With All the Tools Available, You Only Have Yourself to Blame for Poor Service

June 24, 2022

“Real-time analytics offers the potential to turn a negative interaction into a positive one, prevent a customer from churning, and deliver the best experience possible every time, which in turn drives loyalty and strong relationships,” says Jeff Gallino, CallMiner CTO

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AI Is Not Sentient Yet. But That Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Useful in the Enterprise

June 20, 2022

Datanami looks at the value AI has in the workplace, including starting with the low-hanging fruit, such as password resets or generating help tickets for things like broken printers. And as companies gain more experience solving employee problems with AI, they can start tackling tougher problems.

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CallMiner Debuts Updates for Coaching Call Center Agents

June 20, 2022

The No Jitter Roll, the regular round-up of communications and collaboration news, highlights CallMiner's platform updates, including a wellness module to its frontline agent intelligence platform.

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Five Tips to Become an Effective Ally in the Contact Center

June 15, 2022 by Richard Britt, Vice President of Artificial Intelligence

Rick Britt, VP of AI, explores how individuals and organizations alike are consider advancing allyship, and shares five ways to be a more effective ally within the contact center.

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Customer-Service Wait Times Triple as Staff Shortage Vex Call Centers

June 07, 2022

CallMiner CTO, Jeff Gallino, spoke with Bloomberg reporter, Michael Sasso, about trends impacting customer service in the contact center, including remote work, job-hopping and more.

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Podcast: Sharpen Your Content Strategy With Eric Williamson, Chief Marketing Officer of CallMiner

June 01, 2022

Eric Williamson, CMO at CallMiner, discusses how CallMiner uses AI to help companies get actionable insights from customer conversations. He also talks about how to sharpen your content creation strategy and how B2B marketers can learn a lot from B2C marketers.

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Tools Can Now Uncover Real-Time Customer Behavior

June 01, 2022

CallMiner CTO, Jeff Gallino, weighs in on real-time analytics and the opportunity to drive better customer experiences and outcomes.

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What is Speech Analytics?

May 31, 2022

MJ Johnson, sr. director of product marketing at CallMiner joins other experts to explain what speech analytics is for Call Centre Helper TV.

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What Open Versus Closed Ecosystems Mean for Your L&D Tech

April 29, 2022

Tech people talk a lot about whether an open or closed ecosystem is better for business. But why should learning professionals care—as long as they can get the tools they need right now?

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Three Data-Driven Ways To Create Positive Feedback Loops Within Your Workforce

April 29, 2022 by Jeff Gallino, CTO & Founder

In his latest Forbes Technology Council article, our CTO Jeff Gallino discusses three ways AI, automation and data-driven techniques can empower leaders to build genuine connections and stronger relationships with employees.

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How to Deal With Frustrated Customers – And Make Them Happy

April 18, 2022

Frank Sherlock, CallMiner's VP of International, joins Call Centre Helper's panel of experts to share advice on how to handle frustrated customers and end these interactions on a positive note.

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Podcast: Driving Value Inside and Outside of the Contact Center. CallMiner CTO on the Power of Conversation Intelligence

April 06, 2022

CallMiner CTO, Jeff Gallino recently, joined a Telecom Reseller podcast to share how businesses should be analyzing the conversations happening in their customer service centers to uncover insights and drive enterprise-wide success and ROI.

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Data-Driven Conversation Analytics Key to B2B Digital Sales

March 31, 2022 by Jeff Gallino, CTO & Founder

Tools like conversation analytics can help B2B sales teams act quicker and smarter. CallMiner CTO, Jeff Gallino, explores how uncovering insights from customer and prospect conversations is key to navigating a challenging market and driving more revenue.

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CallMiner on Actionable Insights at Enterprise Connect 2022

March 25, 2022

CallMiner CTO Jeff Gallino spoke with UC Today's David Dungay in-person at Enterprise Connect 2022 – hear what he had to say about the conference, trends in CX and what's on the horizon for conversation intelligence.

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AI Can Make Us More Human: Here’s How

March 24, 2022 by Jeff Gallino, CTO & Founder

In his latest Forbes Tech Council column, Jeff Gallino, CallMiner CTO, explores how applying AI to help understand and interpret the intent and emotion behind the human voice can make organizations and people far more inclusive, effective and empathetic.

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16 Key Components of a Digital Customer Transformation Strategy

March 21, 2022

Frank Sherlock, VP of International, explains why educating stakeholders up front is a key component of a successful digital customer transformation strategy.

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12 Shift-Planning Techniques

March 14, 2022

Having the right number of skilled staff to support customer demand can be a daunting and complex task. Frank Sherlock, VP of International, joined Call Centre Helper's panel of experts to discuss top tips for shift planning.

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Analyzing the Analytics

March 01, 2022

CallMiner's CTO Jeff Gallino joins a roundtable of experts to discuss industry trends, what he sees for the future and how organizations can maximize their technology investments. Read more in Contact Center Pipeline.

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What Should You Put in a Customer Service Vision Statement?

February 28, 2022

A customer service vision statement provides meaning and direction for employees. Frank Sherlock, CallMiner's VP of International, joins Call Centre Helper's panel of experts for a few suggestions on what you should include in yours.

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The 2022 State of Speech Analytics

February 17, 2022

Companies are increasingly relying on speech analytics for contact center applications, podcast analysis, telemedicine, and other applications. Rick Britt, CallMiner's VP of AI, weighs in for Speech Technology Magazine.

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What Are the Main Call Centre Pain Points, and How Can They Be Solved?

February 16, 2022

Frank Sherlock, CallMiner's VP of International, joins Call Center Helper's panel of experts give their opinions on the main contact centre pain points and provide suggestions on how to solve them.

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Podcast: CMO Diaries with CallMiner's Eric Williamson

February 15, 2022

CallMiner CMO Eric Williamson joins Nexthink's Heather Moses on Goldcast's CMO Diaries podcast to discuss all things B2B marketing.

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The 26 Principles of Good Customer Service

January 31, 2022

Frank Sherlock, CallMiner's VP of International, joins Call Centre Helper's panel of experts to share examples of the principles that underpin the delivery of good customer service.

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3 Ways Conversational Insight Can Unlock a Positive Patient Experience

January 28, 2022 by Scott Kendrick, Vice President of Strategy

Making sense of structured and unstructured patient interaction data takes dedication and the right technology solutions. When those things come together, the insights gleaned from patient conversations within the contact center can unlock a better patient experience. VP of Strategy, Scott Kendrick, [...]

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20 Smart Ideas to Improve Your Voice of the Customer Programme

January 26, 2022

VP of International, Frank Sherlock, joins Call Centre Helper's panel of experts to discuss the importance of listening to the Voice of the Customer (VoC) and offer suggestions on how contact centers can improve their programs.

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What’s in Store for CRM in 2022?

January 19, 2022

DestinationCRM tapped industry experts, including CallMiner CTO Jeff Gallino, for their 2022 predications across omnichannel communications, personalization, customer experience and more.

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Sentiment Grows in Significance as COVID Surges

January 19, 2022

Companies have been collecting customer feedback for decades, but it has taken on a new importance as they try to maintain shaky customer relationships in the face of COVID-19 lockdowns. That feedback is only useful, however, if companies can understand the full meaning behind it. Rick Britt, VP of [...]

