Securely integrate conversation analytics with your existing technology stack 

Create a more comprehensive view of customer insights with a powerful conversation analytics platform that integrates with established systems.  

Build a culture of improvement

When you have a clear view of all customer data points, teams can more effectively improve behaviors and outcomes

Gain valuable data that’s easily shared

Get accurate information about what customers want and democratize data for easy company-wide sharing

Drive better business decisions

Leverage a powerful and flexible platform that uncovers areas of opportunity across departments

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IT professionals drive value across their organizations

Protect customer data

Ease the burden of risk management by enlisting the help of a platform that can ensure security measures are being followed.

  • Prevent fraud and data leaks with a solution that can monitor for risk indicators and automatically redact sensitive information
  • Better understand agent and customer interactions by capturing every conversation
  • Maintain accurate records through agent turnover, keeping all valuable details even as employees change

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Innovate more quickly

Gain the edge over competition by leveraging data with agile tools that allow for faster improvements.

  • More easily understand elevated technical issues to reimagine processes and solutions
  • Utilize the always-open API to smoothly integrate as many software and input pieces as needed
  • Leverage the open system to tweak preferences without the need for professional services

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Maximize the business value of data

Sort, share, model and lead with insights from 100% of customer interactions.

  • Provide the C-suite with the insights needed to make impactful business decisions
  • Help teams solve bigger problems with better data and more flexible systems
  • Rely on help from CallMiner’s customer success team and a vast customer community

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