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CallMiner vs. NICE Nexidia

CallMiners' comprehensive platform includes all the tools needed to ingest & analyze customer interactions across channels at scale

Unlike NICE Nexidia’s solution, which is comprised of disparate, disjointed technologies that require professional services to deploy and adopt, CallMiner's unified ingestion and output APIs help you understand CX regardless of how customers interact with your organization.

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Only CallMiner can inform customer experience, brand perception, product innovation, operational efficiency, sales and marketing effectiveness, and revenue intelligence, with deep insights to drive business performance improvement.




Powerful, flexible analytics capabilities – right out of the box.

CallMiner offers a single, powerful search syntax that helps dissect conversations with logic such as ANDs, NEAR, BEFORE, AFTER, focusing on specific parts of interactions (e.g. beginning, ending, middle), and other forms of filtering such as by metadata (direction, length, silence, skills) or other categories.

NICE Nexidia

Multiple, disparate options.

NICE has a basic analytics capability that is part of their CXone platform, and another that is based on their acquisition of Nexidia (now called "Interaction Analytics").




Comprehensive tools for data investigation.

CallMiner’s integrated Analyze product provides a single place to construct categories, test hypothesis based on real conversations, and quickly iterate.

NICE Nexidia

Costly, manual query building.

NICE categories are built in a separate query builder and then imported in, typically with NICE professional services.




Consistent syntax with robust support.

CallMiner utilizes a consistent and powerful query syntax that is designed to get analysts up and running, so they can begin conducting their own analysis and investigations. We offer training and a user community to share best practices and get customers operating on their own.

NICE Nexidia

Costly configuration.

Configuring NICE for conversation analytics can be challenging – and ultimately expensive when you end up hiring professional services for consulting and tuning.




Robust transcription aligned to business needs.

For voice-based interactions, CallMiner’s powerful search and analysis capabilities are based on call transcripts. Our platform is flexible and open enough to either use the built-in transcriber, or to use a transcription engine of your choice, using our Open Voice Transcription Standard. We also have a partnership with Microsoft Azure Speech-to-Text.

NICE Nexidia

Add-on transcription for some of your contacts – for a price.

NICE Nexidia is not based on analysis of transcriptions, and as a result can only offer transcriptions as part of an add-on for an additional cost. What’s more, because it is an additional process, NICE will suggest only transcribing 25% of contacts. Searching or analyzing transcripts is literally not possible without paying for them.




Unified platform to drive customer experience.

CallMiner offers a unified approach to analyzing all your interactions. We support omnichannel ingestion across touch points and listening posts, and then apply consistent categorical analysis to all interactions, tuned for each mode of communication.

NICE Nexidia

Disparate technologies for speech and text.

NICE has separate technologies used to analyze speech and text (the latter of which is a legacy offering).




One platform to analyze all customer interactions consistently.

CallMiner offers a consistent set of APIs, one for ingestion, and one for output. Plus, CallMiner offers many productized integrations for applications commonly used to support customer experience (CRM, knowledge bases, etc.).

NICE Nexidia

Brittle, disjointed stack comprised of multiple legacy technologies.

NICE’s technology stack is cobbled together from multiple legacy acquisitions. As a result, the APIs are disjointed, lack a common way of working, and brittle. Most customers will end up paying for NICE professional services to do the integration, and then continuing to pay to keep it running afterwards.


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CallMiner has the most advanced, enterprise-ready speech analytics functionality. CallMiner has combined traditional speech analytics with machine learning to improve ease of use and accuracy while still providing control and transparency.