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Balancing AI And Humanity: Five CX Predictions For 2022

January 13, 2022 by Jeff Gallino, CTO & Founder

CallMiner CTO, Jeff Gallino, looks ahead at 2022 and shares his predictions for how customer experience (CX) will balance humanity and artificial intelligence (AI), as innovation comes from some of the most unexpected places.

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10 NLP Predictions for 2022

January 12, 2022

Natural language processing (NLP) has been one of the hottest sectors in AI over the past two years. Will the string of big data breakthroughs continue into 2022? Jeff Gallino, CallMiner CTO, shares his thoughts with Datanami.

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Is Automation the Secret to Positive Care in Healthcare Contact Centers?

January 12, 2022 by Scott Kendrick, Vice President of Strategy

Scott Kendrick, CallMiner's VP of Strategy, explores how automation will emerge as a critical tool to help healthcare organizations navigate a complex environment in this byline for Healthcare Call Center Times.

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18 Goodwill Gestures to Build Better Employee Relationships

December 20, 2021

Frank Sherlock, VP of International, joins a panel of experts to share examples of goodwill gestures that will help leaders strengthen employee relationships in the contact center.

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8 Customer-Experience-Related Predictions For 2022

December 15, 2021

Adrian Swinscoe shares his annual CX predications roundup on Forbes, including input from CallMiner's CTO Jeff Gallino. Gaze into the crystal ball for 2022.

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Big Data Industry Predictions for 2022

December 15, 2021

insideBIGDATA published its annual technology predictions round-up. Read the full story, including insights from CallMiner CTO, Jeff Gallino, for the year ahead.

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Transform NOW Podcast presented by Blue Prism: Automating the Contact Center

December 13, 2021

On this podcast, Brad Hairston talks with Jeff Gallino, CTO and Founder of CallMiner, and Satish Shenoy, RVP of Strategic Technology Alliances & Partnerships at Blue Prism, who explain how digital workers augmented with conversation analytics can transform a contact center and improve customer exper [...]

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How to Deal With Demanding Customers

December 13, 2021

CallMiner's VP of International, Frank Sherlock, join's Call Centre Helper's panel of experts to discuss how contact centers can better cope with the pressure of handling calls from demanding customers.

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Experts in AI: Responsible and ethical AI with CallMiner

November 29, 2021

In this interview, Max Smolaks is joined by Rick Britt, VP of AI at CallMiner and Micaela Kaplan, ethics in AI lead at CallMiner to talk about responsible and ethical AI.

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Why Data Is The Key To Surviving Customer Service’s Great Resignation

November 24, 2021 by Jeff Gallino, CTO & Founder

CallMiner CTO, Jeff Gallino, explores the reasons behind The Great Resignation and argues that by creating more informed, data-driven cultures, it’s easier to foster connections, make critical business improvements and create the modern workplaces today’s employees demand.

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Call Center Technology Trends for 2022

November 19, 2021

Of all the businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, call centers saw unique challenges, with a huge increase in call volume and difficult calls, and many call centers moving their employees into remote settings for extended periods. CMSWire looks at the technology trends impacting the call cent [...]

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No Jitter Roll: Avaya Revamps Ecosystem, HP Introduces Hybrid Devices

October 22, 2021

No Jitter's weekly news roundup, including CallMiner's acquisition of OrecX.

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VC Daily: Lime Scoots Out of Pandemic Blues, CEO Says

October 19, 2021

WSJ Pro Venture Capitals's newsletter, VC Daily, highlights top VC and M&A news, including CallMiner's acquisition of OrecX.

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The Boston Globe: Technology Innovation Beat

October 19, 2021

The Boston Globe's Innovation Beat newsletter tells the story of the region's technology and innovation industry, including CallMiner's acquisition of OrecX.

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CallMiner Acquires Machine Learning Provider OrecX

October 19, 2021

CX Today highlights CallMiner's acquisition of OrecX, an audio and screen capture provider for recording, analytics and machine-based learning.

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Call analytics provider CallMiner acquires screen capture platform OrecX

October 18, 2021

VentureBeat covers CallMiner's acquisition of audio and screen capture platform OrecX.

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CallMiner’s Edge for In-the-Moment Agent Guidance

October 11, 2021

When a CX agent is live on a call or in a text chat with a customer, their attention needs to be fixed on the interaction itself. CallMiner's Jason McKay discusses how the right amount of real-time guidance can simultaneously support the agent while achieving the desired outcome for the customer.

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Moz Releases SEO Tool, Blueshift Updates Customer Data Platform & More CX News

October 05, 2021

CallMiner is included in CMSWire's CX news roundup, highlighting the recent announcement with Microsoft Azure Speech to Text. Azure customers can now access CallMiner as an out-of-the-box analytics solution via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

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It's Customer Service Week, So Thank an Agent

October 05, 2021

As we celebrate Customer Service Week, business leaders - including Rick Britt, CallMiner's VP of AI - weigh in on why agents deserve to be celebrated and how businesses can better support them.

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No Jitter Roll: AI Assistance for UC, Voice Analytics

October 01, 2021

No Jitter shares its weekly roundup of the top news, including updates CallMiner, Vonage, Verizon, Yealink, Poly, and Dropbox.

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Speech and Text Analytics: CX Today Expert Round Table

October 01, 2021

Frank Sherlock, VP of International, joins an expert roundtable to share his insights into the major hurdles for those wanting to adopt speech and text analytics.

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SalesTechStar Interview with MJ Johnson, Senior Director, Product Marketing at CallMiner

September 28, 2021

MJ Johnson, Senior Director, Product Marketing at CallMiner shares his top B2B sales and marketing tips, and best practices in this Q&A with SalesTechStar.

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SMG Expands Partnership with CallMiner

September 22, 2021

CX Today highlights the expanded partnership between SMG and CallMiner to help brands improve the contact center experience and end-to-end customer journey.

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23 Key Processes Call Centre Automation Can Simplify

September 20, 2021

Frank Sherlock, CallMiner's VP of International, joins Call Centre Helper's expert panel to share several areas in which call centre automation can be applied in the hope of simplifying the customer and employee experience.

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Podcast: How technology is transforming the customer experience in SA

September 14, 2021

Frank Sherlock of CallMiner, and Peter Flanagan, MD of Genii Analytics, joined the TechCentral podcast to talk about why they’re excited about the opportunities in the local South African technology market.

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A Look at the Pros and Cons of an Offshore Call Center

September 09, 2021

There are countless — and necessary — ways to explore cost comparisons for in-house call centers vs. offshore call centers. Rick Britt, CallMiner's VP of AI, shares his thoughts on the pros and cons of offshore call centers with CMSWire.

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Podcast: CallMiner’s Rick Britt on how AI can support more empathetic customer experiences

September 03, 2021

Rick Britt, CallMiner's VP of AI, chats with Telecom Reseller about how AI systems can display or support contact center agents in showing empathy in the context of customer emotion, the benefits of leveraging AI to create a more empathetic customer experience, and ways organizations can use the ins [...]

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4 considerations when taking responsibility for responsible AI

August 28, 2021 by Micaela Kaplan, Ethics in AI Lead

Addressing the ethical questions surrounding AI and understanding our social responsibilities is a complicated process that involves the challenging work and dedication of many people. CallMiner's Micaela Kaplan shares four actionable things to keep in mind to begin the journey towards responsible A [...]

