Competitive Brand Intelligence

To understand your competitors, listen to your customers

Capture and analyze 100% of customer conversations across channels to develop deeper competitive brand intelligence.

Are you overlooking a goldmine of competitive brand intelligence?

Analyzing competitive brand intelligence is an essential part of managing your brand strategy. Traditionally, collecting this data has been a time-intensive process. From reviewing competitors’ websites, social media, and external messaging to researching product offerings, pricing, and market moves, brand intelligence seeks to understand customers’ perceptions of the strengths and weaknesses of competitors’ brand against your own.

Most competitor intelligence platforms fail to take advantage of a treasure trove of data: the thousands of conversations your customers have with your employees every day. These interactions are full of unsolicited positive and negative comments about your brand and your competitors. When effectively captured and analyzed, this customer brand feedback can provide unparalleled insight into brand awareness, sentiment, perception, and competitive opportunities.

Extracting competitive brand intelligence from customer interactions requires a powerful, automated business intelligence platform that can capture and analyze conversations on every channel. That’s why the world’s leading businesses choose CallMiner.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

Analyzing the competition with conversation intelligence

The fastest and most accurate way to develop competitive brand intelligence is to ask customers how you stack up against competitors’ brands. But traditional methods for collecting this data – such as conducting surveys or manually reviewing contact center recordings – capture only skewed perspectives and a fraction of customer interactions.

In contrast, conversation intelligence technology can capture, analyze, and score 100% of conversations across every channel: phone, chat, email, social, SMS, surveys, and more. Conversation intelligence captures both text-based and audio conversations, transforming the unstructured information in these interactions into structured data that can be searched and analyzed. A superior platform can identify both the meaning and intent of a customer’s language as well as the emotion that is driving their behavior and opinions.

With the right conversation intelligence technology, your brand and marketing teams can understand what individual customers want and need. And they can track aggregated data about target segments to identify issues to be addressed or opportunities to improve the customer brand experience.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform

As the global leader in conversation intelligence technology for driving business performance improvement, CallMiner offers the most comprehensive platform for analyzing customer interactions across all channels. CallMiner Eureka enables you to analyze 100% of customer conversations and turn those insights into competitive brand intelligence.

By analyzing interactions at the deepest levels, CallMiner helps to interpret nuance and identify patterns that reveal areas of competitive opportunity. To eliminate the traditional silos of information between departments that may limit deeper understanding of competitive intelligence, CallMiner uses AI and ML-powered analytics to integrate intelligence from all channels.

CallMiner Eureka delivers all the capabilities and tools required to mine customer conversations for deeper understanding and competitive brand intelligence.

• Automatically capture, transcribe, categorize, and score 100% of interactions across channels with Analyze, the mission control center for the CallMiner Eureka platform.

• Monitor and optimize agent performance at scale with Coach, a solution that automates agent performance improvement by helping supervisors identify performance trends and target specific behavior for guidance or reinforcement.

• Drive better outcomes for customers with RealTime. This CallMiner solution provides automatic alerts and next-best-action guidance to turn around a potentially negative conversation or to win back a customer at risk of churn.

• Compel action with the stories of your customer interactions with Visualize, a tool for creating shareable presentations that let stakeholders visually explore conversation intelligence insights.

• Protect customer privacy and ensure compliance with Redact, a solution that automatically strikes sensitive numerical data from text-based and conversations. • Improve transcription and analytics with Record, a full-featured recorder that offers live monitoring and instantaneous playback.

• Gain more visibility into every aspect of agent and customer interactions with Screen Record, a powerful screen recording technology that drives robust insight into agent effectiveness.

Benefits for competitive analysis

With competitive brand intelligence from CallMiner Eureka, your teams can achieve significant strategic objectives.

• Proactively monitor the pulse of your brand as well as the brands of competitors.

• Compare competitive brand sentiment and perception with actionable insights delivered in the moment.

• Gain clearer understanding of how your brand and your competitors are perceived in the minds of your customers.

• Analyze brand strengths and weaknesses to identify competitive threats.

• Compare your brand awareness, attributes, and perception to competitors by analyzing solicited brand surveys at scale.

• Determine the strength of your brand and areas for improvement by tracking unsolicited positive and negative mentions concerning your brand and competitors.

• Route insights developed through CallMiner to other technologies for use by product teams, customer service teams, and other business units.

Why CallMiner?

CallMiner Eureka is trusted by the world’s leading organizations across diverse industries, including retail, healthcare, financial services, insurance, hospitality, travel, and more. With expertise that spans two decades and with innovation developed by mining billions of hours of customer conversations, our technology empowers organizations to pivot quickly, decide intelligently, and improve exponentially.

Find patterns

CallMiner analyzes interactions at the deepest levels, identifying patterns that reveal competitive threats as well as opportunities to be developed.

Integrate channels

Use AI and ML-powered analytics to correlate all text-based and audio conversations, even when those channels are not integrated within your IT systems.

Improve performance

Connect the dots between competitive insight and the tangible action required to turn it into competitive advantage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Competitive brand intelligence is data and analytics about the awareness, sentiment, perception, and loyalty of customers to a competing brand. Competitive brand intelligence enables companies to identify strengths and weaknesses of their own brands and take steps to enhance brand identity.

Traditionally, competitive brand intelligence has been the result of time-intensive tasks like reviewing competitors’ websites, social media, marketing materials, product offerings, and market moves and acquisitions. Savvy organizations also mine interactions in the contact center for insight into how customers perceive their brand as well as competing brands. By identifying competitive strengths and weaknesses from these conversations, companies can make more effective plans for refining brand messaging and identity to enhance brand sentiment and loyalty.

Conversation intelligence uses AI and machine learning to automatically capture, analyze, and score conversations between customers and employees. By monitoring conversations across all channels – phone, chat, email, SMS, social media, and more – companies can understand how customers feel about their brand and about competitors’ brands while gaining deeper insight into what customers want and need.


We are committed to providing actionable insights to our internal departments, as well as our clients. CallMiner continues to evolve to make this possible.

Mark Crowley

Quality and Compliance Manager, DoublePositive