CallMiner vs. Verint

CallMiner offers a flexible and reliable conversation analytics solution 

Verint offers a robust workforce management solution but fails to offer a well-rounded conversation analytics solution

Trusted by the world’s leading brands, CallMiner offers an accurate and flexible conversation analytics solution. Verint has been recognized for workforce management capabilities but lacks speech analytics, transcription and AI capabilities.


Advanced Speech Analytics


Build flexible, robust categories

CallMiner offers an accurate and customizable speech analytics solution with real-time and post-call capabilities. CallMiner customers can create an unlimited number of categories or use one of our out-of-the-box categories that fit a variety of use cases.

CallMiner makes building robust categories and queries easier to quickly find insights inside the customer conversation.


Lacks functionality and flexibility

Verint places limits on the number of categories that can be built and doesn't provide nearly as many out-of-the-box categories as CallMiner.

Verint offers limited category functionality. Verint doesn't support sophisticated discovery, such as searching for one category related to another category.


Drive Business Outcomes with AI


Decision making and coaching powered by AI

AI is core to CallMiner’s platform. It powers real-time products such as Alert and Analyze so organizations can spot trends and make corrections in real -time.

Illuminate takes AI driven insights to the next level. Based on keywords, Illuminate is an AI-driven search feature that makes it easy for organizations to discover, extract and act on insights.


New AI analytics functionality

Verint released its AI product in 2020. By the time Verint released this functionality, CallMiner had already released Illuminate, which expanded upon our existing robust AI offering.


Transcription Accuracy


Robust transcription accuracy and flexibility

Insightful analytics start with accurate transcription. Powered by Microsoft Azure Speech-to-Text, CallMiner’s robust transcription engine helps organizations get accurate insights faster.


Transcription meets expectations

Verint launched its first speech analytics solution in 2003 and recently released its Verint Da Vinci transcription engine in 2021. Customers have stated that some versions of Verint’s transcriptions are not as accurate as expected.


Full-Featured Recorder


CallMiner Record for post-call recording

CallMiner offers a full-featured recorder to fit a variety of use cases, including primary recording functionality and analytics. CallMiner Record can be used to maintain compliance, reduce risk, and improve customer experience.

CallMiner Record is integrated into the CallMiner product suite and easily integrates with a broad range of other platforms for ingestion and data output, including telephony, CRM and customer experience solutions.

For those with specific or unique requirements, CallMiner can also be configured for use with third-party recorders.


Verticalized recording

Verint offers verticalized recording solutions, including financial compliance and public safety. However, recording needs to be flexible enough to support a variety of use cases throughout the organization including compliance, risk, customer service and analytics.


Expert Support


Maximize the power of the platform with expert support

CallMiner provides ongoing guidance, support and business updates throughout the customer journey so you can continue to drive business outcomes through speech analytics.


Difficult to use and understand

Verint provides tech support and assistance, but it is clear from public reviews that it is not at the level that CallMiner provides. Customers have stated that the solution is challenging to use and not user-friendly.


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CallMiner has the most advanced, enterprise-ready speech analytics functionality. CallMiner has combined traditional speech analytics with machine learning to improve ease of use and accuracy while still providing control and transparency.