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Only CallMiner delivers the real-time conversation intelligence you need to optimize customer experience provides a platform designed to enhance manual scoring, but fails to deliver the capabilities necessary to extract meaningful insight from real interactions. 

Only CallMiner can inform customer experience, brand perception, product innovation, operational efficiency, sales and marketing effectiveness, and revenue intelligence, with deep insights to drive business performance improvement.




Understand complex human interactions.

CallMiner offers finding, counting, sorting, scoring and classifying elements of a conversation to help understand complex human interactions. We call these categories, and the platform supports identification of components within these categories, as well as robust use of these as nestable building blocks.

CallMiner offers a highly nuanced and flexible means of dissecting conversations with powerful forms of logic such as ANDs, NEAR, BEFORE, AFTER, focusing on specific parts of interactions (e.g. beginning, ending, middle), and other forms of filtering such as by metadata (direction, length, silence, skills) or other categories.

Keyword spotting. “moments” are limited to basic phrase matching strung together with “OR” logic, combined with basic speaker filtering. They do not provide true conversation analytics with the sequencing capabilities necessary to understand if procedures or behaviors are being followed (such as an agent expressing empathy after caller expresses dissatisfaction), or basic call structure (did the call start on a positive or negative note). lacks weights and thresholds in categories – although it can identify exact match “hits”, it can’t determine when a match should be weighted based on thresholds. For example, there is no way to determine a "dissatisfied" customer vs. a "very dissatisfied" customer who may be an imminent churn risk.




AI-guided automation when you need it.

CallMiner offers flexibility in how supervisors score agents, beginning with an ingestion API capable of incorporating up to 100% of conversations across voice and text-based channels.

CallMiner’s powerful AI eliminates mind-numbing QA and coaching tasks by offering insights critical for efficient manual reviews, fully automated agent scoring, or any combination of the two.

Sophisticated scoring combines multiple weighted characteristics to arrive at a blended score to rank calls for review from highest to lowest.

Manual, biased scoring by default. risks missing big-picture insights by initially supporting manual review of calls selected using AI to improve agent behavior. When this proves insufficient, offers an automated scoring module (at additional cost) with a simple, limited approach to conversation insights based on keyword spotting. highlights its ability to take a manually completed scorecard and use that as the basis of learning to help automate subsequent scoring. Yet manual scoring is subjective. Automating all score cards based on a potentially biased score risks bias.




Robust transcription accuracy and flexibility.

CallMiner offers a robust transcription engine that has logged billions of hours of conversations across scores of industries, use cases, and languages.

For use cases that depend on even higher rates of accuracy and support for more languages, CallMiner has partnered with Microsoft to integrate with Azure Speech-to-Text.

Demo-worthy transcription.’s transcription accuracy may demo well, but put it to work in the real world, alongside your front-line agents and customer-facing teams – you'll quickly discover how challenging and time consuming it can be to gain useful transcriptions, a critical component of accurate analysis, scoring and analysis.




Leverage robust omnichannel ingestion and analytics capabilities.

CallMiner is built to ingest conversations in any form – audio, video, and text. Our Open Voice Transcription Standard gives our customers the freedom to choose any recorder or transcription service they please, while receiving the same quality and breadth of analytics from the CallMiner platform.

Limited media types from specific sources. does not support many recorders and certain types of text formats, limiting the user’s ability to capture and analyze all the interactions their organization has with customers.




Maximize the power of the platform with expert support.

CallMiner’s experienced customer success team and analysts work with users to leverage all the tools available to you within our platform and to customize the environment for each organization’s unique requirements.

CallMiner’s highly-engaged user community unlocks the power of seasoned experts with real-world experience, supporting the sharing and discovery of best practices.

Tackle conversation analytics on your own. has a quick implementation process, but they do not provide the level of support that CallMiner customers enjoy once the product is set up. Put simply: CallMiner is a move in-ready house; forces you to build your own house with limited assistance.




Gain compliance with regulations and standards like FISMA, PCI, HITRUST and more.

CallMiner services some of the largest financial institutions and healthcare providers in the world. We regularly test our compliance capabilities with third parties to ensure our customers’ data is secure and that their redacted sensitive information will never be revealed.

Risk violations that could cost your business millions in fines. claims to be compliance-friendly, but it only covers a handful of regulations.


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