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Customer feedback fuels the product development process

Drive product intelligence, innovation, and improvement by capturing and analyzing 100% of customer conversations with CallMiner Eureka.

Your customers have a lot to say about your products

Customer feedback has always been critical to the product development process. When your product development team has a clear understanding of customer wants and needs – as well as their criticism and praise for your products and your competitors’ offerings – you can create products that are more likely to drive sales, enhance your brand, and build customer loyalty.

The problem is that it has never been easy to access a clear understanding of your customer’s mindset. Traditional research tools like focus groups, surveys, or monitoring social media and review sites are notoriously limited in scope. They’re also skewed by customers who have extremely favorable or unfavorable opinions, omitting a great number of customers in the middle who have more nuanced opinions.

CallMiner can help. As the industry’s leading conversation intelligence platform, CallMiner Eureka makes it easy to capture and analyze 100% of conversations with customers across all channels to develop deeper insight that can inform the product development process.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

Innovating products with conversation intelligence

Conversation intelligence technology has the potential to dramatically transform your new product development process. Leveraging AI and machine learning, conversation intelligence captures, transcribes, and analyzes audio and text-based interactions with customers across all channels. From phone calls, email, chat, and surveys to social media and review and ratings websites, you can automatically capture customer feedback, analyze it for intent and emotion, and search and explore it for new insights that can fuel your product planning and development process.

It’s a profound paradigm shift. Rather than basing product strategy and your bottom line on gut reactions, intuition, and guesses based on a small sample of customer feedback, you can move forward with product planning and development based on incredibly deep insight extracted from 100% of customer comments. With a conversation intelligence platform, you have the broadest possible focus group and an invaluable feedback loop that lets you test new ideas, introduce new products, improve on existing offerings, and identify potential issues earlier to mitigate unnecessary risk.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform

CallMiner Eureka is the global leader in conversation intelligence solutions that drive business performance improvement. Our platform is the industry’s most comprehensive technology for analyzing omnichannel customer interactions at scale and informing the product development process with deeper customer insight.

The Eureka platform offers powerful tools for mining insight from conversations across all channels. With CallMiner, your product development teams can:

• Automatically score 100% of calls, chats, email, and other conversations with CallMiner Analyze. By reviewing the meaning of conversations with root-cause analysis and tagging transcriptions with sentiment and emotion, Analyze reveals what matters most to your customers.

• Explore customer data visually with CallMiner Visualize. With an interactive, easy-to-use interface, Visualize makes it easy to connect the dots between insight and action and drill down into the detail of a single customer.

• Create a culture of improvement and optimization with CallMiner Coach. By making it easier to monitor, understand, and optimize agent performance at scale, Coach helps to improve the quality of customer interactions and the performance of contact center agents.

• Achieve better outcomes for difficult calls with CallMiner RealTime. This tool automatically notifies supervisors and agents when customer interaction indicators suggest a customer is at risk of churn or a call may have a negative outcome. Next-best action guidance can help turn a negative situation around and improve customer outcomes.

• Protect customer privacy and ensure regulatory compliance with CallMiner Redact. This tool automatically identifies and removes sensitive numeric data and personally identifiable information from customer conversations.

• Improve analytics accuracy with CallMiner Record. This full-featured recorder delivers live monitoring and instantaneous playback to drive improved transcriptions.

• Gain greater visibility into every aspect of agent and customer interactions with CallMiner Screen Record. With recordings made during customer interactions, agents and managers gain insight that can improve the customer experience.

Benefits for the product development process

By capturing and analyzing customer feedback and interactions at scale with CallMiner Eureka, you can dramatically improve the product development process. CallMiner enables your product teams to:

Improve product quality and safety. CallMiner reveals Voice-of-the-Customer insights that spotlight user experience shortcomings and possible improvements. This data can provide an early warning system for product safety and quality issues, enabling your product teams to address problems before they become business emergencies.

Drive product innovation. Unsolicited feedback from customer conversations can be a gold mine of data and inspiration, inspiring new features, new products, and new service offerings. CallMiner’s conversation intelligence can uncover the foundational drivers of customer suggestions to discover adjacent opportunities for innovation. These customer insights can also reveal new ways customers are trying to use existing products, offering insights into opportunities for product line expansion.

Access competitive insights. By mining comments about how your brand, products, and services compare to competitors’ offerings, CallMiner makes it easier to identify competitive strengths, threats, and weaknesses. Customer comments about the product journey can help improve PXM (product experience management). And CallMiner Eureka can capture and analyze insights across social media and ratings and reviews on websites to uncover competitive insights that can drive product investment.

Why CallMiner?

By analyzing interactions of the deepest level and reviewing meaningful insight from customer comments at scale, CallMiner delivers the intelligence needed to transform the product development process. No other platform offers more customizable solutions or deeper customer understanding to improve business outcomes.

Our technology is the product of two decades of innovation and billions of hours of mining customer conversations for insight. With turnkey integrations, extensive automation, and a wealth of features that deliver quicker insight, it’s no wonder that CallMiner Eureka is trusted by the world’s leading companies in finance, healthcare, insurance, retail, travel, hospitality, and other industries.

With CallMiner, businesses and product development teams can:

Accelerate speed to improvement. Features such as AI-driven search, accurate autoscoring, and real-time and post-call analytics drive faster velocity to insight and improvement.

Understand what matters most to customers. By accurately autoscoring conversations and correlating interactions across multiple channels, our platform delivers deeper insight into customers’ needs, opinions, sentiment, and behavior.

Achieve ROI faster. We help to ensure the success of our customers by providing a dedicated support team for each account as well as access to our active customer community – CallMiner Customer Connect – which serves as an exceptional source of support and crowdsourced innovation.

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The product development process is the series of steps involved in bringing a product to market. The process typically begins by identifying a need of potential customers and conceptualizing products that might fill that need. Next, product concepts are designed, developed and tested. After a market strategy is developed, designs are moved into production and products are eventually launched.

Customer feedback should play a central role in the product development process. By understanding what customers want and need and how they feel about existing options on the market, companies can design and develop more attractive products to increase sales and build greater brand loyalty.

Conversation intelligence has emerged as a highly effective way to capture customer insights that can inform the product development process. Traditionally, collecting customer feedback has involved focus groups, user surveys, and other methods that collect data from a small sample of customers. In contrast, conversation intelligence technology uses AI and machine learning to capture and analyze 100% of interactions with customers across all channels – phone, email, chat, social, web, surveys, and more. By converting unsolicited feedback and identifying emotion and other drivers of behavior, conversation intelligence provides deeper understanding of the customer mindset.


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