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The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform automatically captures and analyzes interactions with customers to deliver superior insight and intelligence.

Collect brand and business intelligence from customer conversations

The conversations that take place thousands of times a day between your employees and customers contain a wealth of brand feedback and business intelligence. In the past, mining that information for insight required hours of manual review of recordings. Even then, your brand and marketing teams were likely only able to capture data from a small fraction of customer conversations, leaving vast amounts of business intelligence untapped.

Today, superior business intelligence products use conversation intelligence to capture and analyze 100% of these conversations, mining text-based and audio interactions for insight into each customer’s wants and needs as well as the drivers of their behavior. When considering which business intelligence products will best deliver the insight to achieve critical goals, leading companies around the world turn to the CallMiner Eureka platform.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

How conversation intelligence simplifies business insight

Conversation intelligence technology combines speech analytics with analytics of text-based conversations to provide a comprehensive solution for capturing and analyzing interactions with customers. Leveraging AI and machine learning, conversation intelligence platforms achieve extraordinary levels of transcription accuracy and sentiment and emotion analysis, surpassing other business intelligence products in effectiveness.

Superior conversation intelligence platforms categorize and tag language that includes specific keywords or phrases or exhibits certain emotions. Categories enable organizations to quickly and accurately find, count, and trend the intent and emotion expressed in unstructured and often ambiguous statements. Because categories can include sentiment and emotion analysis, they offer stronger insight into the mindset of customers than analysis that only involve words and phrases.

By analyzing interactions with weighted, rules-based, automated scoring, conversation intelligence solutions deliver deeper insight into the needs and behaviors of customers to provide exceptional business intelligence that can drive brand innovation.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform

CallMiner is the global leader in conversation intelligence technology, providing the industry’s most comprehensive platform for analyzing omnichannel interactions at scale. By enabling you to interpret sentiment and identify patterns in customer conversations, CallMiner’s business intelligence products reveal a deeper understanding from every interaction with customers and help enhance the customer brand experience.

The CallMiner Eureka platform includes comprehensive business intelligence products for mining 100% of conversations for insight.

Analyze is the centerpiece of the CallMiner Eureka platform, providing technology to automatically score 100% of calls, chats, email, and other text-based conversations. With Analyze, you can better understand conversations with root-cause analysis and discover what matters most customers at every point on their journey.

Coach provides tools for monitoring and optimizing agent performance improvement at scale. With automated scoring, data-based feedback, and progress monitoring, Coach helps supervisors create a persistent culture of improvement.

RealTime automatically notifies agents or supervisors when indicators suggest a customer is at risk of churn or a conversation is headed in a negative direction. By providing real-time guidance and next-best action suggestions, RealTime helps reduce risk for fines or legal action and improves the outcome of customer interactions.

Visualize empowers stakeholders to explore conversation intelligence data visually through shareable, graphical presentations. Users can drill down into the detail of a single agent or customer or view the big picture to connect the dots between insight and action.

Redact automatically removes sensitive data from text-based and audio conversations to protect customer privacy and ensure compliance with privacy regulations.

Record improves the accuracy of transcriptions and analytics with a full-featured recorder that provides live monitoring and instantaneous playback features.

Screen Record improves analytics with complete recordings of agent and customer interactions.

The benefits of CallMiner business intelligence products

Monitor the pulse of your brand

Customers’ attitudes toward your brand can change quickly based on interactions with employees, experiences with products, or your CEO’s latest Twitter comments. With CallMiner Eureka, you can stay ahead of evolving brand sentiment and determine when fluctuations or trends must be addressed. CallMiner also serves as a superior competitor intelligence platform, allowing your teams to compare brand awareness, attributes, sentiment, and other brand KPIs to competitors while tracking drivers of attraction and competitive threats.

Enhance brand and marketing campaigns

Brand and marketing teams can rely on CallMiner’s business intelligence products to reveal which channels are most effective for different types of campaigns, and how customers react to specific changes in messaging or products. By capturing and analyzing 100% of omnichannel customer interactions, your marketing teams can apply predictive analytics to determine how customers might respond to future decisions. CallMiner also enables you to hyper-target small segments of customers with personalized messaging and continue to refine campaigns over time.

__Avoid and manage brand crises more effectively __

CallMiner Eureka optimizes brand crisis management by providing real-time insight into what customers are saying about your brand. By capturing comprehensive customer feedback, CallMiner helps you to spot the early warning signs such as declining brand sentiment or safety issues with products, enabling you to proactively respond before issues reach a crisis level. During a brand crisis, CallMiner can help your teams determine the effectiveness of different messaging strategies while monitoring evolving brand sentiment.

Why CallMiner?

CallMiner’s business intelligence products are trusted by leading organizations around the world in industries such as financial services, retail, healthcare, insurance, hospitality, travel, and more. By revealing meaningful insight from customer interactions at scale, we provide the intelligence businesses need to make better decisions.

Our technology expertise has been developed over two decades of innovation and through mining billions of hours of customer conversations. With CallMiner, companies have the power to make more informed decisions, pivot quickly when needed, and improve business processes exponentially.

Our focus on customer success includes hands-on guidance and a dedicated customer support team, empowering our customers to move from gathering information from data silos to deeper insight and powerful actions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Business intelligence is the practice of collecting and analyzing information about a business and its competitors to enable leaders to make data-driven decisions. Business intelligence comprises business data, methodologies for collecting and analyzing it, and best practices concerning its use.

Business intelligence products are technologies that streamline and automate the collection and analysis of business data. Superior business intelligence technology provides deeper, more comprehensive insight while minimizing the effort required to collect and analyze it.

Conversation intelligence is a technology that can analyze text-based and audio conversations to understand the meaning of a speaker’s words and identify the emotion that is driving behavior. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, conversation intelligence converts the unstructured information in conversations into structured data that can be aggregated, analyzed, and searched to produce actionable insight.


According to a Sitel Group+CallMiner Survey Report on Fraud and Customer Support, 55% of Americans would not continue doing business with a brand if they found out that brand does not use technology to monitor for fraudulent activities on their accounts.