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CallMiner Product Innovation Series: LISTEN 2022


Bruce McMahon

November 16, 2022

5 proven coaching strategies to improve contact center culture and productivity
5 proven coaching strategies to improve contact center culture and productivity

It was great to see so many of our customers, partners and prospects at LISTEN 2022 in Miami a couple weeks ago. During my keynote, I had the opportunity to highlight many of CallMiner’s recent innovations and offer a look into where we’re investing and making bets for the future. For those who weren’t able to attend LISTEN 2022 in-person, here’s an overview of the main areas we’re investing in – now and in the future.

Speed to value

Recent efforts to expand the breadth of content in our Solution Catalogue, as well as its availability in French, Spanish, Italian – with more languages to come – mean our customers can get started faster than ever and realize more value from the CallMiner platform.

We’ll continue to announce updates to our Solution Catalogue as they’re delivered, but I believe that today’s out-of-the-box support for a wide range of popular use cases, such as customer effort and employee wellbeing, as well as enhanced language support are critical to how current and future customers uncover insights from their customer conversations and drive business value.

Contact center experience

We’ve continued to prioritize advancements for the CallMiner Coach product, and with some of the most recent updates, we’re confident we have the industry’s leading agent coaching solution. In my keynote, I covered the updates we’ve delivered that make hybrid quality assurance initiatives easier, allowing organizations to decide where and how they automate QA.

Additionally, Record and Screen Record – introduced through the acquisition of OrecX – significantly improve insight into agent workflows. Among other capabilities, supervisors gain a synchronized view of the agent screen while reviewing the call audio and transcript, allowing them to quickly identify possible areas for improvement, increase overall efficiency by enhancing onboarding, training, and coaching, as well as identify system latency and errors.

We’ve also made it easier for CallMiner to operate alongside and ingest data from solutions that are already in your tech stack. Namely, we’ve significantly invested in our integrations to Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solutions, such as Genesys Cloud CX, Amazon Connect, Five9 VoiceStream, LiveVox Shadow Audio, and more. These integrations are critical to successfully delivering real-time capabilities.

Finally, CallMiner’s new strategic partnership with, a cloud provider of conversation AI, broadens the customer conversations that organizations can capture and analyze at scale, including those with virtual agents and chatbots.

Customer experience

Our customers have always been focused on customer experience (CX), but as the customer service and CX use cases increasingly overlap, we’ve worked to strengthen our offerings for CX buyers and the teams we know work together on joint initiatives.

Our new integrations with Zoom Contact Center and Zoom Phone expand the conversation types that can be ingested and analyzed by the CallMiner platform, enabling organizations to continuously measure, report on, and improve CX. Similarly, with CallMiner for Salesforce, organizations can enhance visibility into customer journeys, improve customer satisfaction and drive new revenue opportunities.

We also know that to remain the leading conversation intelligence platform, we have to continue to invest in our artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities. I’m particularly proud of the enhancements we’ve made to our existing AI summarization capabilities. Our next-generation, abstractive AI summarization is generated directly from transcripts and enables customers to replace agents’ manual summarization process during and after interactions. CallMiner customers also have the option to include AI summaries alongside topic-based summaries, which are created from templates based on topics, data and scores. 

I’ve never been more excited about the direction of our platform and everything we have planned for product development in the coming quarters. I look forward to keeping you updated here as we make progress on that plan and deliver the features and capabilities that we know are critical to how our customers meet their business objectives and drive business improvement.

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