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The contact center plays an important role for performance marketers. Not only are revenues tied directly to how effective sales agents are, but the information contained in customer conversations can be used to more effectively target and promote marketing programs, as well as identify new sales opportunities.

Interaction analytics is a powerful tool that can deliver actionable sales and marketing insights and improve agent performance.

Key Benefits

Several customers have used CallMiner Eureka to achieve immediate ROI simply by identifying areas for process improvements. In fact, here are a few statistics:

of Marketing Programs

CallMiner Eureka interaction analytics reveals insights on customer behavior and tendencies for different products or services. By categorizing calls based on various offerings, companies can plan marketing campaigns, create specific landing pages, and attract specialized resources based on market trends.

This knowledge can also be used to help fine tune advertising strategies or measure promotional results.

Agent Performance
Improvements on Sales

It’s common for agents to overestimate how effective they are when pitching products. Interaction analytics has helped companies automate sales performance management by scoring of 100% of customer contacts and providing immediate feedback to supervisors and agents.

One company used these insights to roll out new training programs to their agents, which increased pitch rate by 70-80% with steady growth since. Similarly, non-sales agents in the service center were able to improve their resolution rates.