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CallMiner Product Innovation Series: July 2023


Bruce McMahon

July 08, 2023

Customer journey summaries
Customer journey summaries

At CallMiner, we understand that the more information and data you can capture around customer interactions, the more successful and complete the insights you uncover will be. In 2023.07, we’ve made a number of updates related to the type of data users can collect, as well as how and where you can view that data. This includes a significant extension in the metadata fields collected across omnichannel interactions, as well as new integration capabilities with popular review sites, such as the Apple App and Google Play Stores.

I’m also excited about our new voice disguising capabilities, which affirm our commitment to security, and help CallMiner customers keep the personal information of their customers and agents safe.

Read on for more.

Extended metadata fields across omnichannel contacts

Capturing customer conversations and associated metadata is an essential first step in conversation analytics, including understanding the customer journey to reveal patterns, trends, and opportunities. The right metadata also makes it possible to map post-interaction surveys to calls and chat conversations, which enables filtering within CallMiner Analyze and expands the ability to get more granular in searches and trend spotting. It can also be used to drive downstream exports to Salesforce and other applications via API. In the 2023.07 release, we’ve introduced 90 new user-defined metadata fields, automatically configurable by administrators, for even more flexibility and scalability of contact center data across the organization to support VoC programs, CX initiatives, and more.

New integration for online reviews, including Apple App and Google Play Stores

In 2023.07, CallMiner is delivering integrations to more than 80 review sites, including Google Play and Apple App Stores. The review integration automatically pulls in review data for analysis, alongside other interaction data. Customers are talking about brands across a range of channels and, as part of an omnichannel strategy, reviews can unlock important details for product and service improvements that organizations can act on immediately. This integration allows customers to stay on top of incoming reviews, monitor trends in sentiment over app versions, and use that data to achieve a more holistic view of VoC.

AI summaries now available on the customer journey

Earlier this year, CallMiner announced new contact summarization functionality. AI-based contact summarization creates a shortened, highlights-only version of a customer contact to relieve agents of the responsibility of creating summaries after an interaction and makes it easier for users to receive more consistent, less biased synopses. The CallMiner platform now delivers the ability for AI-based contact summarization, alongside manual summaries, to be visible in additional areas, including at each step of the customer journey. By making contact summaries available in more places, as well as delivering the ability to quickly export the summaries, customers can get more value from summary information than ever before.

Customer journey summaries

Recorded voice disguise on call playback

Similar to a fingerprint or a retina scan, a voiceprint is a form of biometric data that can be used to identify a person. For scammers and other bad actors, voiceprint information can be used to execute fraud or other malicious acts. In certain situations, organizations may want to disguise a voiceprint to protect personal information – both of customers and of agents – and reduce potential fraud. In this release, we’ve added a new permission-based feature in Analyze and Coach that allows CallMiner customers to turn on voice disguising for certain roles on audio playback. If an audio file is downloaded, the disguise will be retained.

QA updates and enhancements

CallMiner is committed to continually delivering quality assurance (QA) and management improvements, making it easier for organizations to analyze conversations and improve supervisor and agent performance. We’ve introduced a number of QA improvements in 2023.07, including the ability to require a manual score in score builder, to highlight specific insight sections for text, audio, and video and evaluation form, as well as calibration report improvements. These updates improve usability and functionality for contact center users, as well as allow supervisors to provide more targeted feedback and ensure consistency in the scoring process.

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