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CallMiner Product Innovation Series: September 2022


Bruce McMahon

September 19, 2022

Product innovation Sept 2022
Product innovation Sept 2022

I’m excited to share the first blog in our new Product Innovation Series, showcasing advancements made to the CallMiner platform. We’ve always prided ourselves on continually innovating and evolving to ensure we can deliver the solutions our customers want and need. Our 2022.09 release introduces new functionality across quality management, language support and more to meet those needs and ensure our platform is at the center of transformational business change for our customers.

Also, I look forward to welcoming all of our customers, partners and prospects to LISTEN, October 31 – November 2, in Miami! I’ll be diving deeper into our 2023 product roadmap in my keynote session. To learn more and register, visit our LISTEN website today!

Enhancements to CallMiner Coach

We’ve taken existing features from Analyze and enhanced Coach with a new evaluation page. Within the page, users can view an activity section that provides more details about any given contact, including video playback, speaker separated audio, text timeline and player views, expanded metadata visibility and more. It also gives a summary of events related to a contact, such as when evaluations were completed, what insights have been sent and how workflows have changed.

We’re excited about this new functionality and how it will enhance quality management processes and capabilities in Coach. For our quality analysts users, they’re gaining a more intuitive and streamlined way to create consistent insights.

product innovation sept 2022 video playback

Updates to the Solutions Catalogue to support international languages

We work with global organizations, and they serve customers across the world. We know that means our expansion and ability to support international languages is directly connected to how CallMiner users support their customers. To better support international languages, our Solution Catalogue is now available in Spanish and we’re now offering analytics in Dutch, with redaction and PCI available.

These out of the box solutions with new languages and dialects allow for customers and prospects to get more value out of CallMiner and decrease time to value.

product innovation blog 2022 Spanish catalogue

Improvements to the English Catalogue

Recent updates to our English Solutions enable customers with CallMiner Alert to opt-in to out of the box alerts for on-screen assistance. Forty-three alerts were added across 13 Solutions, including agent quality, churn risk, CSAT, CX effort, CX quality and employee wellbeing. Additionally, we updated English descriptions for clarity.

These updates will drive significant ROI by allowing teams to get up and running with alerts quickly, and realize even more value from the CallMiner platform by improving contact center interactions, customer experience and satisfaction, and more.

I look forward to sharing more product innovation updates in this series on a near-monthly basis, and sharing even more great enhancements and plans for the future with all of our attendees at LISTEN. See you in Miami!

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