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CallMiner Product Innovation Series: August 2023


Bruce McMahon

August 05, 2023

product innovation Coach bonus points
product innovation Coach bonus points

One of the things that makes CallMiner a leader in the conversation intelligence industry is our ability to get the right information to the right people at the right time. We are continually focused on helping our customers improve and enhance their workflows, and our 2023.08 release delivers many updates to do just that.

For example, updates to CallMiner Coach, as well as enhancements to features like contact summarization and notifications, ensure that organizations are getting the highest levels of flexibility, customization and ultimately, business value from the CallMiner platform.

Read on for more.

Improvements in CallMiner Coach

In the 2023.08 release, we’ve delivered numerous CallMiner Coach improvements to give users even more flexibility and customization.

Email notifications for insights are now available, enabling agents to receive an email notification when they have an insight to review, increasing visibility and engagement. These notifications support a closed-loop feedback system, empowering supervisors and agents to communicate more effectively, and helping agents more quickly access insights and act on feedback.

product innovation email notifications for insights

Next, new enhancements in Score Builder are making it easier for users to establish exceptions to quality scoring rules, with the click of a button. Auto fail ensures that organizations can more easily drop a score to zero when a single question on the quality form yields no credit. For example, for a regulatory compliance issue or a failure to resolve a customer issue. Bonus points allow organizations to stretch agent quality scores beyond the usual limits when an agent goes above and beyond, such as error reduction, process improvements, kudos, or more. All scores are kept separate, so you can continue to see how an agent scored without auto fail or bonus points.

product innovation Coach bonus points

Contact summarization available via Salesforce connector

CallMiner’s pre-built connectors allow customers to integrate data outside the CallMiner platform without additional IT support, enabling faster deployment and without putting strain on valuable internal resources. AI-based contact summarization is now available via the Salesforce connector, giving customers more visibility into conversations than ever before.

Through the Salesforce connector, users can easily expose contact summarizations and relevant insights to key stakeholders, supporting important use cases, such as sales effectiveness, customer experience and more.

New notifications event timestamp

Our notification feature allows users to build and send customized notifications on occurrence, daily, or weekly, so the information that matters most is surfaced to the stakeholders that need to be informed. We’ve updated notifications to include the event timestamp, so recipients can know exactly when the event occurred. For example, in the case of compliance issues where a timely response is required, the timestamp can help prioritize necessary action.

product innovation notifications event timestamp

Also, registration for LISTEN 2023 is officially open! LISTEN is always a great opportunity to learn about our latest and upcoming platform enhancements, hear what’s happening in the industry, and network with your peers and the CallMiner team – I hope to see you in Nashville, November 6-8.

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