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CallMiner Product Innovation Series: January 2023


Bruce McMahon

January 07, 2023

Speaker measure 2_hero size
Speaker measure 2_hero size

For those customers and partners who were at my keynote presentation at LISTEN in October 2022, you know we have an aggressive product roadmap to accomplish this year, on top of all of the great features and updates we delivered in 2022.

Our 2023.01 release starts to build on those goals, with updates to our speaker measure capabilities, Visualize user experience and more – all of which continue to empower our users to get the most out of the CallMiner platform and drive improved customer experience and business outcomes.

New agent and customer speaker measures

We’ve introduced new measures per speaker across text, audio and video, giving customers more granularity and insight into what happened during the conversation than ever before. In text conversations, customers can measure speaker and customer delays, as well as the average and longest delays. In audio and video conversations, the average tempo per speaker can be measured versus the tempo of the entire conversation. In addition, we’ve introduced word count per speaker across all contacts.

Speaker Measures

By offering measures specific to the speaker, users can see which customer and agent responses are causing a long delay and work to improve operational processes and training. With tempo separated by speaker, they can also see if the customer or agent has the faster tempo to measure customer frustration and dissatisfaction or even improve contact center metrics like average handle time (AHT).

Improved user experience with Visualize 

With our latest release, CallMiner’s data visualization module, Visualize, is now easier to use. Visualize, built on Tableau, is highly customizable and delivers the usability that many business analysts are already familiar with.  

With a new data connection, users can see how topic data is trending over time. For example, if anger within a conversation hits 30% every time a topic, like emotion, is flagged one day, but drops to 25% the following day, users will be able to see the trend line by day. While it was possible to calculate this previously, the new data connection reduces the need for complex calculations and empowers users to more efficiently understand a topic’s performance.  

Visualize UI category over time

CallMiner’s Solution Catalogue now available in native Portuguese and Canadian French 

The CallMiner Solution Catalogue, which delivers pre-built business logic content, is now available in native Portuguese and Canadian French. With this continued, expanded support, CallMiner users can experience value on day-one of using the platform by finding critical insights in their conversations with ease.

These two languages add to the several other languages we’ve delivered previously, and we will continue to expand our solutions with new languages and dialects throughout the year. 

Solution Catalogue Portuguese French Canadian

2023 is already off to a fast and innovative start – I’m confident in the value of everything we have planned for the coming quarters and look forward to sharing all of those updates here as they come to market.

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