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26 Great Techniques for Showing Real Empathy in Customer Service

August 25, 2021

Call Centre Helper's panel of experts, including CallMiner's Frank Sherlock, investigate how contact centres can improve empathy in customer service.

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CallMiner Conversation Analytics Review: Conversational Intelligence Tools

August 24, 2021

CX Today offers a review of CallMiner, highlighting how our solution offers businesses of all sizes a new opportunity to see behind the scenes of customer interactions,

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Three Reasons Why Emotion Could Be The Most Important CX Indicator

August 24, 2021 by Jeff Gallino, CTO & Founder

When done right, understanding and analyzing customer emotion has the potential to transform the customer experience (CX) journey. Jeff Gallino, CallMiner CTO, shares three key reasons why.

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23 New Ideas for Customer Service Over the Phone

August 16, 2021

Frank Sherlock, VP of International at CallMiner, contributes his favorite piece of advice for improving customer service over the phone to Call Centre Helper's expert panel.

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6 Steps That Will Turn Your Company Into An Innovation Hotbed

August 15, 2021

Micah Solomon shares six steps to take toward building your company into a sustained force for innovation, including how technology like CallMiner can harvest unintentional and unsolicited customer and employee contributions.

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Become A More Customer-Centric Company Today: 5 Steps Toward Customer-Centricity Improvement

August 08, 2021

Micah Solomon share the five steps for becoming a more customer-centric organization, including adopting the right technology, like CallMiner.

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CallMiner: The Evolution of Conversation Analytics

August 05, 2021

CallMiner CMO, Eric Williamson, shares his thoughts with CX Today around the evolution of both the industry and CallMiner as a company, and why it was the right time for a brand and messaging refresh.

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Software engineering students, local firms both win through mentoring

August 05, 2021

CallMiner partnered with FGCU for its Mentored Senior Software Engineering Program, which helps students gain real-world experience and gives participating companies the opportunity to impact their community and drive their talent pipeline. A win-win.

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The Future Belongs To Ecosystems

July 23, 2021 by Jeff Gallino, CTO & Founder

In his latest Forbes Technology Council article, CallMiner CTO, Jeff Gallino, shares why long gone are the days when vendors could operate in silos.

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A Guide to Understanding the Omnichannel CX

July 21, 2021 by Jeff Gallino, CTO & Founder

CallMiner CTO, Jeff Gallino, share three best practices for organizations looking to create omnichannel customer experiences that meet the high expectations of today's digital consumers.

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13 Clever Tactics for Dealing With an Angry Phone Call

July 19, 2021

Frank Sherlock, CallMiner VP of International, joins Call Centre Helper's panel of experts to share perspectives on how to handle angry phone calls from customers in the contact centre.

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Daily AI Roundup: The 5 Coolest Things on Earth Today

July 17, 2021

CallMiner Sales Conversation Analytics is included in Aithority's daily updates on top news across artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Fintech, and human-system interactions.

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Five9 Brushes Up on AI in CCaaS Platform

July 16, 2021

Five9 introduced five partner solutions powered by VoiceStream, the real-time media streaming API it announced last September, including CallMiner Alert.

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CallMiner Launches New Conversation Analytics Solution

July 15, 2021

CX Today highlights CallMiner Sales Conversation Analytics (SCA), a new solution within the CallMiner Eureka platform.

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Five9 Extends Its Practical AI Solutions For Low-Code Development, Voice Biometrics, Real-Time Analytics And Agent Coaching

July 14, 2021

CallMiner is one of the first five accredited Five9 ISV Partners to integrate with the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center. Through Five9 VoiceStream, CallMiner Alert is now available to Five9 customers for real-time agent guidance.

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CallMiner Launches Sales Conversation Analytics (SCA)

July 14, 2021

DestinationCRM covers the launch of Sales Conversation Analytics (SCA), a new solution that unlocks intelligence for sales organizations by analyzing customer and prospect conversations, delivering insights to drive better sales outcomes, revenue, and business improvement.

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20 Best Practices for Messaging Customers

July 12, 2021

CallMiner VP of International, Frank Sherlock, shares his thoughts with Call Centre Helper's expert panel around top tips for talking to customers via SMS and messaging apps.

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Podcast: Eric Williamson on Ingesting Interactions to Fuel ABM

July 08, 2021

CallMiner CMO, Eric Williamson, joined Oktopost’s Radically Transparent podcast to discuss why customer interactions provide a “common sense gold mine” for insights that can transform business. Listen to the episode for more on the value of analyzing customer conversations, as well as Eric’s experie [...]

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6 Essential Call Center Agent Skills and Traits

July 07, 2021

CallMiner CMO, Eric Williamson, shares his thoughts on the essential traits and skills for good call center agents, including displaying empathy and using AI to their advantage.

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How to make "data-driven" more than jargon in your organization

July 02, 2021 by Richard Britt, Vice President of Artificial Intelligence

A byline from Rick Britt, CallMiner's VP of AI, shares why collecting data alone doesn’t make you data-driven. He offers tips for how organizations can take the necessary steps to clean, define, store, and analyze data for customer insights.

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Interview with Jeff Gallino, CTO of CallMiner – Harnessing Customer Data to Improve Business Performance

June 15, 2021

Jeff Gallino, CTO of CallMiner, spoke to TechRound about harnessing the power of data to improve business, as well as his tips for how technology companies can continue to innovate over time.

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CallMiner Introduces New Industry-first Initiative

May 25, 2021

CX Today highlights OVTS, CallMiner's industry-first initiative that empowers organizations with open selection for preferred speech recognition solutions,

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How to Raise the Profile of Your Contact Centre

May 24, 2021

Frank Sherlock, CallMiner's VP of International, joins a panel of experts to discuss how you can improve your contact centre’s reputation across the entire business.

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8 Useful Customer Journey Mapping Tools and Techniques

May 17, 2021

A panel of experts, including CallMiner's VP of International, Frank Sherlock, share their favorite examples of tools and techniques to improve your customer journey mapping initiatives.

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Elton John Was Wrong, Sorry Isn’t The Hardest Word

May 15, 2021

Elton John once famously sang, "Sorry seems to be the hardest word." However, according to some recent CallMiner data, “Sorry” doesn't seem to be a hard word at all when it comes to customer service.

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CCaaS Platforms: CX Today Expert Round Table

May 13, 2021

Experts from five companies share their thoughts on how cloud contact centres have transformed to benefit CX, ways to future-proof a business with CCaaS and what the companies prioritised during the pandemic.

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Should The Future Of CX Include Customer Behavior Scorecards?

April 27, 2021 by Jeff Gallino, CTO & Founder

What if instead of just expecting agents to deal with offensive customers, companies started rating customer behavior in return?

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Contact centers adopting AI, automation to boost customer experience

April 27, 2021

Retail Customer Experience looks at CallMiner's new commissioned study, conducted by Forrester Consulting, on the adoption of AI, automation in contact centers to boost customer experience.

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A Checklist for Implementing… Performance Management Tools

April 26, 2021

CallMiner's VP of International, Frank Sherlock, shares key questions to consider when implementing performance management tools in the contact centre.

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18 Characteristics of Great Customer Service

April 19, 2021

CallMiner's VP of International, Frank Sherlock, weighs in on the top characteristics of “great customer service” and discusses how to improve service from within the contact centre.

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Predictive and Real-time Analytics: CX Today Expert Round Table

April 14, 2021

CallMiner VP of International, Frank Sherlock, shares his thoughts for CX Today's roundtable discussion on whether real-time and predictive analytics are a valuable addition to contact centres and what human agents can learn from these analytics.

