Scott Kendrick

Vice President of Strategy

Scott has 20 years of experience in software product management, design, and marketing for everything from shrink-wrap consumer applications to enterprise cloud solutions. He introduced the tagline “Listen to your customers – Improve your business” which is both something he passionately embraces in marketing and product management, and how he articulates the benefit CallMiner Eureka brings to market. Prior to CallMiner Scott was Sr. Director of Global Product Management at MIVA (an internet search marketing company), and Director of Product Management and Marketing for the New Ventures division at Corel Corporation (makers of personal and business software CorelDraw® and WordPerfect®). Scott holds a BScE in Civil Engineering from Queen’s University (Ontario, Canada), and is certified in Pragmatic Marketing and SCRUM.

Authored Posts

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What are some strategies call centers can take to curb agent “avoidance” behavior and reduce absenteeism? Take a look at a few different approaches.

Big Picture: What Is Contact Center Analytics?

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5 Reasons Your Call Center Should Be Using Cross-Channel Interaction Analytics

Learn 5 reasons why your call center should be using cross-channel interaction analytics to improve the customer experience. Read more.

4 Customer Experience Questions Your Contact Center Must Answer

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to delivering a positive customer experience, but asking these 4 questions can help you get started.

Say What? 3 Ways Sentiment Analysis Can Help Uncover Your Brand’s Reputation

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5 Ways to Deliver Constructive (and Motivating) Feedback to Your Sales Team

Take a look at 5 ways to deliver constructive (and motivating) feedback to your sales teams, improving agent performance and the customer experience.

How to Provide Multi-Channel Customer Support in Today’s Digital Era [Resource Guide]

CallMiner resource guide on how to provide multi-channel customer support in today’s digital era.

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Researching customer personas can ensure the customer experience caters to an individual’s wants and needs. Here are 3 key questions to ask to identif...

4 tips to consider for your quality call monitoring

Companies need to leverage real-time call monitoring and speech analytics to improve the customer experience. Here are 4 tips to consider.

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Read about the importance of analyzing customer conversations with speech analytics in this Resource Guide from CallMiner. Learn more.

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3 Ways Conversational Insight Can Unlock a Positive Patient Experience

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January 12, 2022 by Scott Kendrick, Vice President of Strategy

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