Contact Center Efficiency Solutions

by Business Value

Supporting your customers is a costly endeavor. The key to reducing costs and improving overall efficiency, is understanding how customers are interacting with your contact center. Speech analytics can reveal opportunities to streamline processes, eliminate unnecessary steps, and more effectively schedule and allocate the human resources.

Experience Immediate ROI

Several customers have used CallMiner Eureka to achieve immediate ROI and improve call center efficiency, simply by identifying areas for process improvements. In fact, here are a few statistics:

Reduced Talk Time

One organization was able to reduce average talk time by 82 seconds per call simply by updating how calls were routed to different agent groups.

Even though overall call volumes increased the next year, agents were able to handle 12% more calls thanks to this process update.

Reduced Handle Time

Another company identified very long silence blocks in all of their billing calls using speech analytics. These blocks occurred while agents were waiting for the billing system to respond.

Providing this feedback to their IT team, the billing system was tweaked and overnight the client reduced their average handle time by 11 seconds.

Performance Improvement

In addition to identifying and correcting process or technical issues to reduce costs and increase efficiency in the contact center, customers using CallMiner Eureka have:

  • Optimized agent performance by reducing average handle time and call volumes while increasing first call resolution (FCR)
  • Understood and optimized the use of channel options such as calls, chat, email, and self-service for customer interactions
  • Prepared business cases for change that includes compelling facts and illustrations of the problem and the ideal performance
  • Provided measures and metrics that align operations to a team, a department, or the executive suite’s key performance objectives
  • Eliminated or reduced costs associated with manual effort or third party contracts