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19 Golden Rules for Call Monitoring

April 11, 2021

CallMiner VP of International, Frank Sherlock, shares his advice for improving call monitoring and taking contact centre quality assurance (QA) to the next level, including the importance of automating where possible.

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Meet The Inventors: Jeff Gallino of CallMiner On How To Go From Idea To Store Shelf

April 01, 2021

CallMiner CTO, Jeff Gallino, speaks to Authority Magazine for its 'Meet The Inventors' series on his background, how he started CallMiner, and entrepreneurs can go from idea to store shelf.

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Striking a Balance: Four Benefits of Blending AI with Humanity

March 11, 2021 by Eric Williamson, Chief Marketing Officer

CallMiner CMO, Eric Williamson, explores why the role of AI in CX must be to enhance human connections, not replace them entirely. When done right, connecting with customers on an emotion level can be the difference between customer churn and customer loyalty.

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Podcast: Using Speech Analytics to Refine and Improve Their Marketing Strategy with CMO Eric Williamson

March 05, 2021

CallMiner’s Chief Marketing Officer, Eric Williamson, joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast. He shares how organizations can leverage CallMiner to glean their most valuable insights, which are from their customers. This allows companies to understand the customers’ experience [...]

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Vulnerability — the Most Important Customer Trait Brands Don’t Know They’re Missing

February 26, 2021 by Eric Williamson, Chief Marketing Officer

There have been a lot of challenges for retails brands in the past year — from considering the viability of brick-and-mortar stores to navigating crippling supply chain delays. While these are real concerns, I believe one of the biggest challenges brands have faced is how they meet the increasing an [...]

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18 Simple Ideas to Reduce Your Abandon Rate

February 22, 2021

It’s important to understand that a customer can abandon a call at any point throughout the call journey, not just at the start while the caller is waiting to be answered. For example, customers will abandon calls when being placed on hold for too long or when they have lost count of the overly comp [...]

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TechBytes with Jeff Gallino, Co-Founder and CTO at CallMiner

February 17, 2021 by Jeff Gallino, CTO & Founder

As the CTO of CallMiner, I oversee research, language development, and future product direction. CallMiner has come a long way since I founded the company almost 20 years ago — today, we’re focused on delivering the most comprehensive speech and interactions analytics platform that enables organizat [...]

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20 Great Ways to Drive Down Customer Complaints

February 15, 2021

Our panel of experts share their favourite advice for complaint handling in the contact centre.

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Computer says go: Taking orders from an AI boss

February 11, 2021

If your first thought upon reading that sentence was “well it would be an improvement on my current human one,” you wouldn’t be alone. After all, an artificial intelligence (AI) software system might be better able to organise the staff rota without messing up your holidays.

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Podcast: The Reality of Offensive Customer Behavior

January 26, 2021

How to Protect Employees While Preserving the Customer Experience Shep Hyken interviews Eric Williamson, Chief Marketing Officer of CallMiner. They discuss offensive customer behavior and how companies can help support their agents. Listen to the podcast here.

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17 Smart Ways to Refresh Your Homeworking Strategy

January 11, 2021

Our panel of experts share their favourite advice for revitalizing your contact centre homeworking strategy. 1. Provide Advisors With New Roles and Responsibilities With every day seeming a bit repetitive right now for advisors – wake up, make tea, walk downstairs, start working, stop working, repea [...]

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Adapting CX to 5 common types of customers

January 06, 2021 by Frank Sherlock, Vice President, International

It’s no secret that delivering a five-star customer experience (CX) has direct and long-lasting positive effects on customer loyalty. However, not all customers are created the same. What one customer might prefer, another might reject. That’s why the key to CX excellence is a personalised approach [...]

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Dealing With COVID-Fatigue in the Contact Centre

January 06, 2021

Our panel of experts share their top tips for helping your team to overcome COVID-fatigue in the contact centre. Focus on the Future (With Remote Vision Boards!) While very few of us expected COVID-19 to stick around into 2021, we all expect and agree that there WILL be a future without quarantining [...]

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Peering Into the Crystal Ball of Advanced Analytics

January 04, 2021

The world of advanced analytics was evolving quickly at the end of 2020. And according to our panel of experts who volunteered predictions on the topic, the accelerated pace of change in advanced data analytics will continue in 2021.

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Tech firm looks to recapture past growth rate in 2021

December 25, 2020

The pandemic pushed a fast-growing tech company in unexpected directions. While several moves were for survival, others lay the groundwork for a solid 2021.

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16 Contact Centre Innovations That You Can’t Ignore

December 14, 2020

Our panel of experts share their favourite contact centre innovations and why they believe they may potentially be so beneficial to your operation. 1. Micro-Scheduling Micro-scheduling allows your homeworkers self-select their own hours, at least partially – i.e. after they have worked the core hour [...]

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How to promote ethical business when you have biased data

December 11, 2020

Creating an ethical business and customer experience (CX) begins with understanding the interactions that impact the business every day. To do so, many leading organizations collect massive amounts of data and use quality assurance to ensure that agents are behaving appropriately on calls.

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Podcast: On a scale from 1-10, how racist is your AI?

December 11, 2020

Today’s interview is with Jeff Gallino, CTO & Founder, and Conrad Liburd, AI feature engineer, at CallMiner, a provider of speech analytics solutions for improving agent performance and customer intelligence. Jeff and Conrad join me today to talk about bias in data and algorithms, discriminatory and [...]

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Waiting Time: What Is Best for Your Customers?

December 07, 2020

Our panel of experts share their thoughts on how you can determine your customer wait-time targets. What Are the Classic Waiting Times for Different Contact Centre Channels? According to Call Centre Helper’s 2019 report: “Is Your Contact Centre Delivering Exceptional Customer Service?”, the average wait times set across the entire industry are as follows:

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Podcast: How CallMiner is Helping African Bank Retain and Grow its Client Base

December 03, 2020

African Bank CIO, Penny Futter, credit and data science executive, Vere Millican, and CallMiner’s VP of International, Frank Sherlock, speak to Duncan McLeod on the TechCentral Podcast about African Bank’s adoption of CallMiner’s advanced speech analytics platform to improve customer service, experi [...]

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Balancing AI and Humanity to Improve CX

December 01, 2020 by Eric Williamson, Chief Marketing Officer

Customer experience (CX) is a crucial competitive advantage for brands, and artificial intelligence is emerging as an important differentiator in delivering the best CX possible. In fact, 75% of CX decision-makers believe that advancements to AI, as well as self-service technology, are the most crit [...]

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The CX Technology Revolution: What To Expect In 2021

December 01, 2020 by Jeff Gallino, CTO & Founder

CTO and Founder at CallMiner. Responsible for strategic direction across business development, research and artificial intelligence. If 2020 was anything, it was unpredictable. With all of the changes that took place this year, it’s only natural that the state of customer experience (CX) has also ch [...]

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30 Contact Centre Predictions for 2021

November 25, 2020

1. COVID-19 Will Continue to Change Everything Contact centres employing hundreds of agents have a high risk of exposure to coronavirus, which is why most will not resume normal operations. However, the switch to remote working has opened the eyes of many as to the benefits – in terms of flexibility, well-being and productivity – of homeworking, with most contact centre planning a future with a hybrid contact centre model.

