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The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform captures and analyzes customer feedback from 100% of interactions across channels to enhance product development.

Driving product development with superior customer feedback

Product development teams crave customer feedback. Insights from customers can inspire product innovation, improve product design and experience, and help to differentiate products from competitors’ offerings.

Yet, despite the importance of customer feedback, many product development teams continue to struggle to collect accurate and meaningful intelligence from customers. The traditional methods for capturing feedback are simply too problematic. Surveys have notoriously low response rates and reflect the opinions of customers who are most or least satisfied. Focus groups and user testing provide feedback based on a very small sample of customers. And while calls to the contact center are full of invaluable feedback, most product teams can only hope to listen to and analyze a fraction of those calls.

CallMiner Eureka provides an answer. As the industry’s most comprehensive platform for analyzing omnichannel interactions at scale, CallMiner makes it possible to capture and analyze 100% of customer conversations across all channels: phone, chat, email, SMS, surveys, social media, web, and more.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

Why product development teams love conversation intelligence

Conversation intelligence technology leverages AI and machine learning to capture, transcribe, and extract deep insights that are hidden in audio and text-based conversations with customers. A conversation intelligence platform automatically transcribes, categorizes, and scores interactions across all channels, transforming the unstructured information in conversations into structured data that can be searched and analyzed. As a result, product development teams can gain instant insight into the drivers of customer sentiment, emotion, satisfaction, and loyalty.

With this product intelligence, teams can:

Enhance product innovation. Insights from conversation intelligence can drive product development and innovation, inspire new products and features, and help to improve market fit.

Resolve quality and safety issues. Customer feedback can help product development teams to proactively identify and resolve issues such as bugs in software product development or safety concerns in children’s toys.

Improve competitiveness. Conversation intelligence can reveal competitive strengths and weaknesses as well as threats and opportunities.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform

CallMiner Eureka is the global leader in conversation intelligence technology, helping businesses in diverse industries to drive performance improvement. By analyzing interactions at the deepest levels, Eureka can understand nuance, identify patterns, and pinpoint the drivers of customer sentiment to inform product development strategy and optimize the new product development process.

By analyzing omnichannel interactions with customers at scale, CallMiner Eureka enables product development teams to accomplish critical objectives.

• Analyze solicited and unsolicited customer feedback across channels to gain inspiration for new features, products, and services that will meet customer needs.

• Capture the foundational drivers of customer suggestions to discover adjacent opportunities for innovation.

• Gather insights from social, ratings, and review sites to identify competitive strengths and weaknesses and focus product investment.

• Mine conversations for competitor mentions to identify product risks or competitive threats.

• Improve the user experience by reviewing Voice-of-the-Customer insights about product shortcomings and possible improvements.

• Get early warning of product quality or safety issues, enabling product development management teams to address issues before they blow up into crises.

Comprehensive tools for product development teams

CallMiner Eureka provides a complete set of tools and solutions to allow product development teams to gain greater visibility into the mindsets of customers.

Analyze is the dashboard for the CallMiner Eureka platform, providing technology to score 100% of interactions with customers across all channels. Omnichannel analytics, AI-driven search, and organic discovery transform every interaction into business intelligence.

Visualize empowers users to explore conversation intelligence data visually through shareable presentations that reveal big-picture themes as well as drill-down details.

Alert improves the outcomes of customer interactions in real time by alerting agents and supervisors when a customer relationship is in jeopardy and a call may end badly. Alert provides next-best action guidance to help turn tense situations around and resolve issues positively.

Coach automates performance improvement for contact center agents by helping managers monitor, understand, and optimize their performance at scale.

Redact protects the privacy of customers by automatically identifying and removing sensitive data and personally identifiable information from text-based and audio interactions.

Why CallMiner?

Trusted by the world’s leading organizations in retail, financial services, healthcare, and other industries, CallMiner Eureka provides teams with the intelligence required to improve decision-making for new product development. The conversation intelligence technology that powers the Eureka platform was developed over two decades of innovation and through mining billions of hours of customer interactions for insight. No other platform offers more customizable solutions for a deeper understanding of the customer mindset.

The CallMiner Eureka platform provides:

Trusted insights. CallMiner delivers rich behavioral insights based both on what customers say and how they say it, ensuring source-of-truth confidence for every interaction.

Actionable intelligence. CallMiner bridges the insight-to-action gap by providing real-time and post-interaction automated scoring and AI-driven search capabilities.

Omnichannel security. Automated redaction of sensitive data within a PCI-certified hosted model ensures security for organizations and their customers.

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A product development team guides the process of taking a new product or a re-engineered product from initial ideas to release into the market. Product development teams are responsible for leading efforts to develop strategy, identify customer needs, perform market research, create concepts, build and test prototypes, manufacture products, and launch the final product.

Customer feedback can and should inform every aspect of the product development team’s work. By accurately understanding the wants, needs, opinions, and behavior of customers, product teams can deliver superior products and customer experiences.

Traditional methods for collecting customer feedback – surveys, focus groups, user testing, and listening to a small percentage of contact center calls – are limited by small sample size. By capturing, analyzing, and scoring 100% of customer conversations across all channels, conversation intelligence technology provides a much broader and more nuanced understanding of the customer mindset.


CallMiner enables our internal teams to collect omnichannel data for analysis and gain new insights.

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