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Harness the power of speech analytics

The CallMiner Eureka conversation analytics platform provides text and speech analytics to help you capture, analyze, and understand the voice of your customers.

The many benefits of speech analytics

While speech analytics may be unfamiliar to most customer experience (CX) professionals, this powerful technology offers extraordinary benefits. Superior speech analytics solutions deliver a rich source of detail about the customer experience that can’t be found elsewhere.

Speech analytics solutions target the myriad of conversations that customers have with your contact center agents. These calls are filled with unsolicited information that can be analyzed to provide unprecedented insight into the mindset of your customers.

Speech analytics can help you interpret the voice of the customers as they express what’s driving their wants, behavior, and emotions. You’ll perceive their likes and dislikes, their issues with your company, and their impressions of your competitors. You will also get a clear view of the voice of your employees, so you can learn how your agents’ interactions are moving the CX needle.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation analytics platform offers AI-powered speech analytics technology that can help you pinpoint the most impactful drivers of satisfaction and loyalty and highlight ways to improve the customer experience.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

How speech analytics works

Speech analytics converts conversations to structured data that can be analyzed to produce actionable intelligence. This process involves five steps:

  1. Acquisition. Speech analytics solutions capture audio interactions via a contact center voice recording system. (Omnichannel conversation analytics also capture email, chat, website, and social media messages for text-based analysis.)

  2. Transcription and acoustics measurement. With the help of AI-powered processes, the conversation between customers and agents is transcribed, and acoustic measurements are taken to provide insight into the emotion of the speaker.

  3. Classification. Semi-supervised classification driven by machine learning derives the meaning of speech from words, phrases, and acoustics that reveal inflection and emotion.

  4. Scoring. Weighted, rules-based, predictive, and automated scoring converts unstructured speech data into structured intelligence that can be searched and analyzed.

  5. Analysis. Data can then be analyzed, searched, discovered, compared, and reported on to deliver insight into the performance of agents and the experience of customers.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation analytics platform

Offering the industry’s most comprehensive platform for conversation analytics, CallMiner enables you to drive business performance with a greater understanding of your customers’ needs, behavior, and opinions. The CallMiner Eureka platform combines text-based and speech analytics to provide an omnichannel solution that captures and analyzes customer interactions at scale. Powered by AI and machine learning technologies, the Eureka platform analyzes interactions at the deepest level and connects the dots between insight into human understanding and the tangible steps needed to turn that knowledge into business improvement.

Our Eureka platform is comprised of a set of solutions for capturing, transcribing, categorizing, and scoring every customer interaction across all channels. AI-driven tools for emotion metrics, topic discovery, content visualization, advanced keyword and phrase searching, tagging, commenting, and mapping the customer journey enable you to discern what matters most to your customer and to drive focused business improvement to create better customer experiences.

Measuring the influence of emotion

Knowing that emotion has an enormous impact on brand perception and loyalty, CallMiner has developed the Eureka Emotion Solution Suite – a collection of technologies for identifying and measuring emotional signals within speech and text interactions. Data-driven scoring and emotion categorization help identify the triggers of emotional reactions for customers.

CallMiner makes it possible to score the emotional content of voice calls, emails, chats, surveys, web, and social interaction. Using acoustic measures such as tempo, volume, silence, and agitation in the voice, the Eureka Emotion Solution Suite scores the emotional nuance and intensity of a conversation to identify the drivers behind customers’ actions and opinions.

Why CallMiner?

CallMiner is the global leader in customer conversation analytics. By revealing meaningful insight from customer interactions at scale, we deliver the intelligence needed to make better business decisions. Over the past two decades, our technology has mined billions of hours of customer conversations. Today, the CallMiner platform is trusted by the world’s leading organizations across many industries, including financial services, healthcare, retail, insurance, travel, and hospitality, and more.

The CallMiner platform delivers:

• Source-of-truth confidence through rich behavioral insight based on what was expressed in a conversation and how it was said.

• Actionable intelligence that bridges the gap between insight and action, thanks to real-time and post-interaction automated scoring, frontline coaching, and organization awareness.

• Omnichannel security is achieved through automated redaction of sensitive data within a PCI-certified hosted model.

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In contact centers, speech analytics is the practice of using AI and machine learning technology to convert the unstructured data in real-time and recorded conversations into structured formats that can be analyzed, searched, and mined for actionable intelligence.

Speech analytics enables organizations to better understand the mindset, emotions, wants, and behavior of customers. With speech analytics, organizations can improve the customer experience by pinpointing the drivers of satisfaction and loyalty for each customer and using that data to create more positive interactions throughout the customer journey.

Speech analytics is specifically related to audio, while conversation analytics covers audio as well as text-based interactions like email, chat, social media, web, and SMS. While some speech analytics vendors also offer text-based solutions, very few customer analytics software vendors offer comprehensive conversational analytics technology.


CallMiner has the most advanced, enterprise-ready speech analytics functionality. CallMiner has combined traditional speech analytics with machine learning to improve ease of use and accuracy while still providing control and transparency.