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Product Innovation Series: April 2023


Bruce McMahon

April 01, 2023

Speaker measures talk time percent and duration
Speaker measures talk time percent and duration

One of the things that excites me most about our 2023.04 release is that many of the updates are a direct result of customer requests. As a conversation intelligence platform provider, we know how important customer feedback is, and I’m proud to say that we take the feedback of our own customers incredibly seriously. Every day we work to make the CallMiner platform more valuable for our users so that they can drive tangible ROI for their own organizations in the contact center and beyond.

Read on to learn more about our latest platform enhancements, including new speaker measures by talk time percent and duration, and hierarchy filtering in Alert.

New speaker measures – Talk time by percent and duration

Following our release of new speaker measures for text delays and audio tempo in January and agitation and message total in March, we’ve introduced two new audio measures, talk time by percent and duration for both customer and agent.

In the contact center, many organizations work to decrease average talk time because talk time can impact efficiency, customer satisfaction and cost. By introducing new talk time speaker measures by agent and customer, contact centers can realize a depth of insight that they weren’t able to before. For example, measuring talk time by percentage can give managers a better idea of how agents spend their time overall, either on calls or on after-call work. Contact centers can improve efficiency and the overall customer experience by gaining insight into talk time.

Speaker measures talk time percent and duration

Introducing hierarchy filtering in Alert

In the 2023.04 release, we’ve added the ability to filter by hierarchy level in Command Post in Alert, CallMiner’s real-time agent guidance product. This update enables users to see all the contacts on their hierarchy level. As a result, it is now easier than ever to drill down into a team or view the entire department. This is especially helpful when a manager goes on vacation or leaves the company entirely, for example. In addition, users can pin favorites to find what they are looking for easily.

Hierarchy in Command Post

We have a lot planned for product releases for the remainder of 2023. CallMiner will not only continue to make platform updates based on customer requests and needs, but we remain focused on delivering enhancements that prove CallMiner’s innovative leadership in the conversation intelligence market.

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