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CallMiner Product Innovation Series: May 2023


Bruce McMahon

May 06, 2023

RealTime UI updates
RealTime UI updates

Our product development team always works hard to deliver the most innovative platform and feature updates, and our 2023.05 release is a testament to that dedication. The enhancements in this release are significant, and I’m confident will deliver immediate value and ROI to our customers.

However, one of the most noteworthy updates in this release isn’t a product update (although we have that too) – it’s a rebrand. CallMiner Alert is now CallMiner RealTime. Why, you ask? The real-time analytics space has grown and evolved rapidly, but as one of the first to market with a real-time solution years ago, we realized the name Alert wasn’t doing our product justice. CallMiner RealTime is more descriptive of the existing capabilities, and we believe better represents all of the new and upcoming features we have planned.

Read on for RealTime improvements available in this release and more.

New notification workflow

Our new notification feature saves customers time by creating and enabling a customized notification workflow to be sent daily or weekly. Our categories allow organizations to add any combination of metadata, so users can create notifications that are customized and relevant to their business.

For example, in financial services, organizations can create notifications for complaints that are required to be reviewed so compliance issues can be handled promptly. Notifications can be customized for different groups of users in the hierarchy, so users are getting relevant information.

This is an important feature in executing closed-loop feedback, ensuring that stakeholders outside of the contact center can gain proactive insight into what’s happening in customer conversations and can take appropriate action. When the right organizational leaders get the right insights, they can make better decisions and drive transformational change.

Notification workflow product update

RealTime rebrand and improvements

As I mentioned above, CallMiner Alert is now CallMiner RealTime, and we’ve made several exciting improvements in our 2023.05 release – including new features and a UI update.

RealTime supports new benefits for both supervisors and agents. As part of this release, agents now have the ability to call a supervisor for assistance during an interaction, and a supervisor can now listen as the call is happening and coach an agent in real time.

These improvements provide an extra layer of support for agents during difficult contacts, as well as saves time because coaching can occur in the moment versus waiting until a scheduled coaching conversation. In addition to benefits for supervisors and agents, these new features will create better customer outcomes because agents are better equipped to solve issues with help from a supervisor while the interaction is still in progress.

RealTime UI updates

Enhanced AI-based contact summarization

In this release, CallMiner has enhanced automatic AI-based summaries for customer conversations. Abstractive summaries can now appear alongside metadata, categories and scores to provide greater context to those who need it. Best of all, these summaries work hand-in-hand with the new notification capabilities CallMiner has introduced, so everyone in the organization stays on the same page.

AI-based contact summarization benefits agents, supervisors, analysts and executives. Agents spend less time focused on summarizing interactions, and more time addressing customer needs. Supervisors can quickly identify interactions that can benefit from more effective coaching practices. Analysts can gain clues regarding critical aspects of the customer contact. Leaders and executives can confirm “hunches” by reviewing customer interactions that point to problems beyond the scope of the contact center, such as shipping and return processes, supply chain issues, and more. Customers can use summaries alongside the CallMiner capabilities they’ve come to rely on to identify and correct business issues, saving time and improving efficiency.

AI contact summarization

As I promised after LISTEN 2022 and at the start of the year, we have ambitious goals for product development in 2023. Our latest release delivers on many of those goals, and I look forward to sharing even more enhancements with you as the year goes on.

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