Micaela Kaplan

Former Ethics in AI Lead

Micaela Kaplan received her MS in Computational Linguistics at Brandeis University after graduating with BAs in Linguistics and Computer Science. As a former data scientist at CallMiner, she’s made use of what she’s learned in school to help bring linguistic insights into machine learning research. Before departing the company, she served as the Ethics in AI Lead for the CallMiner Research Lab.

Authored Posts

Introduction to Responsible AI: The CallMiner Research Lab Responsible AI Framework

CallMiner Research Lab Responsible AI Framework outlines definitions, concerns, as well as driving questions about our tools, models, and datasets.

Introduction to Responsible AI: Unpacking the harms

The latest in our Responsible AI blog series, the CallMiner Research Lab explores two of the main categories of harms that AI outputs can cause: Harms...

Introduction to Responsible AI: Unpacking bias

Part of what makes Responsible AI difficult is the vast set of ideas, theories, and practices that it interacts with. The CallMiner Research Lab unpac...

Can you legislate AI?

The CallMiner Research Lab weighs in on the proposal recently released by the European Union on how to regulate artificial intelligence.

Introduction to Responsible AI

Models in today’s world have a real, tangible, and sometimes life-changing impact on the lives of real people, bringing to light an important new side...

News Coverage

4 considerations when taking responsibility for responsible AI

August 28, 2021 by Micaela Kaplan, Former Ethics in AI Lead

Addressing the ethical questions surrounding AI and understanding our social responsibilities is a complicated process that involves the challenging work and dedication of many people. CallMiner's Micaela Kaplan shares four actionable things to keep in mind to begin the journey towards responsible A [...]

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