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Enhance PXM with superior customer feedback

Simplify product experience management by capturing and analyzing omnichannel interactions with customers with CallMiner Eureka.

The key to superior product experience management

The customer is the center of product experience management. PXM teams strive to create powerful, emotional connections with products by targeting audiences with personalized messages, dynamic content, and attractive offers on the channels that resonate most with customers. To do this, product experience managers need deep insight into the wants, needs, and opinions of their audiences.

Traditionally, collecting this data has been a challenge for PXM. Product experience management teams have typically relied on ethnographic research, customer touchpoint mapping, and digital marketing data. But these approaches overlook the most detailed source of customer information: the thousands of conversations that customers have each day with contact center agents. In these exchanges, customers frequently offer the kind of unsolicited feedback that can be invaluable for PXM.

While these interactions with customers are recorded for quality assurance, most PXM teams lack the resources to mine these conversations for insight. That’s where CallMiner can help – by leveraging conversation intelligence to capture and analyze 100% of interactions on every channel.

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service, Q3, 2023

How conversation intelligence improves quality in PXM

Conversation intelligence uses AI and machine learning to capture, understand, and analyze audio and text-based interactions on any channel. By transforming the unstructured information in conversations into structured data that can be aggregated, categorized, and scored, conversation intelligence provides remarkable insight into what customers are saying, what they want, and what emotions are driving their behavior.

To understand the sentiment and emotion behind a speaker’s words, conversation intelligence platforms merge keyword and phrase identification with word tempo, agitation, silence, and topic mapping to generate deep insights that can be quickly turned into action.

Product experience management teams can use this data to gain a far greater understanding of target audiences than other data sources allow. Conversation intelligence enables PXM teams to better understand the consumer product experience at every touchpoint and to determine where friction, confusion, or negative experiences are damaging the customer perception of the product.

The CallMiner Eureka conversation intelligence platform

CallMiner Eureka is the global leader in conversation intelligence technology, providing the world’s leading organizations with the most comprehensive platform for analyzing omnichannel interactions at scale. By analyzing interactions at the deepest level and connecting the dots between insights and action, our platform reveals what matters most to customers, faster than any other solution on the market.

CallMiner Eureka captures customer interactions on every channel: phone, email, chat, surveys, social, SMS, websites, and more. By transforming these conversations into product insights, CallMiner delivers extraordinary insight to drive superior product experience management. Additionally, CallMiner delivers invaluable intelligence for the entire product lifecycle, enabling businesses to:

Innovate new products and features. By mining customer conversations across every channel, CallMiner captures customer suggestions and feedback that can inspire ideas for new products and new features for existing products.

Resolve quality and safety issues. Customer will quickly point out any product defects, bugs, or safety issues that should be fixed immediately. By proactively monitoring customer conversations, teams can get ahead of product issues before they become business emergencies.

Identify competitive threats and weaknesses. Customers will frequently mention competitors or compare products to competing offerings. CallMiner turns these comments into insight that can help teams to identify opportunities and threats that may not yet be on their radar.

Optimizing PXM with CallMiner Analyze

The CallMiner Eureka platform offers a set of product feedback tools and solutions for gleaning insight from customer conversations at scale. At the center of the platform is CallMiner Analyze, a cloud-based solution that uses machine learning algorithms to automatically transcribe, redact, classify, analyze, and score every customer interaction.

Analyze accurately converts the voice of the customer into actionable insight with unique categorization tools that determine intent and sentiment from a customer’s ambiguous language. Combining automation, visualization, and highly accurate speech analytics, Analyze extracts intelligence from customer interactions and delivers predictive value for insight-to-action results. Automated call scoring and powerful search and discovery tools combine with automated call transcription and PCI redaction to provide a proven solution that is highly efficient and easy-to-use.

Additional solutions on the CallMiner platform include CallMiner Visualize, a tool for visually exploring conversation intelligence data to compel action by sharing big-picture stories and drill-down details. CallMiner also includes powerful tools for coaching frontline agents, providing real-time alerts and next-best action suggestions. CallMiner’s technology enables audio conversations to be captured and transcribed with remarkable accuracy while also redacting sensitive information to ensure privacy.

Why CallMiner?

The CallMiner Eureka platform has been designed and built with expertise developed over two decades of innovation and billions of hours of customer conversations mined for insight. With extensive automation and turnkey integrations, our technology provides the insights that matter most, faster than any other solution on the market.

With Eureka, product experience management teams can:

Find patterns. Callminer analyzes interactions at the deepest level to identify patterns and traits that shed light on opportunities, trends, anomalies, and risks.

Expand analytics. Our AI and ML-powered analytics platform correlates text-based and audio interactions – even when those channels are not integrated.

Improve performance. By connecting the dots between insight and action, the CallMiner Eureka platform provides the intelligence needed to achieve business improvement and enhance product management strategy.

It’s no wonder that CallMiner Eureka is trusted by the world’s leading organizations in industries such as retail, financial services, hospitality, travel, insurance, healthcare, and more.

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Product experience management, or PXM, is the practice of creating exceptional experiences for customers as they engage with a product. As a subset of the customer experience (CX), product experience management strives to provide consistent product information throughout the buying journey and product lifecycle. The ultimate goal is to provide a customer-centric, personalized product experience across every channel.

Customer feedback is essential for product experience management. PXM specialists seek to target messaging and information to the preferences and behavior of each target audience. By enabling PXM teams to better understand what customers want and need, customer feedback helps to deliver more personalized content and offers and better product service and experiences.

While customer feedback is critical to PXM, product experience management teams often struggle to find the right feedback management software to gather comprehensive and accurate data. Conversation intelligence platforms enable teams to capture and analyze 100% of conversations with customers across all channels, providing far greater visibility into the customer mindset than limited methods like surveys, focus groups, and user testing.


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