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The key to optimizing product planning and development

Capture and analyze customer feedback from 100% of interactions across all channels with CallMiner Eureka.

The customer-centric product planning and development process

The product planning and development process is far more effective when it is based on a deep understanding of the wants, needs, opinions, and behavior of customers. Customer feedback can inspire new product ideas and point the way for improvements to existing products. Intelligence from customer review and rating sites can reveal competitive strengths and weaknesses. And insights from contact center calls can help to identify quality and safety issues that should be immediately addressed.

The challenge in creating a customer-centric product planning and development process is capturing feedback from as many customers as possible. The usual methods – focus groups, user testing, and surveys – provide insight based on a remarkably small subset of customers. Analysis of conversations with contact center agents is also inherently limited, as manually listening to and analyzing calls is extremely time-consuming.

CallMiner can help. With the world’s most comprehensive platform for analyzing customer interactions at scale, CallMiner supports customer-centric product development with insights based on 100% of customer conversations across all channels.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

How conversation intelligence informs planning and development

Conversation intelligence technology takes the unstructured information trapped in calls, emails, chats, and other customer interactions and transforms it to structured data that can be searched and analyzed. In this way, conversation intelligence can reveal the content of customer feedback as well as the sentiment and emotion that’s driving it. By aggregating customer feedback across all channels, product teams can get a clearer picture of customer needs, suggestions, criticisms, and behavior.

These customer insights offer extraordinary benefits for the product planning and development process. Customer comments can inspire innovation, providing product teams ideas for new product development or new features for existing products. Customer complaints and observations can reveal quality issues, allowing software product development teams to find and fix bugs faster or product teams to address safety issues in a child’s toy, for example. And by capturing and analyzing competitor mentions and comparisons, conversation intelligence technology can help to pinpoint competitive strengths and weaknesses or identify threats not yet on the radar.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform

As the global leader in conversation intelligence technology, the CallMiner Eureka platform analyzes customer interactions at the deepest level and provides insights faster than any other solution on the market. By analyzing 100% customer conversations, our platform fuels the product planning and development process with deeper product intelligence and greater insight into the feedback of customers and target audiences.

With conversation intelligence technology from CallMiner, product development teams can:

• Gain insights from 100% of customer conversations to drive product planning and development.

• Equip product managers, product leaders, and designers with insights to drive priorities for product roadmaps and future offerings.

• Understand how customers are seeking to use existing products in new ways, pointing to new opportunities for product line expansion.

• Align teams across the organization by feeding customer insights into a variety of product management tools.

• Mine customer conversations for mentions of competitors to identify product risks and competitive threats.

• Use customer conversations with contact center agents to get an early warning of product safety issues before they become a business emergency or brand crisis.

• Empower product managers, designers, and QA teams with customer insights concerning quality issues and product shortcomings.

Tools for the product planning and development process

To enhance product development and innovation, the CallMiner Eureka platform provides comprehensive tools for capturing and analyzing omnichannel conversations.

Analyze. As mission control for the Eureka platform, CallMiner Analyze makes it easy to transcribe, categorize, score, and analyze customer conversations 100% of conversations with customers.

Visualize. Through shareable presentations that demand attention and encourage action, CallMiner Visualize enables product development management teams to explore customer feedback visually.

Coach. With tools to monitor, understand, and optimize agent performance at scale, CallMiner Coach reveals behavioral insight for every customer interaction and provides tools to modify or encourage frontline behaviors.

Alert. During calls with customers, CallMiner Alert automatically notifies agents or supervisors of a potentially negative outcome. Alert provides real-time, next-best action guidance to help turn calls around and improve customer outcomes.

Capture. CallMiner Capture improves transcriptions and speech analytics by collecting high-fidelity, speaker-separated audio.

Redact. With CallMiner Redact, businesses can automatically identify and remove personally identifiable information and sensitive numeric data from audio and text-based interactions.

Why CallMiner?

CallMiner Eureka harnesses the power of conversation intelligence to deliver the insight product teams need to make better decisions. Our platform analyzes interactions at the deepest level, understanding the nuance of a speaker’s words and identifying patterns across all channels to shed light on areas of opportunity in product development.

Our technology expertise spans two decades of innovation and was developed through billions of hours spent mining customer conversations. By connecting the dots between insights and action, Eureka enables companies to decide intelligently, pivot quickly, and improve exponentially.

To help our customers succeed, we match our powerful products with hands-on guidance from a dedicated customer support team. We also provide value-added benefits that help to increase ROI, accelerate learning, and reduce the time and effort required to mine critical insights for specific use cases. It’s no wonder that CallMiner is trusted to deliver intelligence for the product planning and development process of the world’s leading organizations in retail, finance, insurance, healthcare, and other industries.

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The product planning and development process comprises all the stages involved in bringing a product from initial idea to release into the market. The process involves market research to verify a need, brainstorming and screening ideas to fill that need, developing and testing concepts and prototypes, moving a product into production, and launching and commercializing the product line.

Customer feedback is critical to the product planning and development process. Customer insights can inspire new ideas for products and features, or it can reveal a product’s shortcomings as well as safety and quality issues. Analysis of customer comments about competitors can also help product teams understand competitive strengths and weaknesses.

Conversation intelligence technology provides product teams with the ability to capture and analyze 100% of customer interactions across all channels: phone, email, chat, SMS, social media, web, surveys, and more. By providing access to an exponentially larger sample size of customers than traditional methods like focus groups, surveys, or analysis of selected contact center calls, conversation intelligence infuses the product planning and development process with greater insight about the needs of customers.


CallMiner simplifies processes, from writing syntax to call searching and agent monitoring and tracking.

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