Analyze Customer Churn with Speech Analytics

In today’s business environment, high customer expectations leave many contact centers struggling to understand why customers leave their service or churn. More often than not, these businesses focus their time and energy on acquiring new customers rather than trying to retain existing ones. A decision that costs them significantly since attracting new customers costs seven […]

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16 Examples of Artificial Intelligence Across 6 Industries

Artificial intelligence (AI) is about to transform every segment of our economy by bringing human intelligence into computing and allowing machines to learn from experience and make human-like decisions. AI helps businesses automate routine tasks, better understand their customers by analyzing their behavior, reduce operational costs, and personalize experiences. After discussing the overall benefits and […]

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Combatting the Surge in UK Energy Switching

This year has seen more than 4.5 million energy customers in the UK switch their provider, with 600,000 of them switching in October alone. The Energy Switch Guarantee makes it extremely easy for consumers to change their provider and the majority of those switching are moving to small and mid-tier suppliers. Great news for those […]

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Using Speech Analytics to Identify Vulnerable Customers

Both UK energy and water companies offer services specifically designed to support customers in vulnerable positions due to situations such as medical and mental health issues, disability, challenging social circumstances and old age. Companies in both sectors collect data to help identify and support these customers, and now the UK regulators are pushing companies to […]

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The New Significance of SIM Scores for UK Water Companies

By: Mark Lockyer, EMEA Sales Director, CallMiner With the introduction of the Open Water initiative in April 2017, UK water suppliers are facing new competition for business customers.  Gone are the days of relying on postcode generated revenue. This change brings increased scrutiny on Service Incentive Mechanism (SIM) scores as businesses start to shop around […]

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The Importance of Contact Center Efficiency and Customer Experience as Energy Pricing Faces Scrutiny

By: Frank Sherlock, Vice President, EMEA Sales With energy prices rising, the UK government recently announced an independent review into the total cost of electricity and factors that could be driving up the cost.  This scrutiny on pricing puts even further pressure on UK energy companies to ensure they are running efficient operations and delivering the […]

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Why Good Customer Service Is Important for Utilities

Recently, CallMiner headed to Washington, DC to take part in the premiere utility industry annual event, the EEI/AGA Conference. During the show, our team had the opportunity to meet with key purchasing decision makers and industry professionals and hear insights on the future of utility customer service, multichannel customer engagement, the latest TCPA policy, legal, […]

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