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Three Tips for How Brands Can Avert a CX Crisis Amidst COVID-19

November 24, 2020 by Eric Williamson, Chief Marketing Officer

Every organization has its own philosophies and methodologies for how best to establish customer relationships, but despite how companies get there, the end goal has always been the same: Treating people with care and respect to establish trust and improve their experience with your brand. The pande [...]

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17 New Ways to Improve Schedule Adherence in the Contact Centre

November 18, 2020

Our panel of experts recommend their favourite methods for improving schedule adherence in the contact centre. 1. Discuss the Importance of Schedule Adherence From Day One Advisors need to understand the importance of schedule adherence from day one. Provide the team with power of one training durin [...]

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AI, Racism, and Bias: The Impact on Employees and CX

November 16, 2020 by Conrad Liburd, AI Feature Engineer

While AI bias is a real issue, AI also can be a tool to combat racism and abuse in the contact center and the larger enterprise. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer just a buzzword being discussed in theory — we’ve reached a point where AI is delivering real, measurable impact across a wide range of industries. The AI solutions being used today are automatically capturing and making decisions based on enormous amounts o [...]

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Delivering Exceptional CX in Times of Crisis and Rapid Change

October 05, 2020

Companies are struggling to keep pace with rapidly changing customer expectations, and it’s impacting customer service, experience, and retention. It’s hard to blame companies, though. There was a sudden and fundamental shift in customer needs at the outset of the pandemic that extended beyond what [...]

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CallMiner Launches a New Model for Operationalizing Speech Analytics

October 02, 2020

CallMiner has announced the release of the CallMiner Continuum Maturity Model, a first-of-its-kind framework that helps organizations assess their use of engagement analytics internally and identify the necessary steps to maximize ROI and drive transformational enterprise value. Continuum offers an objective perspective of each organization’s current maturity level and a guide to improve maturity across people, process and technology.

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Why AI And Robotic Process Automation Are The Perfect Match

September 18, 2020 by Jeff Gallino, CTO & Founder

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly being recognized as the future of customer service. This way of thinking has only been accelerated by the ongoing pandemic as needs for efficiency, agility and productivity continue to rise.

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How Technology Increases Transparency and Value

September 15, 2020

When I began my career in banking in the mid-1990s, the financial services industry was looking to retailers for sales best practices. Financial services firms were seeking to create sales cultures in place of their previously “stodgy” reputations. Hiring models changed (sales backgrounds vs. financ [...]

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How Technology Increases Customer Transparency And Lifetime Value

September 14, 2020

When sales operations understand and leverage technology to improve customer insights from both human and non-human interactions within the sales cycle, the overall lifetime value of the customer increases through better customer relationship transparency.

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I See You! How Technology Increases Customer Transparency and Lifetime Value

September 10, 2020

When I began my career in banking in the mid-1990s, the financial services industry was looking to retailers for sales best practices. Financial services firms were seeking to create sales cultures in place of their previously “stodgy” reputations. Hiring models changed (sales backgrounds vs. financ [...]

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Customer Engagement And The Pandemic: How To Adapt And Thrive

September 07, 2020 by Jeff Gallino, CTO & Founder

Businesses have experienced many disruptions over the last several months, but few departments have faced the challenges that the contact center has endured. Between a sudden shift to remote work, an influx of calls with urgent and sensitive requests, more vulnerable customers and workforces, and a [...]

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Using unethical data to build a more ethical world

August 27, 2020

Data scientists use data to train models. Those models calculate probabilities to capture patterns in the data. It’s difficult to build ethical models when the available training data contains racism, sexism, or other stereotypes. Contact center data, including calls, chats, texts, and emails, is no [...]

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Driving customer loyalty with fair treatment

August 26, 2020

Since the start of this pandemic, businesses have had to quickly pivot to meet customer and employee needs. Whether it is establishing an online presence, or enabling staff to work from home, businesses have had to adapt operations to meet the challenges of the ‘new normal’.

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AI can help boost customer service during COVID-19

August 15, 2020

The impact upon customer-facing businesses can be assisted by a greater use of artificial intelligence during the coronavirus era, according to a new report looking at ways to sharpen the customer service function.

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Remote Staff Engagement: 9 Strategies to Make Your Team Smile

August 10, 2020

Our panel of experts share their favourite staff engagement strategies and explain how they can be implemented successfully in the contact centre.

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What Is eDiscovery?

August 05, 2020

CallMiner define what is meant by the term “eDiscovery” and how it can benefit your organization. The detailed legal process of evidence gathering by both government authorities and licensed lawyers termed “discovery” involves acute attention to detail and consistent documentation of research steps taken along the way.

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If You’re Not Listening To Your Customers, Another Brand Will

August 04, 2020 by Jeff Gallino, CTO & Founder

Investor and presidential advisor Bernard Baruch is credited for saying, “Most of the successful people I’ve known are the ones who do more listening than talking.” This holds true in the workplace, in relationships and so much more. When it comes to building strong customer loyalty and brand reputation, listening is crucial — but so is the message that comes after it.

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CallMiner Survey Shows Frightening Results

August 03, 2020

The pandemic put businesses to the test. Organizations were faced with making rapid changes across operations. From the C-suite to the contact center, it is a much different world, but having recognized the shift virtual, too many firms are not able to recognize shortfalls in the customer service tr [...]

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How to Apply Predictive Analytics to Post-COVID Recovery

August 03, 2020

An expert Q&A on leveraging predictive analytics to guide decision-making amid changing conditions. We are now midway through the third quarter of a year that will surely be remembered as one of the most chaotic in history. Many of us would like nothing better than to simply fast forward to 2021 or beyond. But how to get there? As contact center leaders plan for the post-pandemic recovery—both sho [...]

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Diversity And Inclusion In Business: Twelve Ways To Improve Your Customer Experience Through Racial Sensitivity

July 09, 2020

Despite the abundance of COVID-19 news material, other topics also deserve attention, especially related to the murder of George Floyd, including racism, protesting, corporate responsibility and more. The racial sensitivity problem has been bothering me for many years. Even as a young teenager I was concerned about the actions of some of the people I met at school, summer jobs and more. One thing I noticed is that some people don’t notice. Racism is often around us and we don’t even notice it unt [...]

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Three Customer Experience Tips To Expedite Your Post-Pandemic Comeback

July 07, 2020 by Jeff Gallino, CTO & Founder

The most obvious way to not get burnt is to keep from striking the match. In the world of customer experience (CX), that’s done through understanding and addressing customer needs before they become disruptive problems. Contact center agents, who are on the frontlines of CX, need resources and help [...]

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10 B2B Customer Retention Strategies Every SaaS Marketer Should Use

June 08, 2020

Customer churn is painful for any business, but if you run marketing for a SaaS company, losing customers can be downright devastating. On the flip side, a solid B2B customer retention strategy can lead to the growth you need to power ahead. Wondering what strategies are working out best for SaaS companies? Read on for 10 of the best strategies for B2B customer retention. But first: Why Do SaaS Businesses Need a B2B Customer Retention Strategy?

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Emotion: The vital link between employee performance and positive customer experience

June 08, 2020

It may seem obvious that delivering a great contact centre experience is important for your business. But how far-reaching are these benefits, and what role do your agents play in your customer’s overall brand loyalty? The 2020 CallMiner Churn Index examines the responses of 2,000 surveyed UK consumers to get at the heart of the answers to these questions.

