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CallMiner Product Innovation Series: November 2023


Bruce McMahon

November 11, 2023

CallMiner Analyze sematic search
CallMiner Analyze sematic search

And just like that, we’ve reached the final release of 2023. When I look back on the past 11 months, I’m proud of everything we’ve accomplished to advance the CallMiner platform. We delivered significant improvements to our suite of products, including Coach and RealTime; we introduced impactful new features, such as notifications, which help drive enterprise-wide value; we deepened our analytical and AI capabilities, while also improving ease-of-use; and so much more.

At CallMiner’s annual customer conference, LISTEN 2023, in Nashville last week, I talked about a few landmark features included in the 2023.11 release in my roadmap keynote, which I believe are key to our product strategy and execution in 2024. These updates keep CallMiner at the forefront of innovation and the conversation intelligence industry and ensure the CallMiner platform continues to drive transformational change for our customers.

Read on for more.

Enhanced advanced search capabilities: Within the CallMiner platform, semantic search empowers users to search via natural language to return results where exact or similar language may appear in omnichannel customer interactions. This advancement automatically identifies alternative ways of expressing the same sentiment, helping users understand meaning and intent with unparalleled accuracy.

Similar to CallMiner Illuminate, launched in 2020 to enable users to find contextual aliases for words, semantic search takes advantage of recent AI and computing advancements to find contextual meaning at the sentence level. Using OpenAI, CallMiner is delivering increased platform ease-of-use and empowering users with no technical background to discover insights in customer interactions.

CallMiner Analyze sematic search

Improved user experience in CallMiner Coach: New features, including dashboards, modules and reporting capabilities, modernize and improve the ease-of-use of CallMiner’s industry-leading agent coaching product. CallMiner Coach centers on delivering deep analytical insights into agent performance and effectiveness. The latest updates in 2023.11 advance and streamline existing filtering capabilities, including optimized search, making it easier for users to find meaningful information in customer interactions, and start taking action to drive improvements.

We’re excited to deliver a simplified version of Coach, making it easier to onboard new agents and supervisors, improving how users sample contacts, reducing search time for enhanced efficiency, and more.

CallMiner Coach Find page

Updated permissioning for more control: We’re continuing to enhance our in-platform conversational assistance helpbot, CallMiner GPT, making it easier and more effective for users to engage with. New permissioning capabilities are available for all Analyze users, enabled by any customer administrator. This level of governance enhances how users interact with CallMiner GPT, which in turn improves the accuracy of the responses as we fine tune the algorithm.

Further, the CallMiner Coach user guide is now accessible via HTML to all Coach users, helping our customers easily access necessary educational resources.

More nuanced AI redaction: Earlier this year, we introduced new AI redaction capabilities, using Named Entity Recognition (NER) and machine learning (ML) trained on millions of conversations. Our NER AI-based redaction is more precise than traditional pattern-matching, improving the confidence of redaction and avoiding over-redaction or mis-redaction.

Throughout the year, we’ve made updates to improve the value of AI redaction. In 2023.11, we’re delivering enhancements that make it easier to decipher between similar entities, such as an account number (which is sensitive) or a loan number (which may not be sensitive). This enhanced nuance helps users keep more information that’s not sensitive for better analysis.

I look forward to what’s ahead for CallMiner, and our customers and partners, in 2024.

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