Robust Data Capture & Analysis

Integrates with everything!

CallMiner’s speech analytics platform offers the most flexible and comprehensible approach to capturing and analyzing conversation data.

Capturing Customer Interactions

The first step of the process in analyzing your customers’ conversations is capturing the calls, emails, chats, or other interactions along with any associated metadata (agent ID/name, agent group, time and date, customer ID, etc), and ingesting or mining the data.

The CallMiner platform supports integrations with all the leading call recorders, premise based or hosted, and text based communication systems. It also provides a standard method (programmatic interface) for integration of any data source that is not currently natively supported.

Originally designed with large enterprise deployment in mind, CallMiner Eureka can support integrations with multiple sources or “sites” of call recordings or other contacts in a single instance. These sources could be different systems, different physical locations (regional contact centers, outsourcers), and different recording or contact system vendors.

The Power of Contact Metadata

Rich contact metadata (agent, group, line of business, customer identifier, IVR path, etc.) provides you greater ability to analyze conversation data. Metadata is used to filter your searches and data visualizations, target categories and scores to certain conversation sets, compare and correlate various metrics, and identify root cause of various issues.

CallMiner Eureka supports integration of all common metadata types associated with customer contacts, with unique support for each different type of contact (call, email, chat, social), and a large number of customizable fields to meet your specific business needs.

Metadata ingested does not have to be limited to that which is captured at the time of the interaction or by the contact capture system – external data that can be associated with any interaction can be ingested through post processing. For example, CRM data such as whether a sale occurred and for what dollar value can be attached to the call record within CallMiner Eureka.

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