CallMiner RPM

Results Assurance

for your customer engagement analytics investment

The industry’s first results assurance program for customer engagement analytics

What is CallMiner RPM?

In short, we’re putting our money where our mouth is. We have designed a brand new program from the ground up to ensure that you’ll see results with CallMiner customer engagement analytics.

“Customers should jump all over this. This type of results-driven pricing, tied to the results CallMiner is seeing, should have every prospect taking a look.”

Nancy Jamison, Frost & Sullivan

How does it work?

If your contact center qualifies for the CallMiner RPM program, our solutions team will partner with you during your free test drive to define key performance metrics you want to improve. If you decide to purchase customer engagement analytics from us, and we’re confident you will, you’ll only pay 85% of the subscription price until your desired benchmarks are achieved.

Why can CallMiner offer this?

Our process, from initial pre-sales engagement through the completion of our Accelerator program, has been designed and tested to identify opportunities and deliver results. Backed by the strength of our product, it gives users the power and freedom needed to achieve their objectives.

Unlike many other customer engagement analytics vendors, we have seen our customers time and again find value and realize return on investment with our product. But don’t just take our word for it – check out some of the awards won by our customers or our consistently high vendor satisfaction ratings.

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