Reveal actionable insights that directly inform business opportunities 

Uncover powerful business insights with more comprehensive data pulled from your customer base and your own company. 

Get more data at your fingertips

Better understand voice of the customer (VoC) and customer emotion from 100% of interactions, using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)

Leverage open API for company-wide analysis

Merge the data gathered from every customer interaction with additional business systems for a more complete view of customer insights

Turn data into valuable, actionable information

Use Tableau-powered reporting capabilities to create and share valuable insights company-wide

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Create more accurate insights for powerful impact

Let the software do more of your work for you

Use AI and ML to do the heavy lifting of data analysis so you can focus on driving business improvement.

  • Improve efficiency by identifying areas for deflection
  • Spend more time on big problems and less time sifting through data
  • Automatically categorize interactions based on reason or call driver to generate insights by category
  • Leverage quality analytics tools for more impressive, impactful insights

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Create incredible value for supervisors and executives

Create a clearer picture of the most challenging issues to tackle to drive business transformation.

  • Connect all the dots from large databases of data into a better picture of business strategy
  • Assist the contact center and beyond in understanding customer interactions to adjust internal policies and procedures, and save time and money
  • Glean meaning from the streams of data to share and discuss with supervisors and upper management

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Drive business improvement

Make a real difference in outcomes with a powerful conversation analytics that delivers deep customer understanding and insight.

  • Conduct analytics and research in an accurate and trusted way to create quality suggestions for business decisions
  • Develop new data, features, and approaches to solve organizational issues and be a trusted ally of strategy
  • Uncover the most meaningful insights that inform action and support business growth

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