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CallMiner Product Innovation Series: December 2022


Bruce McMahon

December 03, 2022

Product innovation December Solutions Catalogue German
Product innovation December Solutions Catalogue German

As we close out another productive year, I’m grateful to my team for the incredible work they’ve done to deliver the innovative platform and products that our customers and partners rely on every day.

Without their dedication, CallMiner wouldn’t be able to continue to lead the way in the conversation intelligence industry and be a trusted technology solution to so many organizations. Our 2022.12 release might mark the end of updates for 2022, but we’re only just getting started. Stay tuned for all of the great platform enhancements we have planned for 2023.

AI-driven redaction can be tailored, scientifically

Being able to redact sensitive information within customer conversations is a critical capability for our customers, but CallMiner also understands that redaction must be personalized and tailored based on industry and use case to enable the most value. Our new AI-driven capabilities expand on our existing redaction features, delivering more customizable applications with customers’ English data.

With the new features, organizations can not only apply redaction configurations based on data source, but they can also apply redaction to an expanded number of entities, including protected health information (PHI), personally identifiable information (PII), and more, along with our traditional payment card industry (PCI) options.

We’re excited about the benefits these AI-driven redaction capabilities will bring to customers, including faster implementation time, increased redaction precision, enhanced visibility into the kinds of entities being replaced, and more.

Product Innovation December Redaction

Agent view and customization options of evaluation form in Coach

The CallMiner Coach product is utilized by hundreds of customers to better understand and drive improvements in agent performance – both at the group and individual levels. But this information and insight isn’t just valuable to supervisors or managers. Updates to our agent evaluation form enable agents to receive evaluations from their coaches and quality teams, which allows them to see exactly what they’re being scored on and why, as well as measure and evaluate their own performance for self-improvement.

The update offers multiple customization options around visibility and feature usage, and administrators can manage the metadata that each agent sees. In addition to self-coaching, this feature empowers more effective HR or performance management processes.

CallMiner’s Solution Catalogue is now available in German

We’re continuing to execute and deliver our Solution Catalogue in a breadth of languages. In the 2022.12 release, CallMiner’s pre-built content is now available in German. CallMiner now provides pre-built, out-of-the-box content in English, U.S. Spanish, European Union French, Italian and German.

As we continue to enhance international languages, customers around the globe are getting better support and are realizing value with CallMiner faster than ever.

Product innovation December Solutions Catalogue German

New Zoom Contact Center and Zoom Phone integrations

Today’s organizations operate in highly distributed environments — and just as employees demand remote and hybrid work options, customers expect to be able to quickly and effectively engage with brands on the channel of their choice. With more customer conversations — from customer service to sales and product — happening on the Zoom platform, it’s critical for enterprises to be able to gain insights from those interactions.

CallMiner’s new integrations with Zoom Contact Center and Zoom Phone expand the reach of conversations that can be ingested and analyzed by the CallMiner platform, enabling organizations to continuously measure, report on and improve customer experience, as well as enhance service outcomes, improve sales cycles, drive product innovation, help reduce compliance risk and more.

You can read more about those integrations here.

Wherever the holidays take you this year, I hope they include relaxation, good health, and time with family and friends. See you in 2023.

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