Improve marketing campaigns with speed and accuracy

It's time to power every marketing move. Use conversation analytics to understand how customers are responding to marketing campaigns, corporate messaging and more.

Dig into customer emotion and sentiment

Draw from every customer interaction to discover both the language and messaging that resonates most.

Turn campaigns on a dime

Understand whether a marketing campaign is successful or not in near real time and immediately make improvements.

Test your marketing message

Market-test language on a more focused group to guage reactions before taking language to the entire customer base.

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Marketers can now

Gain deep customer insights to drive business improvement

Keep your finger on the pulse of customer needs, preferences, and expectations by analyzing 100% of customer interactions.

  • Discover the most powerful marketing language and messaging to get the attention of your customers
  • Identify and capitalize on trending products and services based on customer emotion
  • Fine-tune strategies with detailed data about buying patterns and requests to drive bottom line results

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Create and execute nimble campaigns

Respond quickly to campaign results, making changes and improvements with real-time customer reactions.

  • Analyze and improve campaigns with A/B testing within weeks rather than months
  • Create personas at a more granular level by leveraging more information about customer wants, pain points, and journeys
  • Use metadata, filters, and tags to drill down into the results of a campaign more effectively than ever before

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Improve marketing results while staying on budget

By laser-focusing campaigns and gathering immediate feedback, conversation analytics helps marketers avoid wasting their budgets.

  • Test-market with a small sample and analyze reactions before investing in a widespread campaign, sharing results with execs and decision makers
  • Gather marketing information about competitors and behaviors without investing in surveys or focus groups
  • Reduce the personnel hours required analyze data and uncover insights to drive action

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We kicked off the program with our customer care division, and expanded globally to supply chain, product, marketing and other departments.

Robin Gomez

Director of customer care innovation, Radial


CallMiner simplifies processes, from writing syntax to call searching and agent monitoring and tracking.

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