Brand Feedback

Enhance brand experience with unsolicited customer feedback

The CallMiner Eureka platform captures and analyzes 100% of conversations with customers to deliver accurate and real-time feedback about your brand.

The power of brand feedback

Unsolicited customer feedback is one of the most powerful tools for improving brand awareness and enhancing the brand experience. Every day, your customers are interacting with your employees and agents, sharing their thoughts, feelings, and preferences concerning your brand offerings. On calls, email, chat, social media, and other channels, customers reveal their honest impressions of your brand in conversations that can be mined for greater insight and detailed brand intelligence. Having the right technology in place is the key to collecting superior brand feedback that can help you shape and enhance brand perception.

The CallMiner Eureka platform helps you harness the power of conversation intelligence to reveal meaningful insight from customer interactions at scale. By capturing, analyzing, and scoring interactions with every customer on every channel, CallMiner delivers the kind of brand feedback that can reveal critical details about how customers experience your brand, shedding light on areas of opportunity to strengthen it.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

How feedback improves brand campaigns

Digital communications have enabled marketers to measure marketing effectiveness like never before. Yet, the ability to measure less tangible variables like brand sentiment still eludes many marketing teams.

Conversation intelligence technology provides a powerful solution, allowing marketers to collect brand feedback through analysis of conversations in the contact center. Using AI and machine learning, conversation intelligence captures the unstructured data from interactions with customers and converts it to structured data that can be searched, analyzed, and scored.

Rather than relying on a limited number of surveys or focus groups to collect brand feedback, conversation intelligence takes every customer conversation into account. And since much of the sentiment and opinions shared in these conversations is unsolicited, conversation intelligence technology can reveal a truer, unbiased picture of brand perception.

With comprehensive feedback about the brand, marketing teams can uncover which channels are most effective for certain types of brand campaigns, and how changes to specific products, services, or marketing messages affect brand sentiment.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform

CallMiner Eureka makes it possible to analyze 100% of customer conversations across every channel, turning insights from interactions into transformational business change. No other platform provides such comprehensive tools and capabilities to drive value across the enterprise and enhance a company’s brand.

CallMiner analyzes interactions with customers at the deepest level, understanding nuance, identifying patterns, and interpreting the emotions that drive customer opinions and behavior. By connecting the dots between insights and action, CallMiner provides a roadmap for enhancing brand experiences and improving brand crisis management.

With CallMiner Eureka, you can:

• Stay ahead of evolving brand sentiment by continuously monitoring brand feedback and customer interactions.

• Determine when fluctuations in brand sentiment may impact purchasing decisions.

• Retain customers and protect reputation by understanding and managing potential risks to brand identity.

• Proactively monitor conversations with customers for insights into potential issues with products and services.

• Drive brand affinity and customer loyalty by optimizing offerings and personalizing communications to better connect with what customers want and need.

• Uncover what kinds of messages and communications resonate most effectively with customers.

• Track positive and negative competitor and brand mentions to understand areas of strength and threats to your brand.

• Discover the drivers of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Comprehensive solutions for brand feedback

CallMiner business intelligence products include all the tools you need to capture and benefit from brand feedback in conversations customers.

• Capture, analyze, categorize, and score 100% of conversations across all channels with Analyze, the customizable dashboard and mission control center for the Eureka platform.

• Automate agent evaluation and performance improvement with Coach, a tool for monitoring, interpreting, and optimizing agent performance at scale.

• Create automatic notifications for agents and supervisors with Alert, providing real-time guidance about next-best actions that can improve the outcomes of at-risk conversations.

• Empower faster and more accurate speech analytics with Capture, a solution that enables high-fidelity, speaker-separated audio to be accurately transcribed and redacted in real time.

• Explore brand feedback visually with Visualize, a tool for creating shareable presentations that reveal big picture stories and granular details about customers’ behaviors, opinions, and perceptions.

• Protect private information in conversations with Redact, a technology that uses sophisticated algorithms to accurately identify and remove sensitive numeric data and personally identifiable information.

• Improve transcription and analytics with Record, a full-featured recorder that enables live monitoring and instantaneous playback.

• Empower frontline customer agents and managers with Screen Record, a screen recording solution that drives robust insight into agent effectiveness.

Why CallMiner?

CallMiner Eureka is the most comprehensive platform for analyzing customer interactions across every channel at scale. With innovative technology informed by 20 years of experience mining billions of customer conversations for insight, CallMiner is trusted by the world’s leading organizations in retail, financial services, travel, hospitality, healthcare, insurance, and more.

With automated performance scoring, emotion metrics, and AI-driven topic discovery, CallMiner helps to improve the collection and analysis of brand feedback to enhance business outcomes. CallMiner delivers:

Faster speed to improvement, thanks to AI-driven search features, real-time and post-call analytics, and unmatched accuracy.

A clearer view of what matters most to customers, relying on accurate autoscoring and the ability to correlate feedback across multiple channels.

Greater return on investment, with a dedicated support team serving each account and an active customer community providing crowdsourced innovation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Brand feedback is information about how a brand and its products and services are perceived by customers, prospects, and the public. Accurate brand feedback is essential for enhancing the brand and ensuring that brand messaging resonates with target audiences.

Many organizations rely on surveys and focus groups to collect brand feedback, which inherently collect data from only a fraction of customers. A more comprehensive way to capture brand feedback is by capturing conversations between customers and employees that take place in phone calls, email, chat, SMS, social media, and other channels. By analyzing 100% of these conversations, companies can develop a more accurate picture of how customers feel about a brand.

Conversation intelligence is a technology for capturing, transcribing, analyzing, categorizing, and scoring customer conversations across all channels. By converting the unstructured information in these interactions into structured data that can be easily analyzed, conversation intelligence provides businesses with a deeper understanding of customers’ needs, wants, emotions, and behavior.


With CallMiner, there has been a 400% increase in frequency of feedback. In addition, insights from CallMiner brought greater consistency among our supervisors. We did regular calibrations with supervisors before speech analytics, but CallMiner uncovered inconsistencies in scoring across all supervisors that we did not have visibility into before.

Luke Schulta

Contact Center Systems Administrator, Gant Travel