Sales Effectiveness Solutions

by Business Value

In sales focused contact centers, optimizing agent and contact center performance has direct impact on topline revenue. Understanding what is happening within your sales conversations is the key to unlocking immediate opportunities for increasing your sales.

Sales Performance Management

Improving telemarketing or telesales performance starts with more effective agent performance management. Traditional approaches to sales performance management and quality monitoring are flawed in that they are labor intensive and produce inaccurate results, relying on the manual evaluation of a small sample of contacts.

Automating sales performance management allows for the automatic scoring of 100% of your contacts, and provides immediate feedback to those who need it most – the agents. Supervisors can quickly identify those agents that are following best practices, and agents can take immediate action to change their behavior based on direct automated feedback provided through myEureka.  In addition, CallMiner Eureka can automatically measure sales effectiveness best practices, including but not limited to:

  • Sales ownership
  • Assumptive close language
  • Upsell / cross sell attempts
  • Touting benefits
  • Objection handling

Sales Performance Management

Beyond automating telemarketing and telesales performance management, Eureka allows analysts and supervisors to discover sales best practices by analyzing and correlating behaviors on contacts that end in a sale compared to those that do not.

Analyzing the customer side of the conversation provides insight into customer preferences and frustrations.
With this insight, simple changes to your IVR tree or call routing can quickly lead to more sales.