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Better employee experiences drive contact center performance

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform captures conversations with employees to help improve satisfaction, engagement, and retention.

The employee experience is critical to contact center metrics

Happy workers are an essential part of a successful contact center. A positive employee experience inevitably leads to better metrics in all areas of contact center performance. When employees are happy and satisfied, interactions with customers are more effective. Operations are more efficient. Improved job satisfaction leads to reduced turnover. And managers can promote a workplace culture that ultimately helps improve the bottom line.

While conversation intelligence is frequently used to improve customer satisfaction, it can also help to enhance employee experience management. A conversation intelligence platform captures and analyzes all the interactions between agents and customers, identifying the meaning of conversations and the emotion behind each speaker’s words to deliver deeper insight into behavior, opinions, needs, and desires.

CallMiner provides leading conversation intelligence technology in the Eureka platform. By delivering key insights into the employee experience, Eureka can help identify areas of opportunity to better meet employee needs and expectations.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

A roadmap for improving the employee experience

Working in a contact center can be a high stress job. The day may be filled with negative, angry customers, and when there’s little opportunity for learning, recognition, or positive reinforcement, agents are quick to disengage. This results not only in less effective interactions with customers, but high turnover rates that can degrade overall contact center performance.

By capturing and analyzing the interactions between agents and customers, conversation intelligence can help contact center managers to provide a far better employee experience. This may include:

• Learning and training experiences that allow agents to develop and use new skills.

• Rewards and recognition that provide greater gratification and job satisfaction.

• Real-time feedback, provided during calls or shortly after, that helps agents to continually improve their performance and allow them to feel better about their work.

• In-the-moment guidance that helps agents proactively resolve calls more successfully, increasing their confidence and performance.

• Solicitation of agent insight and feedback to improve customer interactions as well as the employee experience.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform

CallMiner Eureka is an industry-leading conversation intelligence platform that analyzes 100% of conversations between customers and agents to reveal deep insights that drive better business outcomes. As a cloud-based solution, CallMiner leverages AI and machine learning to capture and transcribe conversations, revealing deep insights that can enhance customer relationships – and improve the employee experience.

CallMiner conversation intelligence, contact center managers can:

• Automate analysis of agent performance, leveraging every conversation to understand agent behavior, including their successes as well as areas for improvement.

• Delivered data-driven, objective feedback to promote improvement.

• Help call center employees understand exactly how their performance will be measured, what matters most, and how they can improve.

• Identify star employees and help other agents understand and duplicate their habits.

• Combine in-the-moment alerts with ongoing feedback to encourage incremental performance increases.

• Improve training with insights gained from analyzing performance.

• Identify performance issues and applied corrective coaching.

A comprehensive platform

CallMiner offers a platform of comprehensive solutions on a cloud-based platform that makes it easy for contact center managers to secure the technology they need to improve performance and drive action based on real customer interactions.

• Analyze automatically scores performance, tags transcriptions and emotion, and delivers actionable insights that drive business growth.

• Coach helps create a culture of improvement and persistent optimization by monitoring, understanding, and optimizing agent performance at scale. Role-based dashboards make it easy for supervisors to identify coaching moments and for agents to view their performance with drill-down detail.

• Alert helps drive better outcomes while reducing risk in real time. With immediate guidance around next-best actions, Alert helps agents to turn around a negative customer experience and reduce risk for fines or legal action.

• Visualize makes it easy to share information in graphically rich presentations. An interactive, easy-to-use interface allows users to drill down for detail into a single agent or customer, visually connecting the dots between insight and action.

• Redact accurately identifies and removes sensitive numeric data such as account, credit card, and Social Security numbers.

Why CallMiner?

CallMiner is the global leader in conversation intelligence that drives business performance improvement. Trusted by the world’s leading organizations in retail, healthcare, financial services, travel, and hospitality, CallMiner delivers the most comprehensive platform for analyzing omnichannel customer interactions at scale. No other platform offers a more customizable solution or deeper customer understanding for improved business outcomes.

CallMiner’s comprehensive solution provides:

• Faster insight. With a robust collection of pre-built analytics content and machine learning tools, CallMiner uncovers what matters most in less time.

• Omnichannel capture. CallMiner captures and analyzes 100% of structured and unstructured interactions no matter where they occur, across all channels, at scale.

• Opportunities to coach and guide. Real-time and post-interaction insights enable next-best-action guidance and real-time intervention, improving agent performance and enhancing the employee experience.

• Insight delivered companywide. CallMiner’s open API enables essential insights from the CallMiner platform to be shared with systems used by teams throughout the organization.

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The employee experience is a worker’s perception of their relationship with their employer and all the touch points in their journey as an employee – from initial interviews through their exit from the company. Employee experiences are impacted by the work that employees perform, their relationships with coworkers and supervisors, their physical workspace, and company culture. Higher-quality employee experiences – or “workplace happiness” – make it easier to keep employees engaged, reducing turnover and improving productivity. Positive experiences can also improve recruiting and make a significant difference in the bottom line. And because happy employees means happy customers, promoting positive employee experiences can have a big impact on customer satisfaction.

Conversation intelligence uses AI and machine learning to capture and analyze interactions between employees and customers over phone, email, chat, web, social, SMS, and surveys. A conversation intelligence platform transforms the unstructured information in these interactions into structured data that can be mined for insight. By identifying the meaning of words and the emotion behind them, conversation intelligence helps organizations better understand the needs of customers as well as employees, allowing them to take steps to improve customer satisfaction and the employee experience.

By analyzing employees’ conversations with customers, prospects, or other employees, conversation intelligence technology can provide detailed insight into what employees want from their employers. With this information, organizations can take measurable action to improve employee happiness and reduce turnover.