Scalability & Performance

Customer engagement analytics for small and large contact centers

Scaling Customer Engagement Analytics

The Eureka advantage begins with a solid foundation.  The Eureka platform converts unstructured audio or text based conversational data (calls, chats, emails, or other documents) into actionable business information and intelligence.  With roots in customer engagement analytics, the platform has been designed from the ground up to scale efficiently against extremely large enterprise data sets.  It has been battle tested in some of the largest contact centers in the world and proven to offer the lowest total cost of ownership when considering processing, data scale, and system use.

Full Transcript Approximation

CallMiner’s approach to speech recognition as the first step in data ingestion – starts with phonetic recognition. This is where many solutions stop and why they boast about fast processing speeds and small mining foot print.  CallMiner carries on to full transcript approximation which delivers several advantages, resulting in;

    • Significantly smaller data footprint – when looking at the full picture of ingestion, data storage and use, CallMiner has the lowest cost of ownership
    • Faster response times for users interfacing with the application – let the machines do the heavy lifting and not pass the burden of “waiting” on to users
    • True discovery of trends or issues that you’d otherwise not know to look for – having all of the words allows for frequency analysis of phrases without users writing queries
    • Seamless integration of text based communications within the same analytical user interface – apply the same actions on contacts whether they originate as calls, chat, email, social or other

Increased Performance and Reduced Costs

For customers who prefer to have technology installed on their premise, this all translates into lower infrastructure and hardware costs.  For hosted customers, CallMiner’s scalable architecture combined with multi-tenant mining capabilities translates into lower Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription costs and the ability to deliver affordable customer engagement analytics to large and small contact centers.

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