.”

To learn more about CallMiner’s capabilities to drive improvements in the contact center and beyond, view The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3 2023 report here.

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