Automated Call Scoring

Score 100% of your customer engagements

What is CallMiner Automated Call Scoring?

CallMiner’s automated call scoring allows you to aggregate any number of interaction metrics, including category hits or weights, acoustic measures, and measures ingested as metadata, into a performance index that can be assessed against every contact.

Benefits of Automated Call Scoring

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This unique ability to automatically score every contact is at the heart of CallMiner’s customer engagement analytics solution. Call scoring can be used to measure any key aspect of business performance.

Other benefits to automated call scoring include:

  • Improving overall agent quality by pinpointing call center issues quickly.
  • Enhancing sales effectiveness through immediate feedback.
  • Understanding how customers are interacting with your company to increase efficiency.
  • Analyzing every customer interaction to reduce compliance risk and improve customer privacy.
  • Boosting customer satisfaction by better understand pain points, issues and successes.
  • Ensuring the highest levels of network reliability and uptime, for the communications industry.

…and more.

CallMiner Eureka speech analytics provides out of the box call scores tailored to the solution purchased, but just like call categorization, it is completely extensible and can be configured to suit your specific business needs.

What is Score Builder?

CallMiner’s Score Builder allows you to build individualized call scores in an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Score Builder offers a wide variety of configuration options. These personalized call scores can be used to assess any contact, or targeted to specific contacts defined through filtering (using metadata, attributes, acoustics, or categories).

For example: a score can be used to assess contacts handled by certain agent groups, of a certain length, and/or that contain escalation language.

Configuration of weights for each component of a score within Score Builder gives you the control to fine-tune your score and to match existing manual performance measures or quality programs.

How Does Automated Call Scoring Help Performance Management?

Call scores can help track performance trends over time and compare relative performance across different groups of contacts (such as agent groups or teams).

You have the ability to define thresholds, acceptable and unacceptable ranges for call scores, with the ability to label and color code each range. Labeling and coloring target ranges simplifies the analysis of scores in heat maps, scorecards, or within the myEureka performance portals. Sometimes a grade, descriptive label, or color is more telling than the underlying number value.

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