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An Introduction to Customer Data Analysis

June 08, 2020

We define customer data analysis, before sharing how it can be used as a tool to improve performance across the whole organization. What Is Customer Data Analysis? Customer data analysis is the process of looking for patterns in your customer data, with the intention of improving a certain part of your organization’s performance. This last part is key, according to Duncan White, the Managing Director of horizon2. “Analysis by itself doesn’t deliver any improvement. Just because you can see an organizational improvement opportunity, that doesn’t mean that it is being delivered,” says Duncan.

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Your Workforce Has Gone Remote: Now What?

June 04, 2020 by Jeff Gallino, CTO & Founder

In the face of the ongoing pandemic, many companies have pivoted to fully remote working. To those who are deemed essential personnel and continue to work from their traditional workplaces, thank you for your unwavering commitment during this emergency. We appreciate you.

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Nearly Three Quarters of Customers Will Ditch a Company for Poor Customer Service

May 15, 2020

While many companies pay lip service to customer support excellence, far fewer put their money where their press releases are and consistently provide the type of customer support that customers expect. Let’s face it: providing high-quality customer support is expensive, and it’s a tempting item to [...]

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Caring for Customers During a Pandemic

May 07, 2020

The COVID-19 crisis is reshaping the consumer mindset. How to retain trust and loyalty for the post-pandemic world. The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has been multilayered, creating widespread fear and stress over health and safety, income, finances, child care, elder care and the economy. In just a matter of weeks, lifestyles were dramatically altered, businesses shuttered and global markets tanked. Contact [...]

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Transforming Customer Interactions with Conversational Insight

May 01, 2020

CallMiner transforms customer interactions and business operations with conversational insight. Its leading speech analytics platform, Eureka, fundamentally changes the way businesses understand and act on the Voice of the Customer (VoC) and the Voice of the Employee – enabling brands to create posi [...]

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CallMiner Uses Speech Analytics To Identify And Crowd Source Answers To Surprising Customer Queries

April 16, 2020

Amid this crisis that we are currently going through, I’ve been hearing lots of stories from organizations saying that customers are calling them and asking lots of surprising and non-product or service related questions.

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Inspired CX—The Provider Community Takes Care of Customers, Staff, and Community During Crisis

April 13, 2020

This period may be remembered as the finest hour for CX. For better or worse, some companies are proving that they are who we thought they were, while others surprise with heretofore unknown demonstrations of CX resiliency and agility.

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4 Ways Speech Analytics Prevents Employee Churn in the Contact Center

April 09, 2020

Business moves fast, but employee engagement strategies have failed to keep up. Here’s how the contact center industry is using technology to transform the employee experience, Jeff Gallino, CTO, and founder of CallMiner.

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Make the Contact Center Your Powerhouse During Uncertain Times

April 02, 2020

Now more than ever, customer experience (CX) is every business’s last sustainable competitive advantage. Yet too many brands are falling behind the curve. According to Forrester, CX remained stagnant between 2017 and 2018, and improved a mere 0.4 percent last year. With COVID-19 currently impacting [...]

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Artificial Intelligence in Call Centers: Driving Performance Through Automation

March 25, 2020

Working in the customer service field isn’t easy. It requires strong communication and persuasion skills, patience, empathy, the ability to work under pressure and recommend innovative solutions, and numerous other skills. Customer satisfaction is the goal many service industries, such as retail, ho [...]

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AI Isn’t Replacing CX Professionals — It’s Making Them Better

March 20, 2020

Artificial intelligence (AI) is getting a bad reputation. There’s a lot of buzz about emerging tech stealing the jobs of hardworking people — especially those in the customer experience (CX) field. And while Forrester predicts that 1 out of 4 CX professionals will lose their jobs in 2020, it has lit [...]

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6 Steps On How To Close The Biggest Problem In Today’s Contact Center: The Communication Gap

February 19, 2020

Truly listening to understand your customer is one of the most important [and underutilized personal] tools that most brands aren’t doing today,” CX Journey CEO and Forbes Councils member, Annette Franz, recently told me.

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To Meet Customer Demand, Get Emotional

February 13, 2020

Getting emotional. It’s a concept rarely discussed in business. But before you grab a tissue and brace yourself for a sob story, let me explain how getting emotional is essential for building a five-star customer experience (CX).

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The State of Speech Analytics

February 07, 2020

QY Research valued the global speech analytics market at $950 million last year and expects it to grow at a compound annual rate of 13.8 percent through 2025. Speech analytics, QY Research says, has become increasingly popular among businesses because of the huge amount of data produced as a result [...]

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A New Year Doesn’t Require a New Agent Churn Cycle

January 24, 2020

Data indicates that January and February are the most popular months for employees to leave their jobs. For contact centers, where turnover rates are already between 30-45%, this potential increase in agent churn doesn’t exactly say, “Happy New Year!” Luckily, AI-powered speech analytics can help pr [...]

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Tech Firm, After $75M Investment, Plots Global Expansion

January 24, 2020

CallMiner ended 2019 with a bang, closing a $75 million investment round with Goldman Sachs. It’s the largest single investment ever made in the speech analytics firm founded in Fort Myers in 2002. It’s also one of the largest onetime capital investments made in a Southwest Florida company in at lea [...]

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We Shut Down The Use Of Profanity In Customer Service Interactions. But, In Doing So Are We In Danger Of Missing Something?

January 22, 2020

From time to time I come across research from outside of the service and experience domain that makes me wonder whether or not the findings can be applied to help us better understand how we can improve team performance, service and experience.

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The Expanding Compliance Technology Market

January 16, 2020

CallMiner has been analyzing telephone conversations for nearly 2 decades and sells a platform for interaction analytics management called Eureka. Now that most companies are omni-channel, it is important to also handle chat, text, email, and social media messages. The ability to scale up is also cr [...]

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Fraud Is Eroding The Customer Experience

January 14, 2020

Are you worried about fraud? Concerned about giving out your credit card number or Social Security number over the phone—or to an AI (Artificial Intelligence)-fueled bot? You’re not alone. According to Sitel Group and CallMiner’s recent Preventing Fraud & Preserving CX with AI Report, more than nine [...]

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2020 Vision: Three Shifts Driving Customer Experience

January 10, 2020

Is this finally the year we transform the customer experience (CX)? Consumers have been promised dramatic improvement for years now, but data shows that increases in satisfaction have failed to materialize. In fact, Forrester’s annual CX Index reports that between 2017 and 2018, the index didn’t improve at all, and in 2019 the index improved a mere 0.4%, with 81% of [...]

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Management AI: Sentiment Analysis Is Important And Actionable

January 09, 2020

“That’s bad!” means something different to people of different generations and in different contexts. Sometimes it means something is bad, but in other uses it’s a statement of positivity. One of the key areas of natural language processing (NLP), a subset of artificial intelligence (AI) is sentimen [...]

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CallMiner Raises $75 Million in New Funding From Goldman Sachs

December 16, 2019

CallMiner Inc., a developer of speech-analytics software powered by artificial intelligence, said Monday that it raised $75 million in new venture funding from GS Growth, an investment unit of Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

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Speech Analytics Reveals Companies Aren’t F%!king Listening

November 22, 2019

Customer centricity has taken over when it comes to competitive differentiation. But if that’s the case, then why are so many companies fueling consumer anger? Data from over 82 million calls using artificial intelligence (AI)-fueled speech analytics revealed the use of consumer profanity in the call center is at an all-time high – creating a detrimental impact on a business’ bottom line. And even though over 40% of consumers dial into the contact center s [...]

