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CallMiner Product Innovation Series: September 2023


Bruce McMahon

September 09, 2023

Bulk export AI 2023.09 product innovation series
Bulk export AI 2023.09 product innovation series

At CallMiner, we constantly strive to deliver depth of analytical capabilities and breadth of insights, as well as ease of use, flexibility and efficiency. This isn’t always easy, but I believe the enhancements in 2023.09 elevate these concepts equally.

Of note, we’ve made significant updates to our bulk export capabilities to make it easier than ever for customers and partners to gain access to their data. The CallMiner platform has always been designed to let users maintain complete ownership of their data – yet, with more and more customers requesting their data from CallMiner, the updates in 2023.09 support more data control, lower the technical bar for data exports, and deliver data in easy-to-consume files.

In fact, we’ve already seen improvements of up to 188% in the time it takes to export data from the platform. When you’re talking about hundreds of thousands or even millions of contacts, that’s impressive.

Read on for more.

More data control with bulk export API updates

CallMiner understands how important it is for our customers to be able to get data out of CallMiner to store it in other systems or combine it with other enterprise data.

As our customers know, CallMiner does not put restrictions on the amount of data you can push into or pull out of the platform. And when pulling data out of the platform, there are no limitations to the volume of data customers can receive – they can request any amount, small or large. With 2023.09, customers still have this flexibility, but we’re optimizing and streamlining the process.

With our bulk export API updates, users can quickly create new export requests, modify recurring requests, view past export requests, and download exported files by ID. The file contents are also customizable for the tenant.

These updates give CallMiner customers even more control over their data – driving business improvements in the contact center and beyond.

Bulk export AI 2023.09 product innovation series

Expanded RealTime integrations

Many of our customers are rapidly adopting CCaaS solutions versus on-premise solutions to better meet their business needs. Over the past couple of years, CallMiner has worked to expand integrations with a range of CCaaS providers so users can easily acquire audio and take advantage of the benefits of CallMiner RealTime, our real-time analytics product, including agent guidance, agent onboarding, agent training, self-coaching, performance improvement, compliance and more.

Adding to our existing integration ecosystem in the 2023.09 release, CallMiner Record and CallMiner RealTime now support audio acquisition from NICE CXOne and TalkDesk. This means organizations already using or considering the adoption of those CCaaS solutions can quickly and easily deploy additional CallMiner products and experience value from real-time analytics.

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to register for LISTEN 2023! More details about the workshops, breakout sessions, and mainstage keynotes have been released, and I’m confident this will be the best LISTEN yet, filled with opportunities to network with your colleagues, peers and CallMiner experts. See you in Nashville, November 6-8.

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