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CallMiner Product Innovation Series: June 2023


Bruce McMahon

June 03, 2023

AI summarization French
AI summarization French

We’re nearing the halfway point in 2023, and the CallMiner product team continues to deliver valuable features and product updates month after month. One of the most impressive things about our 2023.06 release is several of the updates are enhancements to new features that were released only a month ago in 2023.05.

This not only means that we’re listening to our customers and partners on areas of improvement, but that we’re acting on that feedback as quickly as possible. The updates to our AI-based contact summarization and AI redaction are incremental and meaningful – along with other valuable UX and content updates in this release.

Read on for more from 2023.06.

AI-based contact summarization now supports Spanish and French

Last month, we released enhanced AI-based contact summarization for customer conversations to provide greater context to those who need it. In addition to English, these summaries are now available in Spanish and French. With this expanded support, CallMiner contact summarization users can experience value by finding critical insights in their conversations with ease across multiple languages.

AI summarization French

Continued AI enhancements

CallMiner continues to invest in new AI capabilities to power our platform and help customers gain additional insights from conversations. Our latest AI redaction updates offer enhanced precision through expanded exclusion options, the inclusion of new entities like dosage for healthcare organizations, and the ability to accurately isolate general account numbers from bank account details for a more precise, targeted redaction.

AI redaction dose

New Consumer Duty solution

We’re continuing to deliver new solutions within our Solution Catalogue to fit a variety of industries and use cases. To help customers get ahead of the upcoming Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations, which will affect all financial institutions in the UK, we’ve released a new Consumer Duty solution. The pre-built Consumer Duty content will identify elements in an interaction that are at risk of causing Consumer Duty failure. Based on a risk scale, organizations can more effectively identify what’s worth investigating further so appropriate measures can be taken.

Consumer Duty solution catalogue

There is still a lot to be delivered in the CallMiner platform through the remainder of the year, which I’m confident will keep us at the cutting-edge of conversation intelligence. I look forward to sharing more in next month’s product innovation blog, as well as with the customer who will be joining us in-person at LISTEN UK 2023, June 20-21, in London.

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