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How to improve sales call center performance

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform delivers insight into customers and prospects to help sales teams drive revenue, shorten sales cycles, and increase win rates.

Transforming the sales call center with conversation intelligence

Improving the performance of a sales call center is critical to achieving business objectives. When sales teams can engage prospects effectively, accelerate sales cycles, and increase conversions, enterprises can maintain a competitive edge more easily and drive revenue more successfully.

A deeper understanding of prospects’ motivations, needs, and desires is the key to more effective engagement. Conversation intelligence technology can deliver this insight by capturing and analyzing 100% of interactions between sales reps and prospects and customers. While traditional call center solutions monitor less than 2% of interactions with prospects, conversation intelligence technology uses AI to glean insight from every interaction via phone, email, chat, social media, web, SMS text, and other channels.

CallMiner provides industry-leading sales intelligence software and business development software that uses conversation intelligence to capture and analyze 100% of sales conversations. With this data, sales teams can more effectively refine pitches, track progress, enhance training, and monitor the health of the pipeline.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

How conversation intelligence informs the sales process

Conversation intelligence technology uses AI and machine learning to capture, transcribe, categorize, analyze, and score interactions between prospects and reps in a sales call center. By transforming the unstructured information in these conversations into structured data, sales software with conversation intelligence makes it possible to analyze language patterns, interpret key emotional indicators, track competitor mentions, and gain insight into a prospect’s mindset and motivations.

Armed with this information, sales teams can:

• Refine pitches. By understanding the strategies, language, and talking points that are most effective, sales teams can improve win rates and drive more conversions.

• Enhance training. Because a conversation intelligence platform captures 100% of conversations, sales managers have greater visibility into the performance of individual reps, allowing them to target training more effectively.

• Monitor pipeline health. With deeper insight into the effectiveness of every conversation, sales executives can confidently assess the health of the pipeline and track deals more successfully.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform

CallMiner offers the world’s leading platform for analyzing omnichannel customer interactions at scale. As the global leader in conversation intelligence that drives business performance, CallMiner enables sales teams to analyze interactions at the deepest level, interpreting nuance and identifying patterns that shed light on areas of opportunity in sales call centers.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform includes a set of solutions that can increase effectiveness in the sales call center.

• Analyze. As the mission control center for the Eureka platform, Analyze makes it possible to automatically score 100% of calls, chats, email, and other text-based interactions with prospects, presenting key insights via customizable dashboards.

• Coach. Managers in sales call centers can use CallMiner Coach to monitor, understand, and optimize the performance of sales reps at scale. With a deeper view of interactions between reps and prospects, managers can identify performance trends, target behavior for guidance or reinforcement, and continually improve the performance of individuals and teams.

• RealTime. By providing real-time alerts to sales reps and managers, CallMiner RealTime can alter the course of a sales interaction and improve outcomes by offering next-best-action guidance.

• Visualize. Through easy-to-use, interactive presentations, CallMiner Visualize enables sales executives and managers to visually explore conversation intelligence data that reveals deeper insights into prospects’ mindsets, sales rep performance, and pipeline health.

• Redact. CallMiner Redact automatically removes sensitive data and personally identifiable information from transcriptions of interactions with customers and prospects.

How CallMiner transforms the sales call center

With the conversation intelligence technology in the CallMiner Eureka platform, sales call centers can:

• Improve results. Leverage insights from customer conversations to develop more qualified leads and close more sales.

• Manage sales teams more successfully. Automated quality monitoring and scoring makes it easy to understand where teams are excelling or falling short, enabling managers to support reps with targeted training and real-time alerts.

• Pinpoint optimal behavior. Sales teams can automatically identify the sales reps and behaviors that generate the most opportunities, and then adopt strategies, language, and best practices to improve training across the organization.

• Deliver better experiences. Use insights from conversations to personalize content and sales experiences for prospects.

• Increase efficiency. By automating processes and eliminating tedious manual tasks in the sales call center, sales teams can spend more time selling better, faster, and smarter.

Why CallMiner?

Founded in 2002, CallMiner has developed the leading conversation intelligence platform for sales call centers through two decades of innovation and billions of hours of mining customer conversations for insight. Today, CallMiner is trusted by the world’s leading organizations in insurance, financial services, healthcare, retail, travel, hospitality, and other industries.

By providing turnkey integrations and automation, CallMiner Eureka delivers the insight that matter most, faster than any other solution on the market. Value-added benefits include:

• A Solution Catalogue with pre-built analytics that enable enterprises to mine critical insights for specific business use cases.

• Language packs that support multiple languages for transcription, redaction, and speech analysis.

• Speaker-separated audio, with a mono-to-stereo audio call recording converter that enables analytics to be parsed by customer and agent speakers.

• Accelerator, an intensive, personalized analyst training program.

• Playbooks, step-by-step guides for achieving ROI more quickly.

• CallMiner Customer Connect, an enthusiastic community of users that offers crowdsourced support and innovation.

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Frequently asked questions.

A sales call center is an organization or department that is responsible for engaging prospects and customers in sales conversations. Sales call centers may communicate with prospects via phone as well as email, chat, SMS, social media, web interactions, and other channels. A sales call center can be either an outbound operation where reps initiate contact, an inbound call center where reps receive calls, or both. For example, agents in an insurance call center may make outbound calls to consumers and businesses, receive calls from potential customers interested in a quote, or engage in cross-selling and upsell opportunities with existing customers.

To engage prospects, create opportunities and increase win rates, teams must rely on sales software and business development solutions that can deliver insight into a prospect’s needs, wants, motivation, and history with the enterprise. The best sales software will automate much of the process of gathering and sharing information. Many sales call centers today use conversation intelligence solutions to analyze 100% of interactions between prospects and sales reps, providing deeper insight into the mindset of customers and the performance of reps.

Conversation intelligence technology uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze voice and text-based interactions, determining the meaning of words, the emotion of speech, and the prospect’s sentiment about the conversation, the company, or a product or service.


Not only were our sales calls faster, but we were actually getting more money from each call as well.

Carl Stuerke

Director of Operations, Slimware Utilities


Speech analysis helped us establish a lack of value delivery during sales calls and gaps in language fluency. We armed our agents with shorter, more value-driven scripts. Additionally, we provided longer training cycles before agents got on the phone. The results have been great.

Ed Lee

Business Analyst, Slimware Utilities