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Interaction Analytics: The Next Generation of Customer Listening

November 22, 2019

Customer listening isn’t a new concept, but as consumer expectations become increasingly demanding, understanding the true voice of the customer (VoC) is critical, writes, Jeff Gallino, Founder & CTO, CallMiner.

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Emotional AI: Unlocking VoC with Sentiment Analysis

November 20, 2019

Discover why actionable insights on customers’ emotions and sentiment are essential for customer experience success.

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Voice Analytics Improves Customer Service Line Experience

November 14, 2019

When a customer reaches out, they want to speak to someone who is friendly, knowledgeable and can help them navigate their problem. A good customer experience will soon overtake price and product as the key factor in customer choice.

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WTF Is Going On With Customers in the Contact Center?

November 13, 2019

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “people seem to be getting angrier these days,” you’re not alone. In fact, the latest research confirms it. Consumers are becoming more frustrated, and their use of profanity in calls to the contact center proves it.

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Are You Listening to Me? Why VoC is Crucial to Business Success

October 31, 2019

Today’s consumers don’t just want personalization, they expect it – they anticipate a tailored approach from any business with which they interact. And the call center is no exception. As organizations attempt to meet these expectations, gaining an understanding of the Voice of the Customer (VoC) is [...]

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How AI Is Helping Reduce Turnover in an Industry Known for Being a Revolving Door

October 31, 2019

Research shows the annual turnover rate for this type of job is 30 to 45 percent, more than double the average for all other occupations in the U.S. “Don’t judge me on my worst five minutes.” This is a reasonable request from any employee to their employer.

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What is CSAT? Definition, How to Measure CSAT, and Tips from Experts

October 28, 2019

CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) is a measurement used to quantify the degree to which customers are satisfied with a service, product or experience. In most cases, the term “CSAT” is used in connection with “CSAT score,” which refers to the numerical measure of customer satisfaction.

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Call Center Customers Are Angry – Here’s What You Can Do

October 24, 2019

Profane words are not the typical expression you would expect to hear in the customer service world. Yet, research indicates that when consumers reach their breaking point on calls to the contact center, these are the most likely curse words that are used.

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Angry Customers Using Profanity Are on the Rise

October 23, 2019

CallMiner have unveiled the findings of new data analysis on the use of swear words in the contact centre. In a review of more than 82 million calls, the data indicates that callers are becoming more frustrated with issue resolution and are using offensive language to verbalize their displeasure.

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Bad news: Cursing customers stay on the phone much longer than polite ones

October 21, 2019

CallMiner analyzed 82 million customer support calls and found that call scripts can make customers angry and more likely to swear. While most people avoid swearing at work, letting a curse word fly from time to time does have a few advantages.

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Four ways to improve your call centre processes

September 19, 2019 by Frank Sherlock, Vice President, International

In my recent blog What separates Which’s best and worst brands? I described three ways in which call centres can improve their satisfaction scores by creating an emotional connection with their customers. Which’s poll proves this is incredibly important as companies that succeed in creating this con [...]

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6 Of Your Most Burning Questions Answered at CCW Austin

September 17, 2019

allMiner staff was interviewed at CCW Austin. As our 20th anniversary concludes with CCW Austin, the event will feature 80 interactive discussion groups, 7 tracks of unsurpassed content, and an expo hall with nearly 200 customer-centric solution providers, the largest CCW ever. So make sure you come with customer engagement skill sets you wish [...]

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Can Emotional Analytics Help Businesses Get in Tune with How their Customers Are Really Feeling?

September 16, 2019

Emotion analytics solutions have the capability to extract insights from all customer touchpoints and channels across the organization which include: calls, texts, video, facial, emails, chats, and social media platforms. These products employ historical data and real-time information to identify cu [...]

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What separates Which’s best and worst brands?

September 12, 2019 by Frank Sherlock, Vice President, International

Which has recently revealed its list of UK’s Best and worst brands for customer service in 2019. While the top-ranking brands were from a mix of industries – including a bank, retailers and a supermarket – four out of the bottom five places were filled by utilities providers.

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TechBytes with Jeff Gallino, CTO at CallMiner

August 30, 2019

As Co-Founder and CTO at CallMiner, I oversee all aspects of the team’s vision and development of our SaaS-based customer engagement and speech analytics platform and product suite, Eureka. All seven of our product solutions—Analyze, Coach, Capture, Alert, Visualize, Redact and API—work interchangea [...]

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Using Speech Analytics to Improve Customer Relationships in the Call Center

August 29, 2019

Here are answers to some questions I often hear about call center speech analytics. Question: What’s the biggest trend you’ve seen when it comes to managing customer relationships, and how has that evolved over the past five to ten years? Answer: With the rise of digital transformation, we’ve seen a major shift in consumer preferences, and customer experience (CX) has arguably replaced traditional marketing in terms of becoming the number-one brand differentiator. More companies are realigning their business strategy to focus on deli [...]

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5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming CRMs

August 12, 2019

2019 has already unfolded as a banner year in terms of the union between artificial intelligence and sales. While 2018 saw the artificial intelligence sales revolution beginning to gain momentum, the applications were limited. In 2017, 51% of enterprises leveraged some form of artificial intelligenc [...]

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Driving A Revolution in Customer Service Quality, 6 Million Calls At A Time

August 12, 2019

Do you know of any cloud-based solutions that can prevent a defective product from (literally) going up in smoke–and help its manufacturer identify such dire situations before they hit the news (and, perhaps, their stock price)?

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Recipe for CX Success: Combine Context From Conversations With Speech Analytics

July 29, 2019

The contact center uses familiar benchmarks to determine if a call, chat or email is successful or not. Call metrics such as net promoter score (NPS), handle time, and amount of silence are correlated with positive or negative outcomes.

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Why it’s time for a step change in call centre measurement

July 19, 2019

Many traditional metrics only tell a small part of of the overall customer and agent experience story. But a new approach to measurement is possible if you capture and analyse every customer interaction helping your agent performance and customer experience.

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Contact Center Hiring & Retention: Using AI to Predict Which Job Candidates Will Be Successful

July 11, 2019

CallMiner partner MainTrax, a visionary team of experts uniquely qualified to help companies maximize speech analytics technology and transform customer data into smart, actionable business solutions, contirbuted an article on contact center hiring and featured CallMiner.

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Context: The Missing Ingredient in Customer Experience

July 03, 2019

Call centers are a nexus of data and insights for brands, as they are the front line of customer experience capturing the voice of the customer– and voice of the employee. All the interactions and words flowing through call centers provide rich information for companies, but to truly see value, the [...]

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Creating Happy Agents By Removing Sources Of Agent Churn

July 02, 2019

Creating Happy Agents By Removing Sources Of Agent Churn Most companies have teams focused on keeping customers loyal. That’s because everyone knows customer churn costs a business in multiple ways. But often, the same effort is not given to keeping call centre agents loyal and engaged. Perhaps that’s why call centre agent churn is as high as 26% in the U [...]

