Automated Call Categorization

Tag and sort your interactions

What is Categorization?

Automated call categorization is a fundamental component of voice of customer engagement analytics (speech & text). Categorization is the automatic tagging of contacts that contain certain language patterns, keywords, phrases, or other characteristics. Any given customer contact is likely to be tagged as belonging to several categories. Categories allow you to find, count, and trend contacts that contain these characteristics.

Our automated call categorization has been tested and proven by Fortune 500 customers to be more accurate than manual call categorization, and can be used with confidence for decision-making and across 100% of your customer interactions.

At CallMiner, we have identified a common taxonomy of category groups used in tagging calls and text communications. The common types of categories include:

  • Behaviors – how are agents or customer behaving? For example, are they expressing dissatisfaction, and is there an empathetic response to that dissatisfaction.
  • Reasons – the reason for the contact, in voice often referred to as the call driver. For example, you may call your bank for a balance inquiry, and as a follow up you may conduct a transfer – each of these would be reasons for the call.
  • Procedures – are agents complying with procedures? Commonly used in collections to ensure agents are staying compliant with FDCPA (or FSA) regulations.
  • Outcomes – measuring the response to specific actions. For example, how did a customer respond to an upsell offer?
  • Products – are certain products mentioned?
  • Competitors – are certain competitors mentioned?

Using and Creating Categories

CallMiner Eureka’s call category groups and definitions can be configured and organized to suit your specific business needs. CallMiner Eureka ships out of the box with Instant Insights – 13 behavioral categories including dissatisfaction, empathy, repeat contact language, transfer language, politeness, just to name a few – intended to provide instant insight into your customer conversations on day one of implementation. With over 10 years of experience in speech analytics CallMiner has developed libraries for language patterns for different contact center functions and different industries.

CallMiner Eureka provides you with all the tools necessary to edit existing call categories or create new categories, easily adapting to your changing needs and expanding focus. Creating a category is as easy and familiar as creating a web search – spend less time learning the tool, more time analyzing your conversations.

Call Categorization Across Channels

The same methodology and often the same language patterns can be used across communication channels for consistent means of analysis and lower overhead. We have optimized for big data, using simple, consistent algorithms regardless of your customer communication channel, while still supporting sophisticated language patterns. CallMiner Eureka language patterning is capable of measuring language in specific locations of conversation, order of occurrence of language, positive or negative rules, and standard Boolean logic.

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