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During the past two decades, enrollment at for-profit institutions has increased by 225%. Today, these institutions enroll about 12% of all postsecondary students. Along with increased competition, this surge in popularity has also led to increased state and federal scrutiny of recruiting practices and loan repayments.

It is more important than ever for schools to verify that their brands and programs are represented correctly to ensure compliance in advertising and avoid incentives, co-registrations, second & third chance leads, and bogus scholarships. CallMiner Eureka interaction analytics is a powerful tool that can be used to improve call center agent performance while staying compliant with an increasingly complex regulatory environment.

Increased Enrollment

With increased competition among higher education options, it’s imperative that your agents deliver accurate and helpful enrollment information to prospective students. Improving agent performance starts with more effective agent performance management. Traditional approaches to performance management and quality monitoring are flawed in that they are labor intensive and produce inaccurate results, relying on the manual evaluation of a small sample of contacts. Automating call center performance management allows for the automatic scoring of 100% of your contacts, and provides immediate feedback to those who need it most – the agents.

Supervisors can quickly identify those agents that are following best practices, and agents can take immediate action to change their behavior based on direct automated feedback provided through myEureka performance management software. In addition, CallMiner Eureka can automatically measure best practices, including but not limited to:

  • Call ownership
  • Assumptive close language
  • Upsell / cross sell attempts
  • Touting benefits
  • Objection handling


According to, the majority of schools are still not happy with the level of transparency in their lead generation efforts. With additional federal, state, and public scrutiny, compliance concerns and the potential penalties that the regulations bring with them, there has been a stronger push for transparency.

CallMiner interaction analytics solutions monitor every call for risky language. Every call is scored to identify relative risk level associated with any aspect of compliance based on content of the conversation. This allows for narrowing corrective action efforts and investigation where they are needed most.

Call analysis occurs near real-time and tagging or indexing of violations within contacts allows for immediate navigation to the occurrence of the violation.The result is lower cost and effort in call center monitoring, faster response times, and ultimately reduction/elimination of fines or lawsuits for non-compliance with federal and state regulations.