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Three Vital CX Roles Played by Speech Analytics

June 28, 2019

Agents interact with dozens of customers daily, and odds are they aren’t exactly calling to talk about their opinion on the Game of Thrones finale. Your employees encounter an influx of problems, ranging from simple to complex, that all need to be addressed in a way that not only follows organisational and customer expectations, but also compliance standards. Today’s CX leaders know that an organisation needs to not only understand what happens [...]

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How Changing Customer Expectations Affect Churn

June 21, 2019

It’s no surprise to anyone in the contact center industry that customer expectations of service have changed thanks to advancements in technology, such as artificial intelligence, chatbots, and automation.

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Say Goodbye to Agent Turnover, Not Your Agents

June 03, 2019

Retain your top talent by providing meaningful feedback, recognition and proper tools for the job. If you’ve ever managed a call center, chances are you’re familiar with the constant cycle of agent churn. You invest time and money into building a skilled employee, they gain experience and become valuable, and then they leave. Deloitte reports that large call centers with over 500 agents suffer fr [...]

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Analyst to Advocate: How CX Technology is Making Your Role More Valuable

May 20, 2019

Too much data. Not enough time. These are the issues that are consistently brought up when evaluating the role of call center analysts. Time spent on mundane processes and wading through endless hours of conversations have devalued the position and limited its impact on the organization.

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Q&A: Jeff Gallino on why call recordings are useless

May 16, 2019

We’re all used to hearing that our calls may be recorded for training purposes, but most people don’t give a lot of thought to what that really means–including, sometimes, the businesses doing the recording. Just like any data, your recorded calls are only useful if you can make sense of them and ga [...]

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Transforming the Call Center into a Competitive Advantage

May 14, 2019

Surveys and net promoter scores alone are insufficient when painting an accurate picture of a company’s customer experience. Real insight in the call center is often ignored, but it has the ability to transform the entire customer journey, writes Jeff Gallino, CTO and Founder of CallMiner.

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Don’t Fall into the Text Analytics Trap

May 11, 2019

Customer experience (CX) professionals need to be vigilant when they hear promises like “your call center call recordings can be transcribed in real time and processed through text analytics to derive insights.” This refrain tends to be emphasized by CX platform vendors that rely exclusively on text [...]

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Agent Churn: It’s not you, it’s your employee engagement strategy

May 10, 2019

It’s no secret that contact centers are infamous for their high turnover rates, which average 45 percent year-over-year—more than double the average for all U.S. occupations. What most companies don’t realize, however, is that this doesn’t have to be the status quo. Identifying the signs an agent is [...]

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The Science of Conversation: Competitive Advantages Through the Call Center

April 26, 2019

Customer interactions in the call center are far more than just verbal exchanges—they are a delicate negotiation between two parties to achieve a common goal. They hinge on the ability of the call center agent (who becomes the face of an organization for those few moments) to apply proven methods to [...]

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From APIs to UC: Rounding Up the News from EC19

April 02, 2019

Looking back on the week of Enterprise Connect 2019 can make your head spin. And if the countless attendee emails I’ve received are any indication, the general consensus seems to be that we all wish we could have been in two, three, or maybe five places at once. While we’ve covered many of the highlights and vendor announcements coming out of the event here on No Jitter, with an event of this scale — nearly 220 exhibitors — plenty of other news may have flown under your radar. To help get you up to speed, here’s a roundup of news we haven’t already covered, [...]

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The Right and Wrong Ways to Use Customer Analytics – Podcast Interview

March 29, 2019

When it comes to customer analytics, there is a vast difference between having a bias and having a plan. A characteristic of organizations more into affirmation than discovery, a “bias” undermines the credibility and efficacy of customer intelligence strategies. It blinds organizations from properly identifying challenges and opportunities within their journeys. It may even steer organizations in th [...]

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Organizing Data with AI for Better Speech Analytics Insight

March 21, 2019

Every company understands that you need to listen to customer feedback for insight into your success and failure points within your contact center. This feedback is most commonly acquired from survey response. Customer feedback from other sources such as conversations between your customers and agen [...]

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Improving the Customer Experience for Impactful Net Promoter Score Results

March 20, 2019

Every marketer worth their salt wants to boost their company’s NPS scores. The most direct and impactful way to accomplish this goal is through a prioritization on the customer experience. Customers confronted by complex processes or encounter rude support staff won’t result in an enjoyable experience. Any stumbling blocks placed in the customer’s way is another reason for them to not give your firm a recommendation. It’s the experience that matters.

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CallMiner Makes AI-Fueled Speech Analytics a Reality

March 19, 2019

CallMiner allows organizations to extract intelligence from customer interactions,” said Scott Kendrick, VP of Marketing In an in-person interview. You may know their existing product line – Analyze, Coach, Alert and Redact.

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20 Call Centre Objectives

March 11, 2019 by Frank Sherlock, Vice President, International

Call Centre Helper panel of experts share their best ideas for contact centre goals, which can be set as objectives for improving the customer experience.

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The Potential Pitfalls of DIY Speech Analytics

March 07, 2019 by Richard Britt, Vice President of Artificial Intelligence

Organizations are building in-house data science or Artificial Intelligence teams to use emerging technology and techniques to harness the power of their data. With the growth of these internal data science teams, companies want greater control of all aspects their data programs so they’re more nim [...]

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How Call Centers Can Help Close the Customer Experience Gap in 2019

December 14, 2018

85% of adults switched suppliers in the last 12 months at an average of 1.81 times per person in the year, according to a CallMiner survey — depriving brands of nearly $137 billion in annual revenue.

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Higher Education Growth: Improving Quality Assurance with Call Recordings

December 12, 2018

Speech Technology looks at a case study with Higher Ed Growth (HEG) and the benefits they've received by using CallMiner.

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How to Avoid Member Dissatisfaction Using Speech Analytics in Your Credit Union & Call Center

December 03, 2018

CallMiner Vice President of Marketing Scott Kendrick joins us on the show for an audio discussion regarding the current state of speech analytics capabilities for your credit union’s contact centers and the potential growth opportunities in 2019 based on a recent survey they conducted: Banking Churn [...]

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How AI Will Change the Nature of Contact Center Work

November 14, 2018

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence, robotics and automation in the contact center offer the potential to drive faster, more consistent around-the-clock service and deliver higher customer satisfaction. Or that senior executives are enthralled with the possibilities for enhancing products [...]

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A Crash Course in Speech Analytics: How It Works, Why You Should Use It

November 13, 2018

Modern-day speech analytics tools are invalidating the one safeguard we had against robots taking over the world: the notion that machines can’t understand feelings. Emotionally intelligent AI analyzes customer sentiment to tell you whether you’re providing the best customer experience, but its use [...]

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Ventana Research Announces 2018 Digital Innovation Awards Finalists

October 31, 2018

BEND, OR, October 31, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Ventana Research today announced the finalists of the 2018 Ventana Research Digital Innovation Awards. The Digital Innovation Awards recognize technology providers that have introduced noteworthy innovations in technology that advance business and IT. [...]

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CallMiner In the News: 8 Ways to Improve Chatbots and Boost Customer Satisfaction

March 15, 2018 by Frank Sherlock, Vice President, International

CallMiner VP of International, Frank Sherlock, discusses how the use of interaction analytics can make chatbots more conversational with Call Centre Helper.

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8 Ways to Improve Chatbots and Boost Customer Satisfaction

March 12, 2018

CallMiner VP of International, Frank Sherlock, shares how interaction analytics can help coach chatbots to ensure customers feel satisfied with the interaction and its outcome.

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