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Collections Success Stories in the Contact Center [Video]

We are happy to share three video success stories from customer's that utilized speech analytics and automated scoring to achieve their overall goals.

What is Collection Analytics? Definitions, Benefits, and More

Collection analytics are used in developing collection strategies to help categorize customers and determine which accounts have a higher probability ...

Detecting Fraud with Speech Analytics

There is a way to safeguard your customers and your business from fraud - speech analytics..

Improving Productivity and Collections Revenue While Mitigating Risk

For many businesses, debt collection is an unavoidable necessity. But how can you improve your call center agent productivity while mitigating risk?

50 Debt Revenue Recovery Tips: Developing a Debt Revenue Recovery Strategy, Tools & Technology, and More

We've rounded up 50 debt recovery tips from industry experts to help improve your debt recovery strategy. Learn how you can improve your debt revenue ...

The State of Debt Collection 2020: Industry Statistics, Trends, Collection Practices, and More

We decided to take a deep-dive into the latest debt collection industry figures and statistics to get a glimpse of the current state of debt collectio...

20 Call Center Pros Reveal the Biggest Things Companies Overlook When It Comes to Call Center Compliance Issues

Call centers are constantly under pressure from regulatory compliance concerns.

Auto finance debt collection tips: Regulations, outsourcing collections, best practices, and more

Read the Santander Case Study, see how they leverage the CallMiner Eureka platform to stay compliant while maximizing revenue.

The 50 Best Debt Collection Blogs

To help you decide which blogs deserve your time, we have compiled a list of the 50 best debt collection blogs online!

ACI Partners with CallMiner to Deploy Speech Analytics Company wide

American Coradius International LLC, a leader in 1st and 3rd party debt collection services, has partnered with Massachusetts-based CallMiner to launc...

What is the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)?

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act was enacted by Congress in 1991 to restrict telemarketing calls and the use of automatic telephone dialing syste...

What is the CFPB Consumer Financial Protection Bureau? Definition, Tips, Best Practices, and Compliance Challenges of the CFPB

CFPB has jurisdiction over areas including banks, credit unions, securities firms, debt collectors, foreclosure relief services.

What is Mini-Miranda?

Mini-Miranda is a legal warning debt collectors are required to use at the beginning of communications with consumers, both written and oral.

5 Reasons Speech Analytics Is Critical in Call Center Collections

Collections contact centers and accounts receivable management (ARM) firms face a constant challenge: balancing the need to maximize payments.

How Does Collections Analytics Improve Agent Performance?

Think, for a moment, about the last time you had an exceptional experience as a customer. What stood out to you? What do you remember the most?

Exploring gamification for health care payment collections

Gamified payment collection would be a great fit for many health care providers.

Compliance Analytics: Effectively Gathering and Making Use of Compliance Related Data

Using speech analytics to improve the compliance of your call center can save you money and help you avoid fines

Speech Analytics for Collections: Why Is It Important?

Speech analytics for collections can eliminate call center compliance risk, improve agent performance, and increase recovery rates. Here’s a closer lo...

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