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CallMiner Eureka empowers product teams to mine 100% of omnichannel conversations for insight into the customer experience and the product journey

The challenge of collecting customer feedback

Your teams work diligently to ensure a positive product journey. Customer feedback is essential to this effort, helping teams to understand how well the product serves the customer’s needs throughout the product lifecycle. Yet, many product development teams struggle to collect accurate and comprehensive data about customer interactions with products at each point on their journey.

Surveys are one of the most common feedback methods, soliciting opinions from customers via websites, email, and other channels. But with response rates typically between 5 and 15%, surveys delivered limited visibility into the product journey and are skewed by responses from customers who are very happy or unhappy with their experiences.

CallMiner provides a conversation intelligence platform that powers product planning and development with insight from 100% of customer interactions across every channel. From audio-based conversations in the contact center to text-based interactions via chat, email, social media, and websites, CallMiner captures and analyzes every customer interaction to deliver deeper intelligence that can transform product development strategy and enhance the product journey.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

The benefits of conversation intelligence for product development

Conversation intelligence technology delivers unprecedented insight into the meaning of words, the emotion behind them, and the drivers of customer behavior. Leveraging AI and machine learning, conversation intelligence platforms capture the unstructured information in voice and text-based interactions and matches it with structured metadata about the conversation. By determining the meaning and intent of a speaker’s words and the sentiment and emotion behind them, conversation intelligence can reveal meaningful insight and unseen patterns from thousands or millions of customer conversations.

Conversation intelligence data can provide clear insight into every touchpoint on a customer’s product journey. By understanding how well a product serves the customer’s needs and meets expectations throughout its lifecycle, product teams can improve existing products and introduce new offerings and features to successfully satisfy customers and build greater loyalty.

Insights from conversation intelligence can drive new product development strategy, address quality and safety issues earlier, and deliver insight into competitive strengths and weaknesses.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform

CallMiner is the global leader in conversation intelligence technology. Our Eureka platform is the industry’s most comprehensive solution for analyzing omnichannel customer interactions at scale. By analyzing interactions at the deepest level, Eureka enables product teams to connect the dots between insights and action and to extract the intelligence required to make better product decisions.

With automated performance scoring, emotion metrics, and AI-driven topic discovery, CallMiner Eureka delivers insight into what matters most to customers on their product journey, faster than any other solution on the market. Eureka provides a comprehensive set of tools for mining every customer conversation for insight and product intelligence.

Analyze. By automatically transcribing, categorizing, and scoring 100% of omnichannel conversations, CallMiner Analyze reveals customers’ wants, needs, opinions, and expectations for every point on the product journey

Visualize. With CallMiner Visualize, product teams can visually explore conversation intelligence data and share graphical presentations that command attention. An intuitive interface lets users view big-picture themes and patterns or drill down into the details of feedback from individual customers.

Coach. To automate agent performance improvement, CallMiner Coach delivers a deep understanding of agent and customer interactions. Coach helps supervisors identify performance trends and target agent behavior for guidance or reinforcement.

RealTime. CallMiner RealTime provides real-time guidance during calls to help agents turnaround a potentially negative customer experience.

Redact. CallMiner Redact automatically identifies and removes sensitive numeric data from voice and text-based conversations to protect the privacy of customers and ensure compliance with regulation.

Drive innovation. Improve quality. Surpass the competition.

With CallMiner Eureka, product development teams can achieve a number of critical objectives in the new product development process.

Successfully introduce new products and features. By analyzing solicited and unsolicited omnichannel customer feedback, product teams can drive innovation based on customer suggestions for new features and products. CallMiner can also help analyze the foundational drivers of customer suggestions to uncover adjacent opportunities for innovation.

Refine the product journey. By arming product managers, leaders, and designers with high-value customer insights, CallMiner helps to prioritize product investments, develop a successful product roadmap, and enhance the product journey for customers.

Enhance product quality. CallMiner can serve as an on-demand focus group to provide customer insight into product strengths and shortcomings. By delivering early warning about product safety issues, CallMiner can help product teams to remediate problems before they become crises or result in recalls.

Compete more effectively. By capturing and analyzing insights across social, ratings, and review sites, CallMiner delivers clear visibility into competitive strengths and weaknesses that can drive investment in new product development, as well as adjustments to existing offerings.

Why CallMiner?

The CallMiner platform is trusted by the world’s leading organizations in industries such as retail, insurance, financial services, healthcare, travel, hospitality, and more. With two decades of experience innovating conversation intelligence technology, we’ve built a platform with expertise gleaned from billions of hours mining customer conversations for insight.

No other solution delivers a deeper understanding of customers or more customizable solutions for extracting insight from interactions. Automated scoring, emotion metrics, and AI-driven topic discovery compel action and improvement throughout the product journey.

With extensive automation and turnkey integrations, the Eureka platform delivers the insights that matter most, quicker than any other solution on the market.

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Frequently asked questions.

A product journey is the sum of all the interactions that a customer or user has with a product. From first use – such as logging into an app for the first time or unpacking a new smart phone – through the entire lifecycle of the product, the product journey encompasses every interaction that a user has with a product as well as the customer’s thoughts, feelings, and opinions about those experiences.

While a product journey is limited to actual interaction with a product, a customer journey encompasses experiences and communications before a customer buys a product as well as post-purchase interactions such as calls to customer support.

Conversation intelligence technology makes it possible to capture and analyze 100% of customer conversations across all channels: phone, email, chat, social, web, SMS, surveys, and more. By analyzing these interactions to understand the meaning and intent of a customer’s words and the sentiment and emotion behind them, conversation intelligence platforms help product teams to get a clear picture of what customers think and feel about their interactions with a product at every point on the product journey.


CallMiner's insights created visibility across the customer journey to direct and indirect touchpoints that impact the CX. Real, cross-functional insights help us increase sales, grow and retain customers, and bring new products to life.

Robin Gomez

Director of customer care innovation, Radial