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CallMiner Product Innovation Series: March 2023


Bruce McMahon

March 04, 2023

Speaker measures agitation and total messages
Speaker measures agitation and total messages

For those customers, partners and prospects who were able to attend LISTEN 2022 toward the end of last year, you heard first-hand about the updates we are making to speaker measures. With our 2023.03 release, I’m happy to share we’ve continued to deliver on those updates with two new measures – agitation and message total by speaker.

Customer emotion is critical in understanding key indicators, like satisfaction and churn, as well as driving improvements that lead to positive CX. We’re excited to continue enhancing our platform to meet organizational needs and help drive transformational business value.

New speaker measures – Agitation and message total

Following our release of new speaker measures for text delays and audio tempo in January, this release builds on those capabilities to give customers more granularity and insight on the speaker level. In this release, we’ve introduced two new measures, agitation and message total by speaker, so customers can derive even more insights from conversations.

Speaker measures agitation and total messages

For example, a longer message on the customer side may mean that an issue wasn’t resolved the first time or a customer is having difficulty communicating the issue to the agent. By gaining deeper insight into customer interactions, organizations can make more informed assumptions about human emotion, improve decision-making, and more – all leading to improved customer experience.

Quality management workflow enhancements

We released several new features in Coach to assist with and improve quality management adoption and auditing. First, we’ve enhanced our multi-directional workflow to help with quality usage tracking. The workflow action will automatically update as needed, regardless of the previous workflow status. We’ve also expanded our auditing capabilities so that quality managers have more options to complete an action for someone else, such as when a supervisor goes on vacation or leaves the company.

Both of these updates aim to address common contact center pain points, as well as make processes easier, ultimately improving contact center efficiency and effectiveness.

Coach Audit Mode

CallMiner Solutions are now available in native Dutch

Analysts can now more easily discover topics and pull insights from their native Dutch customer conversations. The CallMiner Solution Catalogue is now available in Dutch and localized for the Netherlands. Solutions are out-of-the-box discovery tools that allow organizations to discover critical insights related to common business use cases simply by turning it on.

The CallMiner Solution Catalogue has been previously translated in French (European and Canada), Spanish (Spain and US), Italian (Italy), German (Germany), Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil), and is now available in Dutch (Netherlands).

Dutch solution catalogue

As we wrap up product updates in the first quarter of the year, I remain as confident as ever in our platform and our focus as we prioritize innovation that moves the needle for our customers.

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